Just realized I never took the @DesertBus Random Dance Party button offline.

I sure hope if any engineers similarly forgot to take down their overlay, that the random song I just fired was a good one.

Beaujoulais Nouveau Day was yesterday, and inconveniently right smack at the end of Desert Bus.

I need to pop out and hunt some wine!

I swear to you all that I had no idea that Toyotathon started last Friday.

So the @humanscale chair I showed off last night on Desertbus decided to snap an armrest.

Things get old and fail, but it’s still a great chair and hopefully I can find a way repair or replace the arm.

I’m very excited for things to get worse a little more slowly for the next while.

The original Japanese Super Human Samurai Syber Squad has me swearing at the screen at the audacity of some of these shots.

Tokusatsu is to like wrestling for filmmaking. youtu.be/tyBwMlrQbf4

For clarity, “Toon” Link is now Link.
The other one should be referred to as “Tall” Link.

MacOS X Tiger was peak MacOS X

It seems to me that ever since Leopard, things have gotten worse in some way every release. Also, I think the obligatory yearly release it's been on has taken its toll.

Apple never had very good software quality, even when they were "Apple Computer." Becoming "Apple, Inc." didn't help any of this.

Becoming a subscription-based services company certainly bodes ill for software quality from Apple, Inc.

Oh, and the real lifehack is to map @@ to your email address.

That one’s only for subscribers to the channel.

People comin at me for bsmile but they all typin their whole email address like they don’t know mmail.

Don’t tell me you never needed to sshades‽


Get your Blaseball jam on with this trilogy about Mike Townsend.

I’m almost angry at how much this slaps. thegarages.bandcamp.com/album/

I don’t hate that I’m now listening to Blaseball music.

I DO hate that I think it might be the best thing I’m going to hear today.

Maybe this week…

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