I'm the biggest face but I'm not the one taking the selfie this time. bike n brew afternoon at Liar's Bench.

bike n brew afternoon, now at Loaded Question

BTW we started at Cisco, which is a much further ride, but we were too dumb to take a photo.

Back at Great Rhythm with some friends for a bike n brew afternoon. Not my most flattering pic but it's very hot and sunny and I just got off my bike.

I guess it's hard to argue that state pot stores are better than property taxes and jailing peaceful people.

Kate's Bakery and Cafe in (I'll give them their own hash tag to be fair!) gives you a great view of Too bad you probably can't sit inside now, you get a nice elevated view.

Tuscan Market it has a beautiful patio out front now. I think it might have to do with Rí Rá next door closing down.

Great Rhythm Brewing Company in Looks like their patio is even more set up now.

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Anybody else have a problem with ?

Seshat unexpected error: Error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.27' not found (required by /tmp/.org.chromium.Chromium.[redacted])

I'm using their apt repository.

4 ball Mills Mess in front of a trash bin, for my UNH club friends.

What if you could make a Bandcamp-like store on the fediverse? Bandcamp does have some network effects. At any rate tying in comments and online presence would be good. Having one trustworthy checkout process may be the main issue. May be crypto only.

Basically I'm trying to figure out why bands have bandcamp as opposed to just selling from their website (as some do).

And by the way I love Bandcamp. They sell FLAC and Ogg (DRM-free) on all music, including some major acts. Go check them out!

Remember that game Eternal Darkness for the Game Cube? You had a sanity meter in addition to health and magic or whatever it was. I think there's something to that, especially in our current situation. I went for a bike ride today finally and I think it replenished my sanity meter a little bit.

P.S. I looked up GameCube to make sure I didn't space it wrong and look totally uncool for you people.

The jitsi desktop application asks me to sign in to Google or XMPP for some reason, but otherwise looks like it's for making phone calls. I don't see a simple "join this room on this server" option like on the phone application (when it works).

So many people seem to have a positive experience with this software. I'm rooting for them, and I'm trying despite my frustration to ultimately be constructive here. But it's just not agreeing with me.

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And the phone application (which incidentally is now a black screen for me) is called Jitsi Meet. I guess it's tied in concept to the JavaScript application of the same name, which is a Debian package I can install, but which installs a whole server including nginx. So I don't know what Jitsi Meet really means.

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So let's scroll down to desktop nightly builds and click on "Debian packages"...

I get a directory of files, which isn't user friendly. Okay, what if I click on the "Debian repository" link.

And, this is something I can use.

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So, it looks like there's stable builds, nightly builds, Ubuntu, and Debian. And then under Ubuntu and Debian, a list of server software (videobridge etc). It doesn't occur to me, as a Debian user, that there's anything more for me if I click on "stable builds" or scroll down.

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And why is it that I figure out what I'm doing wrong right after I complain about it on social media. My problem was that I didn't scroll far enough.

But still, there are some issues...

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The desktop client installation instructions don't make sense to me. It all points to jitsi-meet, jitsi-videobridge, etc, which as best I can tell are for the server. (Is there even a desktop client?)

The messaging around the phone clients is straightforward. It could be improved for desktop.

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