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Sure is a lot of you got there, be a real shame if someone would READ IT.
(start here:

Today's HAS integrity, just not STRUCTURAL integrity.

Read from the start -

Issue 3 available for purchase here -

Hearing Eddie Deezen's voice come out of a semi-realistic child turned out to be the most unnerving part of Polar Express somehow.

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the main thing stopping me from seeing new musicals is honestly that they're absolutely guaranteed not to have a song where vincent price talks in the middle of it

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[goldilocks and the three bears voice] someone's been fuckin' with my shit

Marvel, please hire me to write and draw "Spider-Man 626," where Nani from Lilo and Stitch gets bit by a radioactive spider.

Managed to find some holistic HRT at the grocery store. It's good on potatoes!

You: Do you just look for excuses to post this clip?
Me: Why? Do you have any?

While the Smash Bros Ultimate opening is good, it really should have been a parody of "Hey a Movie!" From the Great Muppet Caper

On break Caitlin is gonna play Breath of the Wild and I'm gonna have to resist the urge to not backseat fall-off-a-cliff at her.

Thinking about how Marilyn Manson could have continued shocking people if he suddenly started dressing like Weird Al.

Anime? Yeah... I, uh, love Devilman Carebear?

The two things that impress animators: Beautiful motion, having a job that gives you health insurance.

Addendum: 2D animation can still need these cuts. Keeping your animation reasonably consistent degrades after a certain point. Any scene longer than 20 seconds in 2D animation was probably a herculean effort made solely to impress other animators.

A child knowing they can't yell during the movie, so they want to be thoughtful and it just explodes out of them at the end.

Into the Spiderverse had my favorite thing that can happen when you see a movie in a theater, which is a child yelling "THAT WAS AWESOME" after it cuts to black at the end.

You can set up your scene more deliberately and contain the flow of action more. If I was doing a CG action movie I would LOVE to have a minutes long one-shot fight scene. Because it's NOT something live action could replicate at the same level. ANIMATION!

This is one of my big problems when animation apes live action for no reason other than "that's how it's done." You don't need to CUT a lot during a fight scene because these aren't real-life actors. That's more to minimize actor risk than a stylistic choice, imo.

Honestly the most amazing thing about Into the Spider-verse is that visually it both never gets boring AND it never tires you out. I think it's because it has the confidence to hold on a shot instead of doing cut-cut-cut action.

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