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inmysocks Of Doom, Naked KSC

Machine learning shows the bias of the people creating it.

Which makes this another 'what else did you expect?' type headline.


BREAKING: Local Rat Man gets jealous of Rat Baby; Realizes Own Mistake Too Late

#gw2 #comic #mastoart

So apparently China decided to totally ban West' garbage (our garbage) importation since the 1st of January and now it's a total mess and we don't know what to do with it anymore (and we haven't planned anything yet, most of our countries didn't even have a plan for that apparently).

I live!

The internet died yesterday right after I got home, it was tragic.

the 360 player works fine on my desktop but not on the laptop. It may be a power thing. Or it may be that osx is terrible.

Or both.

I am still baffled that we live in the future the way we do.

When I was wee and learning about coding it took me a week to make a simple wireframe cube rotate on the screen and that didn't have any interactive part.

And now we can do stuff like this in real time in the browser (it isn't working on safari, but firefox works for me)

I have some slight downtime, it looks like the smallest useful thing for me to do is find a way to play local 360 video files. Which may require me to make a 360 video player.

This may be a pretty simple task because we live in the future.

Wired is suggesting that Amazon Echo Spot is a good thing to use as a sex toy, alternately some voyeurs working at amazon are paying wired to help get more recordings of people fucking. I am not sure how else to interpret this headline:

Ideal for the bedroom, Amazon's Echo Spot is coming to the UK

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Data visualisation is difficult, we know this.


we have been doing data vis stuff for many years, basic stuff like this is well understood. You don't pretend you are doing a bar chart and then have both bars the same length because you list the numbers next to it.

I am not sure how MSNBC can do this badly on something so common.

CW - US Pol and President

The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out almost 10 years ago.


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I am working on putting the electronics on the hardware that actually moves the film. It all works but it is back to looking like a mess.

I am in a position where the most useful thing may be popsicle sticks.

The electronics for the film transfer thing are cleaned up a lot now. Here is what they currently look like.

Most things are stacked up and glued in place on top of the redboard now. It is much easier to carry around.

Gaff tape isn't conductive. This is a very important property for the work that I do.

Like 90% of what I put together works because gaff tape and hot glue aren't conductive.


> So this kind of thing [Intel Management Engine] requires both good intentions and perfect technical execution.

> Alas, Intel has neither.