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I really wish unity Editor was available for linux. What good is being able to make linux builds if I can't build on linux?

idea: in case of apocalyptic events every office should keep enough MREs on hand to feed their entire staff for a week.

in the statistics page in addition to the game specific stuff there are things lick CO2 levels and sea height variation. You're not just relentlessly producing cookies, your fixing the environment by planting trees using solar panels, etc. At first glance this looks like just a copy of cookie clicker but it actually has some teaching abotu climate change built in and is a very neat little thing.

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If you were making an MMO what features would you want to include in it?

What features do you wish your favorite MMO had but doesn't?

Against me makes the best weather.

I hope today brings a smile to all of your faces!

RT fuckin' hell nintendo keep your politics outta my gaems


Earth-Chan~ 🌍

(Art by @Ler0nnie)

@imani It's okay! I don't think you've brought that up before, but it's actually a really good point.

Not just in terms of empathy for women, but in general, if you include an emotional story or piece of game in such a way that most people don't see it, it's going to lose its impact.

I wrote about this a little while ago with LGBTQ characters - making them 'subtle' i.e only letting them be LGBTQ in subtext, doesn't make for good representation that makes a difference