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How does the royalty of an underground kingdom adjust to life in a confusingly constructed house in the middle of the woods? Badly? Well you can read and find out if it's badly. (it is)

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In issue 3 of "Glowing Hearts," inner Earth theory is proven correct, if you are the princess of a subterranean kingdom.

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As "Glowing Hearts" continues, learn how one might adjust to dating some sort of magical tree mushroom bug person

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The first issue of my comic, "Glowing Hearts," about the trials and tribulations of dating monsters (literal, not figurative)

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There's only going to be 40 hits, me hitting you, you hitting the ground, the 37 top 10 hits of Holland, Dozier and Holland, and then me hitting you again because it's been over an hour.

Made some eShop purchases. Can't wait to tell people if I still think Crash Bandicoot is a terrible games for monstrous perverts.

Hell is watching the light slowly flicker out of Aisha Tyler's eyes as she tries to tell jokes to the world's least receptive audience in-between showing games no one could possibly care about for an eternity.

Every E3 I get disappointed that Sega didn't announce a port of the game Switch for Switch, where it could join fellow Sega CD game Double Switch on Switch.

They say that for some things you have to experience them to form an opinion, and let me tell you mine about when a carpenter ant crawls into your face mask and bites you a bunch of times: It's bad!

I learned an INCREDIBLY important lesson today: If you're not sure you're going to enjoy something, make sure you ask how long you are going to be doing it if you agree to try it. Because the answer MAY be 10 hours.

cw: gross joke, bodily fluids 

Got kicked out of one of those metal burger joints. All I'll say is this: If you don't want people asking questions about the piss and cum content of your food, don't name a condiment "GWARcamole"

I believe there's little to be proud of for making a safe E3 prediction and getting it right. That's why I'm saying Jumping Flash 3 and BotW-styled Adventures of the 3D World Runner.

My brand manager has told me this is too specific to be relatable, but when I think of the hymn "Amazing Grace," rather than thinking of any of the film funerals set to it, I think of a parody they used to advertise the syndicated reruns of the Brett Butler sitcom "Amazing Grace"

A pride flag for people who's sexuality is dying in the jungle, as inspired by the cover of Pitfall for 2600

In this case, me staying quiet wasn't me trying to not be weird at people having fun, but because it was probably helping shore up the Juggalo army, which is important for American socialism.

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I felt like I was never going to regain my composure for the six weeks people were watching the ICP Miracles video and were like "Is this some kind of joke?"
because "yes? The regular kind? That line about magnets is literally a joke?"

It's weird how granular the sub-genres are in some genres of music, and then how, for example, "garage" music encapsulates five dudes recording in their living room in Detroit in the mid-60s and very-obviously-studio bands like The Hives from the early 00s.

One of the biggest differences between the mid-60s and now is that if someone asked if I wanted to see "The world's biggest jerk-off" it would have been to see a dance competition, instead of now, when they'd show me you.

Pixar: wanna hear about our new rigging system that automatically takes muscle weight into consideration with no work for the animator?
Me: Yeah! That sounds interesting!
Pixar: well...

Thinking about how much better the YMCA segment is than literally every other second of Don't Stop the Music. It's SHOCKING.

Because of a very specific project I'm doing this year, the HD remake of Skyward Sword would be a tax write-off and I'm STILL on the fence about it. Probably a pretty good sign I should pass!

Cool shit that a game seems determined to do in a Nintendo game that had clearly been nixed by a higher up:
Peach is the final boss - Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
Luigi is the final boss - Super Paper Mario
A variation of Zelda is the final boss - Link Between Worlds

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