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This is my first Toot!

Moved here bcz many people boycotted twitter to show solidarity with @sanjayuvacha ..

Don't know what to do here, may be I will post my tweets here too..

Appeal to help Amair Ahmed:

This is to state that Amair Ahmed-24 years r/o H No: 16-3-513/514 Chanchalguda has been suffering from Bone's Tuberculosis (TB)

Neck surgery immediately for which estimation is going upto 4.10 lakhs,

As you all may be knowing that the State Govt has totally stopped Aarogyasri and no sanctions are being given under CMRF.

Please share this & Donate

Amair Ahmed
A/c 918010062537387
IFSC code UTIB0003172
Axis Bank, Malakpet Branch
M: 8686673127 & 8977490692.


“Patriotism is, fundamentally, a conviction that a particular country is the best in the world because you were born in it....”
― George Bernard Shaw

10,000 people charged with sedition case in one Jharkhand district.

What was their crime?

They installed stones engraved wd "5th schedule of Indian constitution" which grants special autonomy to Tribals.

Talking abt constitutional rights is sedition.

@imMAK02 MPs salaries start from lac that include several allowances, freebies and students who don't even earn...eyeing on their fees, beaten black and blue. Why?? Just bcos they are protesting against the fee hike.

Ppl do not see bada babus earning in terms of lac enjoying high quality food at Rs. 10 that too in 2019. Hike the food items sold in the parliament canteen not the fees. Bahut haraam khaliya !

Here is menu card of Parliament canteen.

These millionaire politicians are still eating subsidized food in the Parliament and this govt and RW trolls have problem with free education.

Who is free loader now??

India is really incredible!

Students are called Anti National and beaten up for asking affordable education.

Farmers are beaten up for asking compensation for their land.

Terror accused are sitting in parliament and running the govt.

D elhi police who wanted protection from lawyers can protest but JNU students can’t protest for fees hike? Whose democracy is this? The people’s or the politicians?

A lot of army brats or Indian army sympathisers look at my comments against the Indian Army, see the hammer and sickle on my DP and do the .... "oh you don't know the Army" shit.

Let me tell you a little something.... one of my parents was in the Army, just not at the fighting end. In fact, that parent saw war from the other end of the gun. What happens to innocents, what happens when an armyman's legs are blown off and he cannot fight anymore, what happens to civilians.


106 Days of lockdown in Kashmir.

Kashmir is the most militarized zone in the world, more than 700K troops present there.

8 Million people are still living without basic human rights and we don't even know how many "Major SP Sinha" are posted there.

Listen this Ex Army officer Major General SP Sinha.

He said "Balatkar ke badle Balatkar" (rape for rape) as a revenge for Kashmiri Pandit exodus.

He is openly supporting rape of Kashmiri women, such kind of filthy officers are protected under draconian Law like AFSPA.

105 DAYS!

Media and people have stopped talking about Kashmir.

This can happens only in Banana republic.

Earlier they used Manusmriti to deny education , soon they will use the constitution

OMG! North Indian Upper Castes are such lowborns! Their fake religion has ingrained hatred for someone from a lower station moving beyond their circumstances to such and extent that they break bangles over it.

103 DAYS!!

8 Million people are suffering in their own land because Majority of Indians take pride in a SH!T called "Nationalism" .

Your Jingoism is responsible for their oppression!

102 days of clampdown in Kashmir.

8 Million people are still suffering in their own land.

◼️ Indian Society does not care!

◼️ Indian Government wants them to suffer!

◼️ Indian Judiciary can not give them justice!

◼️ World does not give a damn anymore!

Many Palestinians dead in last 36 hours!

Terrorist state Israel bombing Gaza and killing innocent civilians.

Whole world is watching silent as usual bcz Muslim lives does not matter to them.

They only care about white lives.

When you ignore Rohith Vemula
Then Najeeb Ahmed happens

When you ignore Najeeb Ahmed
Then Payal Tadvi happens

When you ignore Payal Tadvi
Then Fathima Latheef happens

Now you're ignoring Fathima
Your child can be next..

Demand the JUSTICE.

The ones who apologise (even before it’s demanded ) are the bestest 👌🏻!

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