Okay been using it for a bit so I can more or less confirm AntaBaka is working perfectly, so I'm moving over there and will set this account to redirect over there shortly


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I'm thinking I'm going to migrate over to antabaka.me/web/accounts/12230

If all goes well I'll close this account and move over there

Okay I'm really tempted to move to BSD, there's a lot of proprietary software and some open source stuff I'd have to give up on but it's really nice from what I've seen so far

r/egg_irl keeps posting pictures of me and I feel attacked

Not sure whether to keep going with mobile Linux or switch back to AOSP de-googled Android 🤔

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cw: selfies, ec, boosts appreciated 

Got my new cosplay/outfit today!

How am I doing for no makeup or HRT?

Just messing with , it seems really nice, I don't think I could go without a lot of the software on Linux but I might be tempted to install this on my laptop or dual boot or something

I'm really tempted to give BSD a go, anyone have any experiences or recommendations?

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hourly reminder:
- wash your hands
- stay hydrated
- be kind

Facial hair itches like hell who invented this shit?

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