written in Rust, seems at least a little easier to use. It's one of their goals, anyway.

I'm surprised I'm just hearing about this.

At a bar for brunch and working. The same guy at the bar requested a golf tournament on the TV and made a reference to "paper hands". What is going on.

An awful cover of I Will Follow You Into The Dark just played at the cafe. The song needs the very specific instrumentation from the original.

Probably the coolest hanging sign in . I think that's a real hanging vintage or antique typewriter.

Funny town to have so many hanging signs given how windy it is. A winery outlet had their sign fall off and get smashed a couple months ago in a monster wind storm. Maybe they should take them down at night sometimes.

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I assumed that if GPT-3 generated pickup lines, they would be terrible because they would be something like human pickup lines. Instead, they are terrible for more delightful reasons.

I've been slowly assembling a list of "Cyberpunk news stories". Even the header image, as I understand, is a real photograph of Guangzhou.

The only time I seem to cook eggs the right amount for flipping over cleanly is when I turn the burner down or off and forget about it for a while.

Felt like garbage this morning but I've upgraded to recycling.

Pulling back a bit on indoor cafes for now. I was frustrated because I couldn't find a seat outside this morning to read (it's all covered in snow). Then I remembered about my mobile cafe, with nice views out the window.

I guess the "Art and Historical Context" classes in 30 years are going to talk about the "Rage Face Era" during late Obama and the "Wojak Era" during Trump and early Biden, and whatever comes next. And how the themes of each genre were reflections of the different phases in our descent into national dissolution.

Fuck I hate to be such a normie that I'm bitching about dating profiles but what is up with these women who describe themselves as "introverted extrovert"? So cringy.

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In retrospect I think "Tweety Bird" was actually a good nickname for Trump, coming from Biden. It was very on brand. There's Dad Jokes where you're annoyingly clever and cheesy, and then there's Grandpa Jokes, where you pretend to be a sweet naive old man. You'd roll your eyes if it weren't so endearing. Of course it doesn't keep up with Donald Trump's insults because it's so cheesy and harmless. That's the point.

Mount Molly in New Durham. I don't think the photos really capture it.

This is the most political I've ever seen my Mastodon TL

I watched the inauguration from Wikipedia

@lbry BTW thank you for the F-Droid port! Works pretty well.

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