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David Ingram @ingram@mastodon.social

"The conman's revenge: How one man tricked Victorian judges into bankrupting his enemies" // Australian bankruptcy system is totally broken. Falsely claiming to have served writ is enough to get default judgement

« @NewtonMark Not many people do. I've been trying to get the word out for quite some time. A lot of people found out via a recent thread of mine. twitter.com/info_aus/status/10 »

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« looks like apple got access to a bunch of Australian business regos and just dumped them into maps without validation. Now everyone’s ‘retirement trusts’ (SMSFs) are showing up... t.co/2etZKaTYMA »

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« My Health Record Act was legislated in 2012 by the Gillard government, which might have something to do with the opposition's thundering silence on the current omnishambles. »

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« When it is lampooned by the cartoonists you know it's going mainstream. Just what ADHA didn't want. twitter.com/Latte_Leftie_/stat »

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« How my hoax paper about politicians' bum wiping habits exposed an unscrupulous publisher bit.ly/2LvIvUL »

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Had the best run back from Byron after Splendour. No stopping once on the M1 until home in Brisbane. Every light was green. Perks of driving at 2am😀

« Not sure what to do about - neither was I and I’m a doctor! After much deliberation I‘ve opted out - this is why kidocs.org/2018/07/why-i-am-op »

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« I guess the fact that data is retained for 30 years after you die is a bit of a clue that it's not really about better health outcomes for you.
No amount of well collated data is going to help you when you're dead. »

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« A young black father was listening to music in his own garage.

A white woman called the cops because the music was "too loud."

Cops showed up and killed him.

The jury awarded the family $4.

Yes, $4.

t.co/bSJbp2Azwy »

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« Ecuador will imminently withdraw asylum for Julian Assange and hand him over to the UK. What comes next? interc.pt/2JEWRjT by @ggreenwald »

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« Here is the New York Times report on the rallies across Australian cities that called for ending offshore prison camps. Aljazeera did a report as well, while many media in Australia did not cover it. google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.c »

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« New research shows that terrorist acts committed by Muslims get 357% more U.S. press coverage than, for example, right-wing extremism, which accounts for twice as many incidents. theguardian.com/us-news/2018/j »

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« @_A0K They then get a 'cheap baker'.

Coz regions nearly all just lumped together.

Instead, they should be saying, look no bakers in region, NEED to add to TAFE courses, and hey, youth unemployment high, so make that course on 457 list FREE! »

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« @InsidersABC @vanOnselenP Officially opted out of
Once thought it was a great idea, but contempt, loathing & mistrust of Turnbull Government & its incursion into personal privacy, leads me to have grave concerns it will abuse all public records volunteered to its captive agencies  »

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