I'm surprised that there isn't a whole-of-country bush fire alert map produced by the government. So I've made my own, using state and territory alert feeds, using R to collect the data and generate the map. So sad to see the country on fire.

In a good business partnership, both parties create more value for each other than either does alone. It's a sign of a bad one if one or both parties, perhaps unintentionally, treats the other as a resource to be consumed. The relationship starts on first contact. I've thought a few times this year that technical recruiters would do well to keep this in mind when cold contacting potential candidates.

I've been watching the development update posts on Twitter for this for a while, and finally got to play it on a real #Commodore64 this evening:


Great new little shooter game. Treat yourself to it.

#retrocomputing #C64

It's been a while since I've looked at NEM generation data. I had to update my generator list (whoa, the number of large solar farms is impressive) and incorporate the rooftop solar data from AEMO (only 2y available). Here's a comparison of March generator output for the last four years, broken down by region and scheduling type (scheduled, semi-scheduled and non-scheduled). Australia is mostly a coal-fired country (at least in the east coast), but it is slowly changing.

After Kaspersky discovered 22 mostly critical security vulnerabilities in UltraVNC software, we looked at uvnc's website–there is no security:


– one file contained secrets, there is no HTTPS/no modern security headers, the CMS is likely totally outdated
– their forum comes with the same "security" properties
– they only removed the secrets in one file so far; no further reply

#ultravnc #vnc #security #infosec #cybersecurity #remoteaccess #joomla #phpbb #webserver

Earthquake damage in Christchurch NZ from 2010 & 2011 quakes 

I think that it is poor form for the ACMA (Australia comms regulator) to refer people to a Wayback Machine archive of its old content rather than maintaining its own info.

Hard to go past the Onion Soup and Reduced Cream dip. Its simplicity itself. For some reason it isn't popular in Oz, but it's a Kiwi staple. I don't know anyone that actually makes soup with the packet mix.

Someone in the IT department at AMP (naughty Australian bank) has a sense of humour.

This shows what planning and preparation can achieve. Very rapid response to earthquake damage in Alaska. theverge.com/2018/12/8/1812898

With little debate and the support of the main opposition party, Australia has passed a law that will subvert Internet security and demolish user trust. What happens now? eff.org/deeplinks/2018/12/new-

Tumblr’s adult content ban, FOSTA, Australia’s crypto backdoor law (and site blocking) and the EU Copyright Directive appears to be the same story:

Those who seek to control and punish are consolidating their power and systematically blocking off escape routes.

Russia up to its old tricks at NATO press conference about Russian aggression in Sea of Azov. Trying to equate French protests to its actions. SecGen doesn't accept their BS question and burns them

Sanding is dirty work, but quite satisfying. Have opted for a dust mask today.

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