To paraphrase “It’s about to get WEIRD!”

🎥 16:9, that footage is fine.

📱 9:16, only ‘till you’re 18.

In Elite Beat Agents 2, the second to last song is Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me”

Riichi’d into a 13 Han hand based on Dora’s tonight.

Felt pretty good.

Thanks to for the screencap.

This is indeed ART.

Atomic Bomb came up on the shuffle, and I’m now legally not allowed to do anything else for the next eight minutes.

Console Wars also holds a special place in my heart, because it was the book I listened to through a good chunk of my move from Edmonton to Victoria.

Very excited to see that Blake J. Harris’ Console Wars is coming to TV.
Reading the history of the Nintendo/Sega console wars from Sega’s perspective felt particularly fresh, because I was a Nintendo Kid.

I had a super great time playing Mahjong on stream tonight. I might give it more of a try in Yakuza. Between that and X-wing, I’m picking up too many new hobbies.

Good article on the current front-runners in the alt-meat sphere, but the money quote for me is right here:

“But once people stop expecting burgers to refer to a hunk of flesh, the brakes on deliciousness will be released.”

It’s finally happening! Anno’s getting to make an Ultraman movie!

Given how Shin Godzilla turned out, I could not be more excited!

Tonight on Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, I’ll be starting the assembly of an open replica Apollo DSKY. Come check it out at 5:00 pm Pacific over at

How was I not aware of this killer Gundam Zeta OP cover by Richie Kotzen until now?

You’re letting me down, internet!

I really shouldn’t be as upset as I am with this computer I literally took out of the trash and have been using happily since 2014.

Lots of leftover bread means Canada Day bread pudding brunch! 🇨🇦 🍞

Japanese Kakuni braised pork belly with fresh beans over rice.

I did *not* expect North America to get “Disaster Report 4” in localization, but apparently video game companies are just really interested in meeting _my_ needs these days.

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