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Am I followed by any Australian stereotypes? How is grilled shrimp?

If I am gonna be perfectly honest with you, there's not a huge difference in grilling and broiling something, but I haven't been able to grill something for almost a decade and I thought I was gonna get to today, but it's raining and it's a weirdly big bummer.

I have a friend who's mom could not think of a name for the child she was pregnant with, and opened up what the name should be to her other kids. This is how, unbeknownst to her, she has named one of her children after the main character from "Sliders."

I'm so, so relieved I decided to go with "Glowing Hearts" instead of the working title ("Good Job, Shelley!"). It sounded a little cheesy to me when I first came up with it, but that's not something I should be turning away from for a romantic comic?

Today's feels the source of most injury comes from not having had a proper meal that day.

Read from the start:
Read til the end! (of this issue):

Imagining an internet where a dude still says "You've got mail!" every single time you get an email.

The real bitter pill to swallow is: You're not even supposed to be tasting pills. Just swallowing them.

*the day after Reggie retires, 8am* Doug Bowser: OK guys, time for some REAL gay shit.

Was not ready for this level of horny from Nintendo this morning.

They rejected my pitch for an arc where Trunks and Goten accidentally make Dende a viral video sensation.

ALSO the truly impressive thing about Terry Gilliam and Monty Python is making me, a professional animator, dread seeing a cartoon.

Seeing John Cleese and Terry Gilliam say you couldn't do Monty Python today and... You could? Like 95% of the humor comes from people being willfully obtuse? You'd just have to hire any women and acknowledge that black people exist?

Into the Spider-Verse is the best animated Spider-man production, after this one

Scrolling through xfinity's free movie line-up is like walking through a shitty local video store in 1995 with literally 0 difference, including the title selection.

This gang of masked heels from all over North America or, for short, NArudos.

I put "PG-13" on the cover as a rating indicative of the content inside, but PLEASE do not actually read this with your parents.

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