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TBH I think Muppet Evil Dead would be great, but it might be a hard sell to Disney to make a Muppet horror comedy starring Fozzie.

today's is going to START being nice, and THEN it's no more mr. nice guy!

Perhaps it would be nice to read my comic?

It has been proven time and again that the only person who can complete the narrative of Bone is Jeff Smith

"The Monster Mash" is about a different song you never hear also called "The Monster Mash"

Looking forward to sharing the next issue of my comic "The Shonen Knife cover of Eat It by Weird Al"

Watched the MST3K episode "Squirm" tonight. It legitimately is not that bad of a horror movie.

Also apparently the guy who plays the protagonist directed something like 30 episodes of 30 Rock???

While I like Jesus and The Police, he couldn't really hit the high notes like Sting could

If you're ever wondering why some eReaders include Comic Sans - that's why. It's not some weird joke.

(Also Tahoma and Calibri are better than Helvetica and always have been)

It's not actually a fair argument - Comic Sans is designed to be ultra-legible to people with dyslexia so there's a purpose to why you may see it so often.

HAVE I gotten into an argument with my wife's typographer father about how Helvetica's over-use by a very specific kind of company has transformed it into "snooty Comic Sans?"


Listen, I like fonts, the process around them, AND I married the daughter of a typographer, so sometimes this happens.

Also I was intimidated by the number but I forgot that there was a time when many programs could NOT italicize letters on their own - you needed a separate file for it. It's possible that programmatic italicizing is relatively new. Clip Studio can force it for sure though.

It goes far back too! I'm fairly certain this font was used in A LOT of ads in the mid-late 90s. All it's information is there. Email the person who made it, why not?

If you're ever curious as to whether or not you can use a font in a commercial product, check the properties of the font. They'll often have a website for who owns the font, which will have the licensing agreement.

Not surprisingly, the people who take however many dozens of hours to make a typeface DO put the necessary information within the file itself, generally.

I don't even think it was executive dysfunction or anything like that stopping me, but I'm finally going through the folder of 4500 fonts I downloaded in 2004.

After looking up the entire selection of features on Disney+ I think we should consider renaming him posthumously to Walt Dogshit

Disney+ last night auto-tweeted every single thing in their catalogue chronologically and there's some real wild (but probably incredibly boring to watch) shit in there.

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