RT @BradleySA@twitter.com: Take Action by Sunday Nov. 18 to Oppose Department of Energy Plan to Evade Cleanup!
During the same time as the , DOE has been soliciting public comment on its newest plan to break out of its cleanup obligations in the future.
✍️ rocketdynecleanupcoalition.org

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RT @PARENTSvsSSFL@twitter.com: These are some of our local children who have suffered though cancer, and several who have lost their lives to it. We think their cancers may have been caused by the radioactive and chemical contamination at the SSFL.

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RT @AshAgony@twitter.com: Today in Philly, antifascists vastly outnumbered the fash. Hundreds of antifascists came out & faced repression from a small army of Philly police. Few minor scuffles between antifascists & fascists & at least 3 antifascists arrested.

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RT @learntoreaddd@twitter.com: @Indybay@twitter.com Yo, this has been postponed due to the apocalyptic air quality

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People Get Ready, a one day conference happening today from 12-6pm at UC Berkeley's Dwinelle Hall, is aimed at assessing the post-midterm terrain and charting a path forward to building powerful movements and the radical left.

Department of Pesticide Regulation rejects Federal Court Order to ban chlorpyrifos

[Event] Oakland Privacy: Fighting Against the Surveillance State in the Age of Trump

In SF, Activists Along the Political Spectrum Protest Trump's Firing of Sessions

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