Still! Learning new things is fun and this one is a fairly business-critical component, so it’s a meaningful ship.

“Why Swift/Vapor? It’s not as established as Ruby+Rails etc!”

Well, I don’t really know Ruby — I muddle through occasionally, but I’m not a Ruby coder. I worth with Swift every day!

I figure (my Swift knowledge + Vapor) > (my Ruby knowledge + Rails).

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Today I shipped my first Swift/Vapor server-side app to production (via Heroku).

It’s been fun to learn! I have a larger project in the works I’m considering using Swift/Vapor for, so it’s nice to have a smaller project to learn with in a production environment.

The project isn’t exciting — in fact, it’s exactly the kind of boring “corporate backend” I found hideously boring making in my relational databases course at Uni: the platform my company uses to manage B2B customers and SDK licensing.

New blog post: “Editing, Previewing and Deploying Nanoc Sites Using An iPad”

This one was a ton of fun, and the thing I hacked together is only a little bit terrifying.

This is also my second audioblog post. As always, I’d love feedback good or bad!

New blog post: “Despair, Thy Name is App Store”

There’s something about having the worst bug of your career get stuck in the App Store as you helplessly look on that makes you go a bit crazy. Also it’s 2am. Let’s see if this is still here tomorrow.

I've been rage-tweeting pretty much all today on Twitter, but to summarise:

- On Wednesday I shipped the worst bug in my career (so far!).

- Yesterday evening, an update that fixed it was approved.

- My update is stuck in an App Store glitch that's affecting multiple apps that causes the App Store to deliver an old version to users.

Also this morning I dropped my iPhone and smashed it.

After more fiddling about, I now have a fully up-and-running iMac G3 with internet connectivity running its original OS (Mac OS 8.6). I also found a copy of my favourite game as a kid - Ambrosia’s Bubble Trouble. It’s awesome!

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I have successfully combined two broken iMac G3s into one working iMac G3. Hooray!

Mac nerds, help! I have a working Mac Classic that I want to put stuff on. I also have a working G4 Cube. Can System 6 and Mac OS 9 both read HFS floppies? Perhaps my best bet is finding a USB floppy drive for the Cube. Any other transfer vector I’m missing?

The Mac mini I bought a month or so ago is finally getting some proper use - I'm getting continuous integration up and running!

I'm going to try and get it set up to deploy builds of my blog (built with Nanoc) to a web-facing staging server with a subdomain named after the branch.

If it works, I can edit markdown on my iPad with Safari in split view looking at (or whatever it ends up being) as a live-ish preview. I think that'll be awesome!

I'd really appreciate any feedback about my practice podcast linked in that post — including "It's terrible". This exercise is to smooth out all the mistakes and bad stuff before I start involving other people.

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I mean, seriously - I talked to a few people and had them agree to be guests over a *year* ago. It's time to pull my thumb out of my ass and actually get on with it.

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New blog post: Introducing the Audioblog!

I’m sick of talking about making a podcast and not actually doing anything about it. Finally making steps towards it with a “practice” podcast!

Have have fiber in the house and a fiber box on the wall. It's SO CLOSE!!

The offending “too professional” shot of my MacBook Pro. My appeal of “WELL EXCUSE ME FOR TAKING PRIDE IN MY WORK” was, unsurprisingly, denied.

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I spent 30 min making a nice front/back composite shot of my iPad Pro to sell it.

The annoying thing is that the last time I did something like this, the marketplace site I listed it on rejected my shot as “too professional”.

Yesterday's iPad story:

14:30: Hooray, my new iPad is here!
14:40: Oooooo, it's pretty!
14:42: Wait, is that dust *under* the screen?
14:50: On the phone to the Apple Store.
15:30: Hey look, the Apple Store!
15:50: Hooray, (another) new iPad with a good screen!
- fin (I hope) -

I bought a drone, which I've been having lots of fun with… and it led to a little side project of building an app to help with Swedish drone regulations. What's not to love?

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New blog post: Why Publishing Some Nice Autumnal Photos Online Made Me Write An App

Just want to see some pretty autumnal photos? I have a new photos subsite!

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