Turns out that I have enough upstream bandwidth to stream Dark Shadows from Jellyfin over my new Wireguard VPN.

That's nice.

Noticed that all my GPG stuff was ungodly slow for some reason. My keyring just has stubs, the actual keys are on a Yubikey 5 NFC.

How slow, you ask?

$ time gpg --card-status

real 0m15.031s

Unplugged my Ergodox — the only other USB device plugged into the laptop, and:

$ time gpg --card-status

real 0m0.045s

Over 300x slower with a keyboard plugged in. This is so cursed, what on Earth lol

This is apparently a TI-77 Plus graphing and scientific calculator. So far, I've been unable to find any documentation or even marketing material on it. There's a similar calculator with an LCD that I was able to find, but nothing in this form factor with a CRT

If it went into production, this is probably the one of the thinnest, if not *the* thinnest, CRT in a non-lab setting

Booted up Tails and read the SD card, it's formatted FAT32 but otherwise blank. Yay, free SD card.

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I found a SD card half-buried in the sand at the beach. While I'm 99.9999% sure it's probably someone's missing vacation photos, how frosty should I be about looking at what's on it?

Current plan is to boot tails on a laptop with a built-in reader.

Frosty enough?

21", "roundie" tube. The thing up above the display is a channel indicator. The tuning dial is on the right-hand side, so there's a front-facing indicator so you can see what channel you're on.

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House was built in 1960 and is being sold by the original owner, so they bought the TV set at almost the same time. Could have been a previous model year clearance sale.

Either way, super cool set.

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It's from 1957 or '58. House around the corner from me is up for sale and I saw it in the photos of the listing. Walked over for open house and left contact info, they said I could have it for my favorite price, freeeeeeee

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It's a war crime that pulling the fish doesn't turn the light on

what in the actual christ

Sir Mix-A-Lot did "Baby Got Back" with the Seattle Symphony, orchestrated by the grandson of Sergei Prokofiev?


I preordered the Playdate, and it was a low-bullshit experience. Good job on that.

They seem to be going fast, I put my order in 4 minutes after the page went live and have order number PD9279. 20,000 in the first batch, which I think is sold already.

WireGuard was actually kind of a hassle to get set up, because everrrryyyything Really Wants me to write wg-quick config files and then import them to other tools that ignore a bunch of the stuff in them, which seems preposterously dumb to me.

But now that it's working, it's pretty dang nice.

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