The monitor is still under warranty, I guess I'll see if they'll replace it or what.

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I mean, yes, of course CRTs have their own sorts of image retention issues. But:

a) It happens when you show the exact same thing for two years, which isn't what this thing has done, and
b) They generally had service manuals and replacing the tubes can be done by any tech with moderate skills and desire.

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My two-year-old fancy 27" monitor has developed an image retention problem. LCDs are horseshit.

does the word "avuncular" have an auntonym?

I seem to have gotten quite the Atari cocktail bug, as within the last few years, I've gotten Tempest, Warlords, and now this Space Duel multi. All very, very good games.

Also, if you haven't seen the Gravitar title screen, in person, on a proper color vector monitor… you are missing out. It's one of the best ever.

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I /generally/ don't care for cocktail cabinet games. They have poor ergonomics, and once you factor in seating, take up 2-3 upright's worth of floor space.

But, these latter-golden-era Atari CTs are pretty great. They're height adjustable, so you can have them at table height, or bar height. They still take more space, because you have to leave the back clear for the second player, but you can roll right up to one & don't need chairs. That's cool.

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I'm taking home a Space Duel in the uncommon cocktail cabinet. It also has Gravitar and Black Widow PCBs, with a switcher. They're all good games, but Gravitar is the best. Been wanting one for a while now.

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Going on another all-day arcade road trip. Roadblasters will be out of my car (it's been there all week) and off to its new home, along with my Kangaroo.

Mildly sad about losing Kangaroo, the actual game is bad, but the machine is one of the cleanest survivor games I've ever seen. Just in ridiculously good shape for being almost 40 years old.

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I have just discovered that there is an actual person named Richard Seddon.

BASICODE 2 was used in the early 1980s to transmit programs for a dozen brands of home computer over the radio. I've found a copy, scanned the manual, digitised the tape, and written a demodulator to convert the programs to text files.

Manual here:

Examples of some of these names:

Diss — A slideshow tool.
Debase — A D-Bus abstraction.
Blight — Backlight controller.

The new one is a disk mount/unmount thing. It shall be called Discomfort.

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I sort of fell into this habit of giving my side projects appropriate yet negative names. Really hit a wall with the latest one, but I found a corpus of positive & negative English words and had the right name in a few seconds.

This is my life, I guess.

[Taking a beer out of my stash in the HVAC system] duct ales, woo hoo

The name's Response.

Colin Response

Collin Response!

I'd love to get feedback from #bookwyrm users on how you use the timelines, and what kind of timeline(s) you'd like to have:

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