We maintain an active Warrant Canary on our website that we update monthly and are working on a public transparency portal. "We can't share what we don't know" is true, and even then, only if from a jurisdiction we operate in. incognet.io/warrant-canary

We love , but we also love ! What would you rather mine? For IncogNET's founder, he says, "Why not both?"

For gold, no GPU or electricity needed.

What does, "freedom of speech" or "freedom of expression" mean to you? Are these important attributes for a service provider to support? What are your thoughts?

We've done a soft-launch of our anonymous domain name service at incognet.io/anonymous-domains - Order your domain name with crypto, PayPal or Card (via Stripe). No personal details required! We submit our details in place of yours. Currently domains are manually approved within 12 hours, usually much faster.

More TLD's / features coming soon.

If you're a system admin and got a recent, odd looking email from the FBI and are confused, you're not alone. See incogsnoo.com/r/sysadmin/comme

Flashback Privacy Demo/Example:

Self removing 3 lines of base64 encoding hidden inside a random download grabs your current mac address and sends it remotely to deanonymize you on Tor/VPN/proxy ("calling home" by piping netcat).

It then auto removes itself (evidence of it ever happening) after.

A careful reminder to check what you download: something like this could deanonymize you.

#Tor #Privacy #Anonymous #MACaddress #wipri #spoofing #Infosec #cybersecurity


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incogsnoo.com - Another privacy project we sponsor is IncogSnoo, a private reddit reader built ontop of the open sourced Teddit project codeberg.org/teddit/teddit. Our highly optimized version is accessible over the clearnet, Tor, I2P and Yggdrasil Networks. Featuring a double pane desktop UI for browsing the index of subs and an easy to use mobile UI. Access reddit where blocked, and privately! A collaboration between IncogNET and I2P+ gitlab.com/i2pplus/I2P.Plus/

How are you using the Yggdrasil Network? Pictured is one of our 3 Yggdrasil peer nodes that help distribute traffic for one of our favorite network projects.

We help route the network's end-to-end encrypted traffic in Dallas, Texas, as well as Helsinki, Finland and Naaldwijk, Netherlands.

Learn more: yggdrasil-network.github.io

incogtube.com - IncogTUBE is the YouTube proxy as used by Edward Snowden. A collaborative effort between IncogNET and the I2P+ project that is built on the core of the open source Invidious project. The highly optimized IncogTUBE looks and feels nothing like the vanilla installs you may be used to. All requests are proxied through our network, you never ping Google direct. Also available on Tor, I2P and Yggdrasil networks.


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