BASICODE 2 was used in the early 1980s to transmit programs for a dozen brands of home computer over the radio. I've found a copy, scanned the manual, digitised the tape, and written a demodulator to convert the programs to text files.

Manual here:

Examples of some of these names:

Diss — A slideshow tool.
Debase — A D-Bus abstraction.
Blight — Backlight controller.

The new one is a disk mount/unmount thing. It shall be called Discomfort.

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I sort of fell into this habit of giving my side projects appropriate yet negative names. Really hit a wall with the latest one, but I found a corpus of positive & negative English words and had the right name in a few seconds.

This is my life, I guess.

[Taking a beer out of my stash in the HVAC system] duct ales, woo hoo

The name's Response.

Colin Response

Collin Response!

I'd love to get feedback from #bookwyrm users on how you use the timelines, and what kind of timeline(s) you'd like to have:

Between Takei and Burr, this might be the gayest episode of Perry Mason yet.

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I love when lesser-known actors pop up as guest stars in old TV shows. In this case, a George Takei on Perry Mason.

Hit the start of the color episodes of Dark Shadows, which means I'm just under 300 episodes in, or around a quarter of the whole series.

Hauled a couple of arcade games out of a friend's basement, Super Bug and Roadblasters.

It was a good reminder why I will never put games in a basement.

my haters love going to clown college, driving a clown car, wearing clown makeup, having their clown shoes untied, etc. this is known

If you have never had the pleasure of hearing these before, here are some of my favorites:

You Say France and I Whistle:

The Big Royalty Check:

Here Comes Dumb George:

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Van Morrison will never again reach the heights of The Bang Records Contractual Obligation Album.

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