Save the date: June 22, Nextcloud Enterprise Day, Berlin.

The Enterprise Day agenda features a track of business sessions covering a wide range of enterprise customer use cases and much more.

Book before May 31st, receive a 50% discount. Register today!

My ebooks and audiobooks (from Tor Books, Head of Zeus, McSweeneys, and others) are for sale all over the net, but I sell 'em too, and when you buy 'em from me, I earn twice as much and you get books with no DRM and no license "agreements."


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one would think that after nine months of regular examinations, one would learn to become calm just before the exam, but no, i am stressed as hell before the final exam tomorrow, despite not failing a single one until now. a glass of wine should help :)

Never forget that we are all disposable work resources. Few of us are important enough to stay safe and warm. So, get your resume in shape and focus on your marketable skills to present yourself as human and valuable. BTW: you have been valuable before you got disposed

Tonight marks the long-awaited Grand Final of Eurovision.

40 countries brought together in song and conviviality; we wish all the participants the best of luck in this joyous event followed by millions of Europeans.

We'll be watching and cheering alongside you.


that exactly is the problem, the fact that putin thinks he can decide what other countries should or should not be doing. who the fuck does he think he is?

The European Commission continues its controversial efforts towards hindering privacy and data security on the Internet through obligatory surveillance of online communications.

You can learn more about how the proposed changes may affect you from these resources:

Here is the document. It is long but worth reading, because it describes the most sophisticated mass surveillance machinery ever deployed outside of China and the USSR. Not an exaggeration.

#surveillance #digital #money #eu


Plotter Postcard: Wavy Columns

Still playing around with 70s pulp smoke drawings, this time in a rectangle instead of a circle.

#plottertwitter #plotter #axidraw #creativecoding #generativeart

"How can I accomplish my goals as fast as possible at a high quality?"

I love the simplicity and now you can customize your feeds too

Spike.News - Simple news aggregator

One week ago I launched

Since then, 515 people registered and have been added to 1800+ topics!

Discovery is important, and while we strive to fill this void, our ultimate goal is to help standardize discovery across the fediverse.

Every project should have this directory!

A big thank you to all contributors and everybody else who is helping in making Nextcloud better, be it through code and app development, translations, or participating in our community forums! ✨

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