Wow, is the successor to ActivityPub going to come from... Twitter?

Particularly making it content addressable and all that from day one, it solves the portability issue.

For some reason I've been getting into Russia rap, and I guess pop music here.

Егор Крид - Девочка с картинки (Премьера клипа 2020)

is great overall but it has fucked up and deleted my bookmarks for the second time now. I just get a bunch of bookmark collections called "Bookmarks1", " Bookmarks2" etc.

I'm gonna have to just have my bookmarks based somewhere else and import them. (I have a project in mind for that anyway...)

We can agree that the tagging taxonomy of basically sucks right? I like that it's freeform to let standards form but it would be nice if there was a cleanup phase that happened over time. We're stuck with cruft and inconsistency.

Thinking I should just alias gerp to grep

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My wife got a new computer...

Microsoft: "You don't need to do this... we can make it work..."

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"... and these 'instances' are all on separate servers, so it's totally decentralized. but posts on one instance 'federate' with other instances, except when they don't, which basically half the time. now here's where it gets tricky..."

I wonder if part of the problem with Mastodon uptake is that there isn't the zeitgeist feel. I click on and there's like 5 toots a year on the federated timeline.

This could be such a thrilling experience but it doesn't quite feel like it's connecting (yet).

Symbols is one of my favorite albums, but I try not to accidentally tune in too carefully the lyrics when Down and Out is playing.

I broke and replaced the glass part. But the other parts of it have been loose and annoying to use, so I might also replace that.

It's the same French Press though, right?

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Might fuck around and get a French Press of Theseus.

Has anybody else ever pointed out that the home directory dotfiles convention just sucks? It's a mix of configurations, application state, and actual data.

It makes it a real pain in the ass to migrate to another computer without carrying a bunch of junk.

Stubbing my toe has been my number one health problem during the pandemic.

Eminem had an album called Infinite from before he met Dr. Dre. I think it's available for free online now legitimately. I just gave it another listen. It really holds up.

It sounds more like Atmosphere (Minneapolis underground hip hop) from the same era than like anything after meeting Dre. The psycho anger stuff just isn't there yet. (Though I've enjoyed that as well)

If you host git repositories for yourself, check out something called gitolite. It simplifies management, including permissions. Was a big ROI for me.

It's not very cold out either, I bet it won't last so long.

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