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Pro tip: Visit for the good stuff. Hoping that and show up.

[tom bikes home]

"I'm not that hungry. Maybe just a quick bite when I get home"

[full plate of food later]

"hm, maybe some dessert?"

The Last Splash is such a wonderful source of great sound bites.

Things not cooperating today (and yesterday):

- my brain


"Can’t remember: names - faces - directions - general words when speaking (I say “thingy” a lot) - appointments - things i need to buy like food I’ve run out of - my keys - what someone has literally just said to me - plans I’ve made with people"

So true that it's uncanny.

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Another one:

"... when he can tell I'm not listening, or when I think I'm listening but I'm actually focusing so hard on listening that I forget to actually do the listening thing."


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So, I saw a saw a reddit post that suggested turning on subtitles, and that makes *so* much sense for me.

I had already noticed that I've been getting better at watching things *since* I turned on subtitles on Netflix/iTunes/... (mostly as an aid to listening), but never connected the dots.

And since in Belgium everything is subtitled, I didn't have a lot problems with it there overall.

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For example: I really have trouble watching a movie or even a series episode. I zone out after 5 or so minutes and start doing something else (phones don't help, and of course this varies from day to day).

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Reading up on ADHD in adults and omg this pushes all the buttons for the last 20 years of my life.

For whatever reason my anxiety levels are through the roof today.

I'm going to blame The Dreaded Third Day Of Jet Lag, I think.

Seems I ran out of sleep again

Oh well. Coffee it is.


(Sleep is for the unsafe_unretained)

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okay this is *definitely* what hell actually looks like
oh wow.
They used a neural-network style-transferring techniques to make Doom look like the box art of Doom!



Holy crap stock market.

When you tip a Belgian waiter 15% they are *really* happy.

(The service was excellent. He earned it.)

Europe: where getting a kettle of water to boil doesn’t take half a century.

My kids are watching the Sound Of Music and I can still sing along with most of the songs.

Unsure to be appalled or delighted.

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