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How does the royalty of an underground kingdom adjust to life in a confusingly constructed house in the middle of the woods? Badly? Well you can read and find out if it's badly. (it is)

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In issue 3 of "Glowing Hearts," inner Earth theory is proven correct, if you are the princess of a subterranean kingdom.

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As "Glowing Hearts" continues, learn how one might adjust to dating some sort of magical tree mushroom bug person

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The first issue of my comic, "Glowing Hearts," about the trials and tribulations of dating monsters (literal, not figurative)

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I like that they give a little bit of plausible deniability to Della in the new Ducktales, she didn't NECESSARILY name them Huey, Dewey and Louie. They could have just as easily been Bert, Ford and Louie. Makes it more of a Donald problem.

I want to do closing credits for the end of book 1, which won't be needed until October of next year. We'll see how quickly I remember how difficult animation is.

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I got to a reasonable stopping point for my 3D model of Shelley pretty fast. my problem is having to force myself from touching up the hair forever, which is very easy to do.

Another, more refined compositing test. It's viable, and I really don't want to draw backgrounds - a winning combination.

Doing a quick test to try out the xerox style backgrounds I'm probably going with for the next chapter.

Not all of these are even great movies. Mario Bros is just super fascinating, and I find Back to the Future 3 and Hudsucker Proxy to be incredibly pleasant.

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Watching Gremlins last night, and putting it in my pantheon of movies that you could suggest watching even immediately after watching and I would say yes.

also included: Back to the Future 1 and 3, Shaolin Soccer, Young Frankenstein, Into the Spider-verse, Repo Man, Aladdin, Gremlins, Die Hard, Follow the Bird, The Muppet Movie, Super Mario Bros, Lilo and Stitch, Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer, Kiki's Delivery Service, True Stories, Hudsucker Proxy, Spider-Man 2, Army of Darkness

Happy everyone is wearing a mask now. I hated seeing stranger's faces light up with excitement whenever I walked by.

I watched Gremlins after I had heard that they just covered the Back to the Future set in snow and it's impossible to unsee it after it's pointed out to you.

Mog the Wai be with you we're watching Gremlins tonight.

The podcast dedicated to ranking each city's manhole covers, The Coarse Disc Discourse

If you decide to change your name to something else and can't think of a good one, might I suggest "Statler-Waldorf?"

The thing that probably makes Celeste work as well as it does as a trans story is that the person making it didn't know it was a trans story when they started.

Possibly hinging the most important script of my writing career on a joke that might not even be obvious it's happening unless you read it a bunch of times.

Me, after someone realizes they didn't send me a time-sensitive document two weeks ago: "Don't worry, I'm a middle child, I expect this always."

Getting my spouse a leather-bound edition of "Garfield's Insults, Put-Downs, and Slams" for our anniversary.

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