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Not a fan of JK Rowling because of the Harry Potter fandom, but because I'm a part of the "God I wish she hadn't said that" fandom.

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Facebook is great for when I need to see memes from 2 years ago with an amazing amount of jpeg artifacting

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Have you read any comics from the talented @idesofmerch lately? A brand new one, Glowing Hearts, has started lately, and it looks absolutely FANTASTIC. You can start from the beginning of said comic here (, and maybe read more of the many hundreds (yes, really) of pages of comics archived on said site while you're at it.

The problem is that I probably need something more simplified on there than Usagi Yojimbo, but I still want to stan for it.

This is a slightly less elegant solution than putting a dot on a graph, but it's more informative.

I can't even chart mine on this one.

I was trying to figure out how to do a "chart your furry aesthetic thing, but I can't figure out how to arrange everything in a smart way.

I had the chance to read "The Pervert" by Michelle Perez and Remy Boydell this week and it's super, super good.

In concert with this: Most of my recent 3D modelling experience is making Ikea furniture.

I forgot that Clip Studio has a 3D model import function and a built in download interface. If you were wondering how much of it were common things that are secretly irritating to draw (coffee cups, glasses, bicycles, desks, guns, bottles): almost 100%

The reason I try to pencil an entire comic before inking it, when I can, is because you might think of some nice thematic design element late into the penciling process. I only realized it like 16 pages in and thought I could just... ink it? It's not working. today's Glowing Hearts also I updated my website for the first time in ages, so it's more navigable on mobile and tablets, which are also mobile.

Modern day Groucho Marx, convincing someone to wear a diaper to own the libs.

I should not be fiddling with my website on my wife's birthday. Not because she's demanding my time and I'm ignoring her, but because fixing my website up is frustrating.

OK, tomorrow, I'm gonna replace the navigation text on my website with mobile-friendly buttons. My site isn't a daily strip, I don't need random under there. My comic doesn't get comments often, as that seems to be a thing that's *totally random* whether it happens or not.
I assume a good deal of people reading webcomics are using tablets or phones,