Man, people REALLY don't like my Earthbound Hack where I replaced every song on the soundtrack with a horribly compressed version of Mother by Danzig.

In simple, certain terms:
If you support the discrimination of transgender people, even passively, ESPECIALLY passively, I want nothing to do with you.

Blade 2 is probably the most beautiful movie made where people are constantly exploding. On average probably once every 30 seconds.

Two movies that have ABSOLUTELY no business looking as beautiful as they do:
Blade 2
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Realizing I haven't seen as many pictures of the horse women from Friendship is Magic smoking weed as much as you think you would have.

Please know that Ron Perlman's wikipedia photo looks like the school photograph of the weird high school history teacher that everyone likes because he curses

We had to stop Blade 2 at one point to make sure whether or not the person who plays Cat from Red Dwarf is in the cast (he is)

During the climax of Blade 2 I realized that Blade is Blood Popeye.

I feel like Smash Bros is important enough to Nintendo that they should mandate that their new RPG protagonists shouldn't be allowed to carry swords.

There's no way that George Soros is as cool as conservative conspiracy theorists make him out to be.

I went to NewEgg to look into finally buying an old phone to use as an MP3 player, and I guess they sell these now????

Ever since I found out that I was confusing Slender Man with Adam Sandler's Opera Man, Halloween has been a lot less scary.

I thought I had my shit together today but I just smelled a battery to see if it had power in it.

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Completely unironic shout-out to the person on the Dragalia Lost team who got their Naruto fan character into the starting line-up of the game.

Today's 's passion isn't graphic design, but it WILL do it for money.

Read from the start!

Issue 2 from the beginning:

Issue 3 begins November 5th!

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