twitch-dl 1.22.0 release 

twitch-dl is a CLI app for downloading VODs from

This release adds the much-requested option to download subscriber-only VODs, kindly implemented by Github user cemiu.

It seems almost impossible to get a phone with a good camera and an audio jack and sd card. The former is found only on pricier models. And the latter only on budget models. There are some mid range compromises but that's the general trend and I hate it.

Nice. coming to Zagreb this December. Something to look forward to. Let's hope the disease doesn't ruin it.

This one has been flying over our heads for a while at relatively low altitudes. Several apparent attempts at landing, but then it lifts up again and keeps going.

Went to see yesterday and this is the best standup show I've seen so far. Haven't laughed out loud so much in a while. Thanks Dara, I needed that. :-)


Brussels Royal Circus: Black Sabbath!; Do your airplanes fade after the 12th wash?; Black Sabbath!; Purple is the hot new colour for Cauliflower; Hit him in the eyes!; Uk? No, I’ve actually been Portuguese all this time; Hit him in the eyes!


This is not how GDPR works,

Hoću li vidjeti koga od vas ovaj tjedan na DORS/CLUC?

Does anyone run a instance for testing? I'd love to be able to run integration tests for but am too lazy to spin one up in CI.

If Apollo 10 had landed on the Moon we would have "Snoopy has landed" etched in history instead of Eagle. That would have been a better timeline.

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