If "-" is a hyphen, a "_" had better be called a lowphen

You, an idiot: "Like and subscribe!"
Me, enlightened: "Block and report"

@drwho Common misconception!

"Absolute fuck" is more parallel to "absolute zero," the point where no more fuck is possible. It's the most condensed, pure fuck possible.

uspol (-, duh) 

"british bake-off" is the opposite of "canadian bacon"

The office for the new job has squatty potties in every stall. They have a sticker which says 'stool height 7"' and I think that's presumptuous.

PDX tech consulting opportunity 

Absolutely howling at the idea of a Muppet death metal band done up in corpsepaint

in bofalol did agency a stately pleasure-dome decree
where alf, the sacred critter ran,
with tiddies measureless to man,
down to a sunless sea

In the first two months of 2019, I got paged over 150 times. More than the entirety of 2018.

I know I'm gonna have to reinstall it at some point, but it was cathartic nonetheless.

On my last day at my previous job, I asked one of the eng managers if they wanted to share a moment of catharsis with me. Then I uninstalled PagerDuty from my phone.

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