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boost this toot if you enjoy "boost this toot if" toots

On the other hand, I considered not posting this because of the potential of causing hurt feelings if someone read this from a defensive place and that gut reaction is why I needed to go ahead and do so.


I tried to find a quote or snippet of this to pull to write here but i don’t think there is any one section that I could grab that would get the semblance of the whole without just copying out half the thing. It’s not very long.

I haven’t noticed this play out at any of my work places but it remains an important phenomenon to mull over.

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I've got some...vague circles as obstacles and a little bug thing. I guess technically doing the roguelike part.

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maybe I will use a pawn icon for the main character normally and then a Queen icon for when they transform?

I'm going to do an awful idea and try and make a type of game I never made before. here goes the magical girl + rogue-like. Why am I doing this when I have very little artistic skills?

I should point and say "Water Tribe" whenever I leave a room.

ideas I've been given so far

cookie clicker + action

Magical girl + rogue-like

survival horror + tactics

So #LDJAM just started and the theme is "two incompatible genres".
I'm not sure if I'll be able to but please, please someone corrupt the theme and make a game about the struggles of non straight couples.

If you do, please send it to me. I'd love to see them.

The Theme for Ludum Dare 41 is: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

My plans for tomorrow and this evening fell through so I could maybe actually try to do this what 2 genres should I go for?

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Non binary magic the gathering character!

If someone is up for taking the time to type out the text in this image I would greatly appreciate that. or I may come back later and do so when I am less tired.

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Pharah x Mercy

what's the still life of a bowl of fruit equivalent for game dev/design?