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How does the royalty of an underground kingdom adjust to life in a confusingly constructed house in the middle of the woods? Badly? Well you can read and find out if it's badly. (it is)

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In issue 3 of "Glowing Hearts," inner Earth theory is proven correct, if you are the princess of a subterranean kingdom.

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As "Glowing Hearts" continues, learn how one might adjust to dating some sort of magical tree mushroom bug person

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The first issue of my comic, "Glowing Hearts," about the trials and tribulations of dating monsters (literal, not figurative)

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Me: Maybe I'd like the Persona games more if, instead of being a cool quiet teen, I was a big loud dumbass loser who's over 40.
The exact same company that publishes Persona, sliding me Yakuza 7: OK, here you go.

I've been Trying to get words like crazy, insane, etc. out of my vocabulary since people use them interchangeably with "absurd" and "silly" and it got me thinking:

Where do words like "bananas" and "bonkers" fall in this? I feel like they imply something is absurd, rather than shorthand for mental illness. I know "cuckoo" and "nuts" are no-gos, but there has to be, like, divorce proceedings for this.

A certain kind of spiritual person doesn't like it when you ask for clarification about what opening your third eye means, but I gotta know if it's a metaphysical thing or if they mean the butthole.

Drinking alcohol so I accidentally close tabs on my browser that have been open for five months without being looked at.

Putting "Woke" in a big box labeled "words that no longer mean anything" after seeing my 60th "The Animaniacs are woke now!" take.

People who are thirsty for Goku? You mean "The Son Simps?"

Made a Wistare anatomy model that I can use for difficult to draw things, but maybe went a little far with it.

THESE DAYS kids think the Holy Trinity is "Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my Ragtime Gal"

The most impressive thing about Yakuza Like a Dragon is that they turned "someone bases his life philosophy on a video game" into not being the most irritating thing imaginable.

Crushing someone is torture, stretching them out is torture. There's no fucking winning with you people.

If you're wondering how I determine if something is TOO HORNY for my (ostensibly) PG-13 comic, the answer is: "it's OK as long as it's leading to a joke."

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You can't trick me into seeing a Tom and Jerry movie again. I saw the first one in the theaters, and it's what made me have the epiphany that movies could be bad.

The most surprising thing about "Yakuza: Like a Dragon" is that it's the ideal way to adapt "Cheers" into a video game.

I assume the end of "Yakuza: Like a Dragon" is the head of Sega beating Ichiban to death while telling him he should have played Phantasy Star instead of Dragon Quest.

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I was going to say that Yakuza 7 kind of has an energy that's like a toned down version of The Tick, but I think that's just Venture Bros? But if Hank were the main character?

Wow, Yakuza 7 isn't the love letter to late capitalism I was hoping it would be!!!

This includes me. I KNOW I'd become an awful asshole if I got even slightly above-average respect.

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One of my big theories of comedy is that you should never respect a comedian. Your best-case scenario is Mel Brooks, who simply denies the respect of others. There are too many worst-case scenarios to recount here.

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