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This is the start of our sequence of Paris bridges in 360.
We already did Bir Hakiem, this week is Passerelle Debilly which is a pedestrian bridge not far from the Eiffel Tower. I left the sound in this video because robbie passes a saxophonist so you can hear that.

I post new 360 videos every Wednesday.
If you want to support more 360 tourism or the things I do I have a patreon:

And ooktech's site is

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I can't find my old , so have a new one.

I am half of OokTech, a small engineering company that tries to focus on contributing to the commons via open source hardware and software, we also try to focus on accessibility. We make 360 videos using our robot Robbie Roybut, mainly in Paris because I live here and are hoping to use it as an accessibly aid in the future.
I also make stuff.

I have a patreon:
And ooktech's site is

I am visiting the US for a bit. It feels weird.

Instead of "ladies and gentlemen," try: Show more

also when javert jumped up on the guy who came to pick her up he just laughed and pet her. So that is a good sign.

Mis doggins is headed off to the boarding place. She will be able to play with other dogs a bit and have her own space where she can go inside or outside and get walked.

So I should just calm the fuck down and stop worrying.

A name for a future projects is going to be PuppySnek

The boarding people didn't write picking Javert up in their calendar so no one knew about it. They just sent someone but it is going to be about an hour and we already packed up Javert's food and water dish so she is suspicious.

The people who are boarding Javert while we are in the US are half an hour late and I am trying to not be nervous about this whole thing or Javert will be nervous and argh.

Alt text isn't showing up when I hover over images in cw'd posts.

Is this new? I can see how it would be good to not have it display when the images are hidden, but I can't figure out how to see it at all.

I maded an gif in krita Show more

I maded an gif in krita Show more

to be fair, this is almost certainly something I am doing wrong, not the fault of anything in krita.

argh, krita exports a sequence of frames just fine, but the gif it makes doesn't remove old frames, it just stacks them up without removing old stuff.

The gifs I am exporting in Krita aren't removing old frames, they just add the new frame on top.

Argh. Also the osx interface problems are annoying.

And I guess also scaling 8x8 pixel art up to a size that is viewable.

Ok, now I need to figure out how to export an animation in krita.

Steven Universe Show more

Just sharing this glorious webcomic because it's about 75 times better than how I had remembered it.

Also, a reminder: Wolverine is ridiculous.

Steen Universe Show more