@starrychloe Nice talk! I appreciate your careful research.

@kiwix Curious if you know how far you are from being in Debian's repo again?

I think Kraftwerk are the only ones who could *maybe* do a Kraid's Hideout remake that's better than the original.

Holy crap if you have half decent binoculars look at the moon

mastodon.social has been really bad with uploading photos lately, at least with Tusky

Flume Gorge specifically, I forgot to say. Must see!

I am a fan of both Free Software and markets. As a fan of markets, I recognize the social utility of prices. That utility is mostly lost in the Free Software world. (Remember how GPG almost went broke because nobody was paying attention?) Which is okay, we get other benefits.

I haven't tried any of the FOSS donation sites. I'm wondering if any of them automatically let donations to a project trickle down to its dependent libraries. That would simulate some of the benefits of price signals.

.25x speed is so much funnier than 4x speed

Hmm, apply to the job whose website is blocked by my anti-tracking browser extension?

"Say Anything" - the subject of a recruiter email I got. They're pulling at our heartstrings now?

Every kid who grew up to be an engineer tried to invent an automatic bed-maker.

One of these dudes is in armor of a style from somewhere in Asia.

I mean I could join more instances to find more varied public timelines. But doesn't that become a hassle to manage? And what's the point of federation if you make accounts on different servers to see different stuff?

Maybe nobody has figured out yet what dynamic all this settles into.

You might find me complaining that Mastodon is all people talking about Free Software but of course it's my fault for almost exclusively following Free Software related accounts. I want to see what's happening with the Fediverse per se.

It'd be nice if more friends came on here though.

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