I'm so offended that this crossword has "ATM machine" as an answer when the clue wasn't in the form of a redundant acronym.

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"if all the insults are problematic and based in oppressing marginalized people, what can i use to insult someone????"

how about nothing? maybe fucking treat people with respect instead of screaming about how their wrong and then using ableist slurs

Can you even imagine how wild the internet would get if the telcos launched "*69" in 2018?

There's something special about the 386. The pinnacle of 1980s straightforward processor design. No pipelining, no L1 cache, just a straight up 32-bit CPU. A lot of late 80s power in this compact motherboard. CPU, RAM, A couple VLSIs, and some 74Fxx glue logic.

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boost this (or reply) and i'll draw your avi. it's not gonna be great. I might take hours, even days. but it might be funny, and in the end, thats the only thing that matters

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Crazy Climber is one of my favorite games. WonderSwan gets it a lot closer than other consoles, but the controls on the arcade original are still the best.

Every day I get angrier that some idiot named it the uncanny valley instead of Curious Gorge

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yall, @noelle is a main moderator on mastodon.social. she does an incredible amount of work, and they just got 20k new users in the last 24 hours b/c of the tumblr exodus. consider tossing a few $ at her if you can: elekk.xyz/@noelle/998154353638

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I'm gonna join the FSF just so I can make a project named Show more

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christ. please do not boost full un-cw'd politics threads. shit is annoying as hell

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boost this and I'll tell you which shakespeare line you are. these will be selected completely randomly

This was for a Fluke 9000A-68000 pod. Here's the photo from the eBay listing, compared to the one I got.

Won the eBay lottery. Seller accepted an offer 80% off their ask, and the item I got looks brand new even though the photos showed a really beat up one.

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