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David Ingram @ingram@mastodon.social

« O'Dwyer today: "We are cleaning up the system that Bill Shorten ignored"

O'Dwyer August 2016: "For the Labor Party to propose a royal commission into banks is reckless and ill-conceived." »

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« I'm old enough to remember when this was called professional development and companies paid for that as a employee benefit. But since corporations are dropping it, I guess it's good that colleges are picking it up. twitter.com/Liz_du_Plessis/sta »

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Oh dear. I hope @QPSmedia can find a pun for this one, since he's one of theirs t.co/L6uTqfSPwu

« You had one job! t.co/sufviOmPXO »

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« Boomers: "Millennials can't afford property because they waste all their money on frivolous things like food, entertainment, clothing and..."

Millennials: *ahem* t.co/R37F3obUNh »

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And this is why I don't publish in, review for or edit for-profit journals. t.co/SPQ7l9pKTg

« Nature and other Springer journals make all of their money from free labor provided by scientists, who write all the papers and do all of the peer review. And now they are cashing in: "Springer Nature aims to raise 1.2 billion euros in new money in IPO" reut.rs/2qqhp93 »

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Chinese companies soon discover they can operate without US parts. Only people penalised are the US manufacturers t.co/JNBAr7OwpD

« U.S. companies banned from selling components to ZTE tcrn.ch/2JLxnmd via @techcrunch »

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« Test and evaluation are crucial parts of the systems engineering process. “It’s important to realise this and stick to principles, make the right call, and make sure our problems don’t become the warfighter’s,” says one defence expert. bddy.me/2vqLhqG »

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« “Engineers are, by nature, practical people with skills honed for problem solving. As such, engineers have an enormous amount to contribute to public policy,” @ScienceMarchAu organiser @stukhan on why engineers should join the bddy.me/2INKTVn t.co/SjFQfAnx08 »

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« Reporter @sarahkliff is collecting emergency room bills as part of a year-long project focused on American health care prices.

Here's what she's found so far: bit.ly/2HbK0VO »

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« .@GC2018 men's wheelchair marathon champion @kurtfearnley has been announced as the Australian flagbearer for tonight's closing ceremony. Report on 7 News at 6pm. t.co/kF89Y6scAT »

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« Amazing thread. This needs to be signal-boosted, in light of so many people becoming unaware The Holocaust ever happened. twitter.com/stephenablack/stat »

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Hmm, temporary cell site might have something to do with good speeds. t.co/mYGoeuMQjS

4G speeds from @Optus are pretty decent on the Gold Coast. Shame I don't get these speeds in Brisbane t.co/l7LsKV79LY

Seems very strange to put on sunscreen at midnight, but that's what you do when starting a 12hr shift volunteering for the Commonwealth Games marathon. will be nice to see the sun rise.

Hmm, @JBHiFi taking liberty with ACL rights. CC @checkouttv t.co/JDFjcVBySJ

« Retweent this poster to go in the draw to wins a VIP double pass to ! t.co/k16ZZGxirA »

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Hey @auspost what season is it that can result in delays to delivery complaints? Did someone forget to turn off the Christmas excuse? t.co/iaPt5wSrHp

« A pre-dawn start for more than 230 SES and Rural Fire Service volunteers today as they set off to cover event safety at the road cycling time trial🚴🚴🏾‍♀️. Crews gathered at 4 locations for briefing and brekky before heading out. t.co/IrhrKkhIbS »

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« Yes, during the declining phase of the cycle like we're in now, are common because the has lots of well-formed coronal holes that send us fast wind. If a hole is on both the Earth-facing & backside of the Sun, we can get a storm every 2 weeks on average! twitter.com/apanalis/status/98 »

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Effect of the sun on HF radio propagation nicely shown by WSPR spots between Queensland and Victoria (1100km). t.co/W4568if49k