Swamp copter changes colour

In bright sunlight takes to the air

To continue the fight

— G.I. Joe, November 1986, 18:50


And at 9:39, we have further evidence that we are living in the “Take a sniff; pull it out” resultant timeline.


I don’t know how many of you grew up with the “Disney Sunday Movie” as required viewing in the 80s, but the sequence at 1:59 set off some major nostalgia bombs. youtu.be/c3_DE4yQ80w?t=119

Really pleased with the results of tonight’s Tinker Tailor Solder Fry stream. I’ve had these joysticks for over 20 years, and I’m so glad I can keep them going.

It’s still weird to see people complain about new streaming services popping up everywhere and rates going up, saying that it’s getting to be as expensive as traditional cable/satellite services (if not more).

It seemed obvious to me that this would be the result? With just Netflix, there was hope that this would be where *everything* would go. But then Hulu showed up, and when other media companies started talking about getting a piece, I knew we were screwed.

Well, now that Jojo has hit the public consciousness, I think it’s time for me to dive into the final frontier for aging mecha heads like myself…

The Five Star Stories

A little late birthday present to myself came in today. So happy to have it in the vinyl collection.

Do you ever just get the theme song to Spitting Image stuck inside your head, or is that just me?

Okay @Discord, Apple Messages just added inline threading of messages, what’s your holdup?

As promised, here’s my heavily weathered render of the TS050a/b LEGO build form Tinker Tailor Solder Fry this evening.

One of my favourite things about tonight‘s Dice Friends was the repeated, and appropriate use of the word “scrimshaw“.

Well that’s an interesting tidbit. Advanced Gravis, the company behind the PC Gamepad was based in British Columbia, Canada, before being sold to Kensington in 1997.

The transition from “The Throne Room” into the main title at the end of A New Hope never fails to mist up the eyes.

The Living Computer museum was an important piece of preservation and archival for an industry that would rather you forget everything they’ve done that’s no longer for sale.

This is a huge loss, and I fear we are unlikely to see anything like it in North America again.

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