*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

Yup thats me.

You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation…

Hi, awhile back I spent a week on a road trip with my friends and a production crew. They ended up making this full on SHOW, which we are all genuinely proud of. I’d appreciate if you’d give Road Quest a look.


First stab at hot sauce is in the fermenter. Chipotles, ancho, garlic, and white onion. I’ll let you know in three weeks how it comes out!

Getting in some practice with @apsalar@twitter.com. Thanks again @PMAvers@twitter.com for helping to equip us out so much!

Here I am just jamming out to Superfly’s Kakusei, and I JUST find out it’s Lio’s theme from Promare… music.apple.com/ca/album/kakus

If you’re in the mood to listen to @tuxbeej@twitter.com, @eryncerise@twitter.com and I talk more about anime … convention history in Edmonton Alberta, check out the most recent episode of the Zannen Canada podcast. Thanks to @jbetteridge@twitter.com for inviting us on! overcast.fm/+E2HqzJW-s

How did I miss that Little Glee Monster did a cover of September, and why did I wait 53 days to tell all of you! 


I’m excited to be able to live in a world where not only can I have a favourite monospaced programming font, but that it regularly updates.


The story of the ’60’s Spider-Man cartoon soundtrack is BIZARRE and far reaching.

Come learn who your favourite Rankin Bass voice actors play in Spider-man, and the weird musical connections to my alma mater at the U of A.


Was looking up my Macaroni and Cheese recipe for dinner tonight, and realized I had it saved THREE times in my notes app.

It’s that good.


🍗 Sept 17 is Regular Crispy Day! 🍗

Shoutouts to everyone keeping it just crispy enough to be enjoyable.

Keep it crispy AN!!! (as necessary)

A computer’s superpower, to freely copy and manipulate information, is in fundamental opposition with a scarcity economy.

Since the beginning of Web 2.0 it seems the entire industry has been focussed on artificially injecting scarcity back into the system.

Big thanks to this belt which has been going strong since the late 90s. Time to stitch in a new close point and see if we can get another decade out of it!

After all these years coming to PAX, it’s nice to still be able to go full fanboy once in a while. Thanks @cabel@twitter.com.

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