We draw the line until we can forgive ourselves.

Did you know that on desktop you can hold Ctrl while scrolling for fast zoom in/out?

What's the point of wearing gloves if you do not wash/sanitize your hands or sanitize the gloves.

Watch "Nurse Demonstrates How Germs Spread Even With Gloves | NowThis" on YouTube

अभी तक ऐसा फ्रीजर नहीं बना जो पेट्रोल को बर्फ करदे।


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This is interesting. Watch "Similarities Between Tamil and Korean" on YouTube


Jalapeno spicy is the tasty spicy. Others just burn my mouth water off.

"Who would think silence speaks loudest." (A comment in the video.)

Watch "Graduation Crowd Silent for Student with Autism" on YouTube

@Tusky Sorry. Got it. Earlier I did not click on profile image in the drawer.

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@Tusky I don't see any option to see only my own toots. Like in Twitter mobile app we can open our profile and see my own tweets and followers.

Be who you are.

Watch "If You're an Introvert | by Jay Shetty" on YouTube

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Found on #Fdroid: Aurora Droid, an alternative Client for Fdroid. Has some usability problems but wow looks so much better than the official F-Droid client

Yes, I am a little more intense. But I like it.

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