Saved some Flash content from being forgotten. Originally found on the accompanying website for Peter Watts' book Blindsight. Good sci fi.

I released tool to sync GTFS data to OSM. If you know what these abbrevations are, this might be useful to you:)

Please practice social distancing and stay safe, You Beautiful FUCKS 😻 #mastoart #facemask #coronavirus

"When I was a kid we had a neighbour that we all wondered about. But everybody has a neighbour that they wonder about. They you grow up and you are the neighbour."

Package: bat
Description: cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and git integration

In this package the executable and its manpage have been renamed from ‘bat’ to ‘batcat’ because of a file name clash with another Debian package.

Profi namakanje bakalara.
RT @gogePN
@Jakov @zdeslav_v Javljaj kako ide, ovaj će se večeras kupat u slow cookeru.

All radio stations are playing Christmas music, so allow me to chime in with one of my favourites.

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