Time for another #retrocomputing show and tell!

I'm quite pleased to introduce you to the NEC MobilePro 900, a "handheld" PC powered by a XScale PXA255 processor and running Microsoft Windows for Handheld PC 2000 (build 9546-126)

(Photos taken on top of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 for size reference)

Sometimes outsourced maintenance isn't a good idea. Particularly when it comes to painting aircraft.

I think I'm gonna start the church of the sphinx of black quartz. They are a benevolent deity, if not omnipotent

Hmm, upgrading to a phone with better 4G means I'm going to have to watch my downloads. Optus is 25x faster than my fixed line internet.

Trump wants to kill the International Criminal Court to protect US war criminals from prosecution for Afghan crimes boingboing.net/2018/09/10/why-

Australian 'honey' company tries to suggest that NMR-based test method to detect honey adulteration is flawed and the "official" method (that doesn't find any fake honey) is much better. Guess they didn't count on the other method being used ... abc.net.au/news/2018-09-03/cap

Funny to see Chinese govt spokes-droids getting all bent out of shape when countries put limits on cut-price Huawei and ZTE infrastructure. Hmm, just how much US or Australian tech is in THEIR telco backbones?

"Young Russians posting memes face jail for 'extremism'"// good reason (amongst many) to never set foot in Russia. theguardian.com/world/2018/sep

Starfleet UX designers learned that if they didn't make some bridge consoles explode, captains would ignore damage until the shields failed.

I'm taking inspiration from @leolaporte . Stepping away from TW for my own sake. Will be posting news stories and interesting things solely to Mastodon to see how it goes (no cross posting). The bird site is just too toxic and looks to have no interest in fixing things up.

British band Chumbawamba have forced Clive Palmer (self promoting failed Australian mining magnate & politician) to take down a YouTube video that used their hit song Tubthumping, calling the political hopeful a “Donald Trump-lite egomaniac”.

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Peter Dutton accused of potentially misleading parliament over au pair visas. Looks to me as though the Australian immigration minister lied through his teeth when he said he didn't know the employers of the au pairs. One was a former cop that he worked with!


News Corpse can't cope with the idea that their right wing reporting might be held to account. Pressures the Press Council in Australia to sack Carla McGrath.


Sure, to resolve a billing problem send us all the information required for identity theft via social media. There really needs to be a better way of doing this. Challenge phrases? t.co/dfxDcA6dsi

« @willmesilane Hmm.. feel free to shoot through a DM with your account details so we can take a closer look into this and provide more clarification. We'll need your full name, date of birth and mobile number. Ev »

— Retweet twitter.com/Optus/status/10256

« @deniseshrivell Hi Denise - I have prepared detailed instructions for anyone wanting to do away with the inconvenience of democracy and remove an elected rep that they don't like. All MPs, state and federal, are vulnerable - why not have a free for all? t.co/sLGOD0Q9Qy »

— Retweet twitter.com/RandaltsRandal/sta

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