This article by @b0rk
really resonates with me.

1. Please use real-world code examples, especially in lectures and conference talks. All that "Cat extends Animal" jazz is bad at conveying meaning.

2. Good, small, real-world examples take time to write!

Courtney Barnett: A new album is coming out!
Me: Nice! I need a good summer soundtrack. When is it out?
CB: November 17th
Me: ...

This is not even the first album I bought whose URL slug ended up being a single "-". That would be ░ ▒ ▓ █ by @KEYGENCHURCH which is also excellent.

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I'm not a big fan of death metal but I find Mesarthim's melodic shrieks and space themed albums to be strangely calming.

andrew lee just seized over 700 channels on freenode because they mentioned in their topic.

This includes projects like openbsd, wikimedia, FOSDEM, etc. shows 720 channels that match what is being checked.

here's an example log:

boost this if you care about foss in any way.

It bothers me that noone took the time to learn how to pronounce the surname Dimitrescu, used for the vampire lady in the new Resident Evil game. Including the actress who voiced her.

You can tell it's bandcamp friday because of all the new album and merch being released today.

Never trust a computer you can't reach with a sledgehammer.

Znate li nekog tko radi strojarske projekte za sanaciju dimnjaka? Rečeno mi je da moram to imati prije nego zaposlim građevinare da to izvedu.

The cat has developed a habit of dipping the curtains into her water bowl until they soak through and then drinking the water through the curtain. I don't know what to think about this.

I should replay the Little Big Adventure games. I remember enjoying them greatly once upon a time. Wonder how well they've aged.

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