There is not nearly enough love for Rock & Rule out there.

Whenever one of the artists I follow on this site announces their interest in NFTs, a little part of me dies.

So far that’s two now…

We could all probably use this video of a trio of Kakapos frolicking with a rolled up towel right now.

Also, JFETs have been secured under tape, so they won’t be walking around.

Update from tonight’s pre-amp Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, there was ONE solder join that wasn’t solid, and that made all the difference.

Once I hooked it back up, we were getting the full 27dbs of boost. I went from 90 down to 20 on the H4n gain, and it was still LOUD and clear.

Yes I am aware of the irony of less than 12 hours between the retweeting of “we need more gun games”, and “we need more games about not about shooting other people”, but if there’s one thing this website is good at, it’s communicating nuance.

Bringing back light-guns for on rail shooters makes so much more sense in 2020 when fuck-off-huge TVs are a LOT more common in homes.

It’s going to take a hell of a movie to unseat Mind Game as my top.

Can we get Mark Hamill playing the Joker one more time on film so he could just fucking disapparate on another planet after shadow boxing Superman or some shit.

The very nature of computers is to make perfect copies of things held in their memory, effectively free.

NFTs are the dumbest fucking thing I can think of in that light.

Trying to reintroduce scarcity to a post scarcity environment is wasted effort for an undesirable goal.

Finally got my race setup ready for tonight’s Garf Kart CTS stream. over at

No, I am not joking.

This looks like an interesting new wireless kitchen thermometer that uses estimates cooking time based on rate of change. My current oven therm just broke, so I’m intrigued.

What really attracts me is that it’s standalone. It doesn’t require an app!

I just bound my Discord push-to-talk button to First Gear for this meeting, and let me tell you, it’s incredibly satisfying to shift out of a room shattering zinger.

Look, what I’m learning tonight is that a lot of you are sickos who are too young to have tasted pizza from before they were born.

Say what you will about Unicorn, but Into the Sky is a powerfully banging OP.

It’s been far too long since I last touched a bird.

Hey Metroid fans, keep holding out hope, dreams really do come true.

Signed – The No More Heroes Community

Oooh, a present for me dropped today too — New Hosoda movie coming this year!

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