Serial Experiments Lain
Parallel Experiments Lain
IEEE-488 Experiments Lain

I wish I knew the secret of making amazing tofu. This restaurant in town has incredible tofu, and my attempts thus far just don't compare.

Direct subtoot but like don't even bother having an account if it's just funneling shit from Twitter and you're not using it. Nobody here wants content funnels. We want interaction and being genuine.

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I just discovered that you can send a DM to nobody.

Wonder who reads those. Just pure shouting into the void.

I gotta get better blinds so the neighborhood cats stop coming to check out our indoor cat at night and making her flip out.

Creating the most annoying possible food by replacing the Nature Valley granola bar packaging with Sun Chips bag material

Mx15 has decided that if you cut the leg off yoga pants, they're yorts.

Finally got a chance to take a LP down to check out the turntable on this stereo. It works fine.

And I can repurpose the CD deck input for my portable player.


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@emilyst This is an unlisted toot which isn't a reply to anything.

What idiot called it coprolite instead of Poop Rocks


I have job interviews scheduled next week and even though I've had a successful career spanning decades, what if I've transformed into an unhirable dumbass since the last time????

If you have no idea what this means, it's an exceptional tweet from the heyday of weird twitter shitposting

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The way Unsolved Mysteries starts with a voiceover that goes "This show is about unsolved mysteries." has big That's Chappie energy.

I hate that I recognize so many different hold music tunes. Was just on a call and like, oh, it's the one with the saxophone.

The worst.

Racism, Monty Python 

Me realizing there's a Monty Python live show I haven't seen before: haha awesome. nice

Me watching it and realizing that, in the year 2014, they still left a lot of the racist shit in: …oh

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