What idiot called them Magic Fingers instead of Motörbed?

Does anyone have an interactive command-line S3 client they like? I want something FTP client style, where it starts up and you issue multiple commands in one session.

Everything I'm finding needs to be invoked multiple times from a shell, ala `aws s3 ls` (look at files) `aws s3 get [filename]`.

I do not want that.

Someone should write a Sudoku called "ku" that only runs as root, so you have invoke it as `sudo ku'

I've never found a copy of this thing, though I remember it fairly well for being, like, five when it was on TV.

I used to think the kid was crushed by a steamroller, but I'm less sure of that part now.

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There was some PSA that aired incessantly in the 80s, where a kid playing in the street gets run over and a guy somberly drops a large flat disc on the spot as some kind of commemoration of the event.

And I'd look out at the road to try to spot places where kids had been killed.

Much later, I stopped wondering why nobody did that, and started wondering why the hell the PSA did.

I'm not sure if it's a better antenna, better WiFi module, or more CPU, but my MPD box is running way smoother after swapping out the Pi0w for a 3B+.

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why do these idiots keep voting for these idiots

Tired of that drab androgynous style? It's time to get MANdrogunous! Androgynous fashion… for MEN

These people took the floppy controller used in the BBC Micro, an Intel 8271, and set about finding out how it worked. In the course of that, they discovered it's actually a dual core processor, with over 3x the transistor count of a 6502.

Then they dumped the ROM by visual inspection of the micrographs of a decapped 8271, and reverse engineered the instruction set, with a full disassembly available.

h a r d c o r e


Unbelievable. Tesla pushing a wifi update to every car that uses machine learning to detect the driver's gender and says "m'lady" if it thinks they're female

The actual problem was that they were using a SFTP client they wrote in-house, which used regular expressions to parse a plaintext command list, then dispatched to a Java SFTP library. And it was just straight-up broken as hell and did not even remotely do the things you told it to.

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Earlier this year, I was debugging a problem with an outside vendor's SFTP connectivity, and rather than perform the extremely reasonable steps I suggested, they insisted on doing things like googling "AWS command line" and saying "I'll call my friend, he's an AWS Architect" and though it was infuriating at the time, it has only grown funnier to me in retrospect.

Anyone else using offlineimap with GMail and found that it's gotten excruciatingly slow in the last ~week? My work email is near-unusable because it's now taking 5+ minutes just to establish the initial connection.

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I'm keeping the kids for another week, because my ex can't tell if she's hung over or or has covid.

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