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The coveted title of "Trans Lesbian Conan O'Brien" For some reason major publishers do NOT want to print my erotic work!

@wolfteeth @DirkGrundy Not to butt in, but It depends on your stovetop, I think. When I had an electric range a rice cooker was a must-have. When I have a gas range I don't see the reason. I didn't realize how aggressively Disney this character was until I inked and colored them, but I guess that's the point!

Excited to finally see the ocean soon. I've never seen something that so many people have died in before.

Everyone wants to play Earthbound Beginnings/Zero but just watch a let's play. It is not an experience worth having on your own, in my opinion. erotic comics about the gig economy.
NSFW technically, but it's all just set up.

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I tried to make a joke about something in a comic but it made me too angry and I had to step back instead.

Keeping up on professional wrestling is weirdly stressful and there's often, no lie, OVER TEN HOURS OF PROGRAMMING A WEEK to keep up on! This week it's something like 16???
Y'all I can't even keep up on my friends' webcomics reliably.

Nights like tonight are when I'm happiest I gently moved professional wrestling to the curb. There's a lot of mixed emotions involved considering how silly on it's surface and well below it is.

"Hey this guy who works on Mighty Magiswords looks familiar"

I got married in his backyard.

The first person that I went out with who didn't make me watch any flash animation was the person I wound up marrying.

Coincidence???? (mostly)

@wolfteeth The guy who runs Newgrounds made two relatively successful Xbox Live Arcade/Steam games (Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers) and I think that brought a new wave of people in?

@wolfteeth Programmers at my last office job still went there. I guess it mostly became an amateur gaming hobbyist site at some point?

For some reason they felt energized when I told them that Homestar Runner wasn't "really my thing"so they were like "Oh? What about this cursing squirrel and/or this fella with salad for fingers?"

When I was dating in college, (03-07) I didn't go out with a single person who didn't to show me something on newgrounds, and have me watch multiple episodes in a row.

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I think all the mid-00s internet ranty dudes are still up to what they've BEEN up to on the internet, only now they're all on youtube and they're ALL libertarian

I mention it here because there's NO DOUBT in my mind that the guy who makes Foamy the Squirrel name searches on Twitter?

Found out that Foamy the Squirrel is STILL GOING? And the art style has not progressed AT ALL???