Very little has turned me off to the container ecosystem more than "Search for great content (e.g., mysql)"

I bought an old ThinkPad at a yard sale for $5. It had a clean install of Windows XP, except for one file, named "dat forklift.jpg"

To all blind Android users: The #Tusky Mastodon client has been updated to version 6.0 and brings a big step forward in usability with TalkBack. Toots in most timelines are now single entities, and they have actions for replying, boosting, accessing profiles, links and other tapable items within a toot. This means that going from toot to toot only takes one swipe now instead of 5 to sometimes more than 10 in previous versions. Happy tooting!

Richard M. Stallman is looking pretty rough these days

As a technical person, I will ram my way through most of this shit and just try everything until it works. But your average user? Hell no. They just give up because "it's broken." Or take it somewhere for someone to fix, when Apple could have designed the thing to have less ridiculous problems in the first place.

If all feels very 1990s Windowsy.

Also, there's no manual and no help, and things get moved around and changed in pretty much every (yearly) major release. If you search and find something applicable to your problem, it almost always covers a different version, and doesn't work on the current one.

Also, we have a family iTunes Music plan, and I cannot figure out why Ms12's music keeps showing up on my phone. We're logged into entirely separate accounts. It keeps happening. I have no idea why.

Another bananas thing: It popped up a modal for the iCloud password. I selected "not now," and it immediately brought up another. Repeat probably four or five times, each time I say "not now" and up comes another.

Just unbelievably shitty, awful UX.

This is because I don't want her removing my fingerprint, or changing the passcode I know. But instead of telling me it's restricted for such-and-such reason, it's just broken and doesn't work at all.

The former: I set up restrictions, so Ms12 doesn't install a bunch of ad-laden crapware, like a keyboard with graphic background and horrible key font with little explosions any time you press a key. But then I didn't set up her fingerprint. I can't find the setting in the now-gigantic maze of settings. If I search, I see the entry; tapping it does nothing whatsoever.

I run Linux on my primary machine(s) and I can't figure out what on Earth they were thinking with half this stuff. Stuff just straight up does not work. Some of it is that there's a ton of junk in iOS and nobody seems to see how the features interact. Other things are just baffling.

lol okay I used iOS to set up Ms12's phone and fuck this. It's astonishing how bad it's become.

My XZ2 Compact is small, but it's "modern phone small," which is to say, bigger than I'd like.

I bought an iPhone SE for Ms12, because she dropped my old iPhone 6 in the toilet. I sure do love the size of this thing. I was against buying one brand new when mine broke, but maybe at $130 for a great condition used model, it's worth reconsidering.

I'm not entirely sure of what to make of this, but that's kind of the definition of the twenty-first century:

A #transformers #cosplay #nerdrock band called the Cybertronic Spree is going to be playing at the Gathering of the #Juggalos.


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