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Highlighting the potential harmony between the and movements, something I picked up on a while ago and have wanted to express. (Written with a audience in mind but not exclusively for them.)

It starts with a roving sing along in the streets of downtown.

At the Portsmouth Maritime Music Festival in . Such a great wholesome community event.


I deleted a bunch of photos from Flickr to make sure I was within their new size restriction. I realize now that I might have had descriptions attached. These sorts of things really ought to live with the images themselves somehow, so I could keep them.

Of course going forward I'm going to try some sort of self hosted thing. It's sort of a pain keeping parity with my local copies of the stuff. Particularly if people _comment_ on it.

The new mural at Tuscan Market in downtown looks like it'll fit the setting pretty well and liven up the corner.

At what point does this stop being a 1920s style lightbulb and start becoming a 2020s style lightbulb?

Doing full backups with isn't what it's cracked up to be. 1.8 Gigs somehow! With only like 3 grains, biggest one 30 megs (zipped).

I think I'm just going to make a regimen of doing this manually grain by grain. 🤷‍♂️

I just figured out the simplest independent authentication setup...though not the simplest to use for the average user.

Add a system user (`alice`) Install postfix, allow only local email. Change its SMTP port to something other than 25 (Sandstorm uses 25.) Install mailutils to check your mail.

Install Sandstorm, enable only email auth, SMTP server is localhost with the non-25 port you chose. Login email is `alice@localhost`. Ssh in as `alice` and check mail to get login token.

@fdroidorg f-droid.org seems to be currently slow to respond or sometimes unreachable. Both website and repo. I'm connecting from the United States.

I figured it out, poking at it a little. They gotta make the language more clear when they're talking about deleting stuff!

Server really dropped the ball IMO as far as installation instructions, particularly with partitioning. "FILE SYSTEM SUMMARY"_ "AVAILABLE DEVICES", " USED DEVICES"? What does any of this mean? What are you going to _do_ to my disks?

I have a home partition in there that I don't want you to touch, and I have no idea what's happening. Thankfully it's on its own disk, so it'll *probably* be fine. (And yes I did back it up first).

I can't seem to find any documentation for cryptswap. I can only find articles talking *about* it. I don't know how to install it on server. I don't even know what project it's part of. All I know is that it sometimes exists (apparently on one of my machines!) and some people want to get rid of it. Seems like a lapse in documentation.

So happy and relieved that a simple decompressed air treatment on my mini server at home was enough to fix the loud fan and the case that was bordering on painfully hot to the touch. I barely notice the sound now and the case is barely above room temperature.

Just watered a ZZ plant I bought a month ago for the first time. It was already pretty dry even then, but the plant store clerk told me to wait more. They say you should rarely need to water it, but I wish there was some more clear guidance on this.

If we're stuck with constant condo construction maybe we can at least find a way to make it less unsightly. Use nicely designed covering maybe?

@starrychloe (Let's see if I get banned for mentioning Gab on this instance...)

@starrychloe Gab joined the fediverse, and it looks like Minds may be following. This is becoming very interesting!

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