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How does the royalty of an underground kingdom adjust to life in a confusingly constructed house in the middle of the woods? Badly? Well you can read and find out if it's badly. (it is)

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In issue 3 of "Glowing Hearts," inner Earth theory is proven correct, if you are the princess of a subterranean kingdom.

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As "Glowing Hearts" continues, learn how one might adjust to dating some sort of magical tree mushroom bug person

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The first issue of my comic, "Glowing Hearts," about the trials and tribulations of dating monsters (literal, not figurative)

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Amazing that "bitcoin" continues asserting itself as the go-to punchline for currency, considering Vietnam's currency is the dong.

cw: food, me being gross 

I remember once having Vindaloo at an Indian restaurant that promised both anal AND spiritual prolapse and then gave me the least spicy Vindaloo I've ever had.

Thinking about the only championship that means anything anymore.

If I had to say one nice thing about Highlander: The Animated Series, it would be that they take a harder-than-usual stance against gun violence, to the degree of being anti-military and government.

If I had to say TWO nice things to say about it? Well I'd have to get back to you.

Getting to engage in one of my favorite internet past times: asking people why I'm supposed to give a shit about the New York Times.

update: I managed to get the first pass of chapter 8 done today. So for the next two chapters the hard part - but not the most time consuming part - is done.

I am a dipshit/
My best friend is Sean Connery/
dressed in some pimp shit/
finest Spanish finery

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Hate to fact-check Freddy Mercury - but Connor Macleod doesn't have in him blood of kings - he's just some dipshit from the Scottish Highlands outside Glasgow.

I may release a secondary "full accent" version of this coming chunk of comics, since I suspect reading a transliteration of an accent might get tiring at some point.

Remixing songs by putting a pet shop boy repeatedly saying "What have I done to deserve this?" underneath it.

Today's jam: Dream Police by Cheap Trick, but with "tone" replacing "dream"

For what could be the first time ever, the last page I'm writing for a comic is the actual last page. I usually work towards the middle.

The Highlander 2: Everyone is swinging for the fences and batting a 0.000 and I'm here for it.

Confused at Netflix trying to convince me that this is acceptable level of anthropomorphism to label as furry.

I know it's optional, but getting the 4th dragon in Dry Desert in Spryo is too fucking early in the game to be pulling some of the shit they do.

They show you a jump you can TECHNICALLY make, if you do an absolutely pixel-perfect long jump, BUT you can just jump around a blind corner to get to it. It's the 4th level in this game for CHILDREN.

Please have mercy on me, a person who had already aged out of that demographic when the game was originally released.

Let's just say that there is a KIND of person that, perhaps stereotypically, might instantly start listening to this specific musician when they've had a drink. Perhaps I am part of this group of people.

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Something smart Carly Rae Jepsen did going into Dedicated and it's side B is having the regular album flow into side B, making it feel like one solid album when you listen to them back to back.

I did an illustration earlier trying to suss out inks and tones for the next chapter of my comic.

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