I powered my new arcade game up today, and the sound had quid working. Fortunately, it has a POST and went "boop boop" to tell me what thing it thought was broken, a 6532 PIA. And indeed replacing that brought the sound back.

It'll be at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo this weekend.

Me, in 2011: "Creative Commons non-commercial seems like a reasonable choice for my photographs."

*fast forward to 2019*

A church, which is technically non-commercial, is using a photo of my daughter.

I failed The Sysadmin's Gambit: I changed a thing and now an unrelated thing I rely on is broken.

These are wonderful cabinets. Compact, plywood (vs. MDF), rear wheels and handgrips for easy moving, and all the electronics but the monitor are accessible from a front-facing pull-out drawer. And it and it has a service outlet to boot. A really terrific design.

This game is off to get traded tomorrow, for an Exidy Venture. It's maybe the 4th or 5th game I ever bought, and I'm going to miss it. But, I have a second one (a much rarer mini upright), and I suppose it's time.

@wxcafe no, in the 80s you'd just turn computers on and they'd just work

I started reading It (the Stephen King novel) and I'm seriously considering stopping again. I'm not scared, I don't object to the subject matter, it's just shockingly poorly written. Wooden, repetitive, and inarticulate.

The only thing that might keep me reading it is the clown.

Honky Kong Country
[picture of goose stealing a banana]

It is a lovely morning in the market, and you are a horrible capitalist.

- Steal the employee's wages
- Honk at the woman
- Use the golden parachute

It's like they combined the worst parts of both statically and dynamically typed languages. I have no idea how anyone can convince themselves that this is good in any way.

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