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Pen Merch

Something that I feel isn't said enough about the handheld Castlevania games: Sliding into guys and damaging them is super satisfying.
The sliding makes a thunder sound effect, and if I'm sliding into a skeleton and making it explode, it better.

Hey, in the Goofy Movie, it's implied that Pete's son is going to murder him, right?

I think a lot about how in the Castlevania games, the characters are goth as a means of survival.

At the end of Harmony of Dissonance the last credit is "And Juste Belmont AS YOU" and I fucking hope not.

I just finished Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance with a cheat that made me level 99 the whole game and guess what? Still really fun. I don't feel like i really lost much from the experience. I thought this was going to be a fun warm up when I started it 7 and a half hours ago.

Kiss From A Rose is a good wedding song, because you're pledging your love batman forever.

The only truly good piece of characterization in a Castlevania game is only to justify a mechanic within the game.
Juste Belmont, upon finding an empty room in Dracula's Castle, just decides it's his, and is going to decorate it. Just... A Vampire hunter deciding he's Dracula's roommate now.

Fucking me up that I have more twitter followers than my favorite candy, especially because they're a vegan alternative to Starbursts. They're less sickly sweet and have a better texture. Feels like an easy sell!

I think I'm done with all non-chocolate based candy for the most part. It's just not sweet in a way I find satisfying any more. I've yet to try my absolute favorite gelatin or wax based candy (Mambas, a kind of vegan starburst) because they don't have them around where we live, but I think I'm largely done. Now I'm no expert, but I think the Detective Pikachu home icon could stand to be a TOUCH less horny?

I'm not out of my scope or anything, the game I'm hired to work on is somewhere between Mother 3 and Chrono Trigger. If it sounds like I'm upset that it's a lot of work... That's exactly right.

You have no idea how badly I wish I could make the game I'm working freelance on look like this, btw. Oh hey, this guy who made this indie game I like is making some weird relaxed life sim, I guess?

We just watched Lethal Weapon, and now I guess I sort of understand the people who think if they wish hard enough Gibson will stop being a human dumpster fire

Cream soda? No that's the work of the devil. Just give me a big cup of cream, un-carbonated.

I haven't had home made fudge for like, four years, and I just had so, so much of it.

I can finally stop menacing my body with fudge.

Of Note with the Raspberry Pi - it's MUCH smaller than I thought - you will need an eyeglass screwdriver and possibly tweezers to screw it into a case, if that's what you are doing.

OK, Raspberry Pi set up pretty well. Mischief Makers runs like shit, but that's nothing new. Shockingly Silhouette Mirage runs fine?
Anyway, I played the first couple hours of the first Fire Emblem game released in the US. It's literally three hours of tutorials. Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance came out this same year and basically had you in tutorials for ten minutes. FE is only marginally more complicated than FFTA, and much less complex than Disgaea.