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‘Roomba's Next Big Step Is Selling Maps of Your Home to the Highest Bidder’

“It knows the floor plan of your home, the basic shape of everything on your floor, what areas require the most maintenance, and how often you require cleaning cycles, along with many other data points.”

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See @aral speak at Ecopolis in Brussels on the 8th October

See @aral give the opening keynote at Foreplay Conference in Ghent on the 7th September

“The transformation from a lowly appliance to a node in a vast privacy-demolishing network is just a software update away.”

‘Surprise, Echo Owners, You’re Now Part of Amazon’s Random Social Network’

“It makes it easier to connect with other people using the same app, but there’s a privacy trade-off: You only need someone’s phone number to figure out that they’ve bought or downloaded that product.”

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‘Facebook patent application describes spying on users through their webcams’

“The social giant describes a system for catering content to users by exploiting their emotions.”

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‘Why artificial intelligence is far too human’

“What most people don’t know is that artificial intelligence ethicists worry the opposite is happening: We are putting too much of ourselves, not too little, into the decision-making machines of our future.”

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🇪🇺🇺🇸 ‘Privacy Shield: The American Lobbying Invasion’

“American technology companies such as Adobe, Apple, Amazon. AT&T, Cisco, Facebook (subsidiary in Ireland), General Electric, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Symantec, and Yahoo! have lobbied EU officials on the EU’s data protection standards.”

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‘Paying Professors: Inside Google’s Academic Influence Campaign’

“The funding of favorable campus research to support Google’s Washington, D.C.-based lobbying operation is part of a behind-the-scenes push in Silicon Valley to influence decision makers.”

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‘Tech firms want to detect your emotions and expressions, but people don’t like it’

“Does it enhance, serve or exploit? After all, the scope to make emotions and intimate human life machine-readable has to be treated cautiously.”

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‘Don’t be fooled: Metadata is the real data’

“And today, smart people advocate endlessly for the encryption of your data as a form of self-protection. With anti-privacy legislation being signed today with a flick of a pen, it's more important than ever to understand that even metadata can and will be used against you.”

(US-centric, but still valuable)

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Watch @aral at DiEM 25’s Constructive Disobedience at G20 in Hamburg. Starting soon:

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🇬🇧 ‘Why are we giving away our most sensitive health data to Google?’

“Giving away our most sensitive and valuable data, for free, to a global giant, with completely uncertain future costs, is a decision of dramatic consequence.”

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🇪🇺 ‘Fining Google: a slow train coming’

“This is the reality of antitrust: in technology especially, the dominance of these companies and the power of their networks means that the decision comes too late to help those who were originally affected.”

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‘🇺🇸 Facebook can track your browsing even after you’ve logged out, judge says’

“…dismissed the case because he said that the plaintiffs failed to show that they had a reasonable expectation of privacy or suffered any realistic economic harm or loss.”

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“Google Hasn’t Stopped Scanning Gmail”

“Users of Google’s consumer services will always be the product”

Featuring @aral

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‘Facebook’s Secret Censorship Rules Protect White Men from Hate Speech But Not Black Children’

“In so doing, they serve the business interests of the global company, which relies on national governments not to block its service to their citizens.”

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‘Things to know about Germany’s recent surveillance laws’

“Source Telecommunications and Online Surveillance Law… It creates the legal basis for police and the state to use malware to spy on mobile phones, chat groups and Internet accounts.”

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‘The Chilling Reason Behind Travis Kalanick’s Abrupt Resignation from Uber’

“According to several people close to both Kalanick and Uber investors, Kalanick’s demise was mostly motivated by the board’s goal of bringing Uber public at the highest possible valuation.”

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“Before You Hit ‘Submit,’ This Company Has Already Logged Your Personal Data”

“it’s illustrative of the way your sense of control online can be an illusion”

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