San Francisco Labor Council Supports the Driscoll's Boycott Global Day of Action

RT If Whole Foods believes that their highly paid corporate lawyers will be able to stop activists from exposing their lies, they are in for a rude awakening. We support and others in their attempts to stop the of Whole Foods' factory farms.


Jerry Brown announces satellite launch as frontline youth protest oil drilling expansion

[Event] Time to Go! SF Protest At CCSF DHR To Demand Immediate Removal Of HR Director Callahan

Stop The Racist Terror Against City Workers! SF City Workers Speak Out At BOS Meeting

SF City Hall Rally Before Audit Hearing: If We Don't Get No Justice You Don't Get No Peace

RT "Covering themes of addiction, privacy, surveillance, information manipulation, behavior modification and social control, the film lays the foundations as to why we may feel like we are sleep running into some dystopian nightmare with the machines at the helm."


RT Vigil for Marcellus Toney, murdered by OPD on September 27, 2017

Today, 7pm, Foothill Blvd and 41st Ave, Oakland


RT “The company’s acquisition by Amazon, DxE activists say, has led to a new strategy: stopping activists through litigation.”


RT Join Oakland Privacy for two award-winning films about our dystopian techno-state. Cosponsored by Liberated Lens.

With a brief q+a with Oakland Privacy Advisory Cmsn chair Brian Hofer about what we can do to slow down dystopia right here in our backyard.


[Event] Oakland DOT seeking participants from disability and senior community to test safety infrastructure projects

[Event] Rally Supporting Christine Blasey Ford's Testimony on Brett Kavanaugh

Cat Brooks’ Campaign for Mayor Raises Over $100,000 in Grassroots Donations

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