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Today's update is: explaining what Shelley's job is.

Read my which I promise will never be a mid-00s motion comic.

Today's update is unexpectedly taking the stairs.

CW: for more overt-than-usual sexual text

Read my even though you never see Shelley's office in it like you do here, the reason I assume you're here:

100% on board for lovable losers. It's why I like possums so much - the lovable losers of the woods.

The people who claim God doesn't make mistakes are gonna be real mad when they die and see the pearly gates emblazoned with "Pemo est Nerfectus"

Wow, I can't believe Kirby's Dreamland 3 has video games' first Undertale OC in it.

Death Stranding would be better if Kojima had gotten really into Trailer Park Boys instead of Hannibal.

I don't know the details about the Pixel/Cave Story/Nicalis fiasco. I don't know if they had him sign a potentially misleading contract, or if he was just so excited to actually get paid for Cave Story that he took what he could get, or if he didn't know the actual value of what he had...

But I do know that when they re-localized Cave Story they changed Balrog's "Huzzah" to a Kool-Aid Man reference so fuck them.

If you sucked all the queer elements out of The Matrix it would become Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.

I don't consider myself a squeamish person, but it's tough to see a man's fingal get doppled.

My problem with the song they play at graduations is that I LOVE Circumstance but I HATE Pomp.

Straight up told NordVPN that I signed up because I have a friend who writes for PCMag who insists having a VPN is a good idea and I kind of don't actually know what they're for.

Y'all I just found out Tak from Invader Zim is in a SINGLE episode, which fan art from Deviant Art from circa 2004 does NOT seem to indicate.

While I may not have all my facts straight, I do believe that Invader Zim and Avatar the Last Airbender were both greenlit for the same tweens and teens block that never happened on Nickelodeon. There MUST have been shows planned to go in between them right? I like both, but watching one never puts me in the mood for watching the other.

Owned by my wife update: She asked me what I was playing, I told her it was a Mega Man hack where you play as a witch
her: "That sounds like the kind of game you'd play, yeah."

Thinking about how Blink 182 added a number to their name out of reverence for Eiffel 65

If you did not like Invader Zim you will not magically love Enter the Florpus. It is delivering exactly what it was asked: An Invader Zim movie.

That said: I like Zim and the movie is fun.

Hi, I'm Yamcha from Dragon Ball. I'm most famous for dying, but what I'm really dying for is the rich taste of folger's coffee.

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if the Saw guy kidnapped me and chained me to a woodchipper or whatever I would just hang out. thats a free day off

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