Alright, on the other hand, this is playing on my car, via Bluetooth, from an Android variant phone, from a minimized browser visiting, and the title info showed up.

How many things had to go right for this to happen? Credit to the engineers where it is due!

I'm so fed up with Bluetooth that I've been listening to CDs in my car.

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@JobDestroyer I responded to that hater on Reddit. I know he's trying to be a dick but I don't mind it. I've never gotten a serious criticism before so I responded in earnest. Thank so much for posting. Wow 200+ upvotes, did not expect that! (I also did a top level post)

Like, so far it seems like a solution in search of a problem. Other than the problem that the Internet stopped being fun.

There's no reason Mastodon should be fundamentally different from Twitter in content. And at first it seems kind of boring.

But after you poke around a little bit and go down rabbit holes of different servers it's so fascinating. Even if I don't get the point of it all.

I should really get an account on an exotic server, or run my own at some point.

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RT We just cut the first release candidate for Riot 1.0 πŸ˜„ πŸŽ‰ Intrepid testers are welcome to give it a go at and help us test! 7pm Friday RCs ftw...


My super modern news website is going to have dancing bears and fire jugglers blocking you from having any chance of reading the article.

That's how this works right?

I'm working on a blog post now. As is my tendency, I'm thinking of counterarguments to and holes in what I'm writing. It's a drag and makes the process so arduous.

Part of me wishes I was more dull minded just so that I could have an excuse to finish quickly in good conscience.

Honestly what is missing here is each of our Mastodon profiles should just be our personal websites. This occurred to me long ago: we already have personal websites, why the need for these social media profiles? We just need to link our websites somehow.

The whole habit of cross-posting from Twitter to Mastodon seems kind of pointless at first glance. Why bother? Why would anyone come here when it's on Twitter anyway?

But I think maybe the approach here is that when you find that one of the accounts you follow on Twitter is crossposting to Mastodon, you should unfollow them on Twitter and follow them here instead. That way we slowly migrate.

Of course if you ever leave Mastodon you lost track of all those follows. :shrug:

Shouts out to (available on @fdroidorg) for keeping up with changes on Youtube so it stays working. Fantastic Youtube client if you haven't tried it!

* "Follow" channels without a Google account
* Listen to a video as background audio (i.e. you can turn your screen off).

Can anyone in Mastodon world tell me:

What exactly is the sense of a separate instance per niche interest? Like for math people, etc? If you have multiple interests, you'll just end up with more accounts to manage. I don't do this for email. And you can follow people across instances anyway.

Federation seems valuable for holding your identity anywhere. Making it portable would improve it.

I mean the whole thing feels really cool but on examination it's incoherent.

Okay. I'd been cross-tweeting/tooting for a while now, and mixing my Mastodon timeline in with Twitter.

But I've now split out a separate Mastodon tab to try to appreciate it on its own, and I'm realizing that I don't follow nearly enough people here.

Dads: Disabuse yourself of your idealism. You have no idea how isolated you are from Real Life in this country. God forbid things go sideways here. Then you'll understand the sorts of hard decisions people make.

Also dads: Life is great and you should definitely have children.

Where is this seedy marketplace of desperate voice actors and robocall spammers?

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