Craigslist has a video intercom system with CRTs in the handsets and I'm trying to talk myself into them.

They use the same tube style as Sony Watchman handhelds.

So, The Deal with my Google situation is that they decided using IMAP LOGIN with an app-specific password over TLS is "less secure," and disabled it. You have to enable a scary-looking setting for these "less secure" access methods.

Which I can't do because it's managed by corporate IT.

Anyone else have their offlineimap + gmail setups break recently? "Google blocked the app you were trying to use because it doesn't meet our security standards."

A shiver went down my spine when I read:

The following packages will be upgraded:

We do not screw around when it comes to repairs at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

Also, this photo speaks to me in a deep and profound way, and you probably wouldn't believe the story of the lengths I went to to get it.

I had this made and am awfully pleased with it.

Setting up some brand new pinball machines at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

Actual footage of me trying to get my children to pick up a single thing:

Oh no, the headphones I definitely don't need but had almost talked myself into buying, then became unavailable, are now available again.

Frontend development is like being in a DOM/<sub> relationship.

Someone wrote the name of this video game as "Streat Fighter 2: Championship Addition" and now I can't stop thinking about a SF2 edutainment spinoff game.

The list of "best small phones in 2018" starts with the iPhone 8, which is too big.

I really dislike that phones are so huge now. I want something no bigger than the iPhone 5/5S/SE, but with modern specs.

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