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inmysocks Of Doom, Naked KSC

Well, I was able to use Dodo to send a message from one computer to another without a server and without knowing the ip address or anything else about the two computers. So progress!

Hopefully things can start moving much faster now. But it is bed time so that is a task for future inmysocks. I hear future inmysocks is cool and has their shit together.

I just transferred the ownership of Dodo to , I am going to try spending today writing documentation so we can actually start making progress on it.

And so that people can figure out what it is.

Coucou Mastodon !
Si tu souhaites voir ou revoir ma conférence "Internet et ses travers", tu la trouveras ici

Tu y trouveras également les slides, la bibliographie et l'erratum.

Un grand merci à @capslock pour la captation et le montage, à @FAImaison et @exodus pour l'organisation, à @lunar pour ses précieux conseils et merci à toutes les personnes qui l'ont rendue possible 💗

The robots are for a demo of one of the things we made, but they will have wireless transceivers so I am going to make my mobile mesh network using them.

We are finally buying the stuff to make a swarm of tiny robots. This has been one of my goals since I was in college.


Ever since I pointed out to josh the difference between 'dampen' (to make something wet) and 'damp' (to reduce the magnitude of something) he still uses the wrong one, but then says something like 'it isn't a well known fact, but ultrasonic sound is very hydrophilic'.

So close enough.

It turns out that I am still not very good with colour using the tablet. This is weird, drawing using the tablet is very different from drawing with a pen or drawing with a mouse.

It is going to take me a long time to get used to the pressure things on this tablet.

This is the sort of High Art(TM) that I create when trying to learn to use this old wacom tablet I have to play with. Maybe I will get better and someday you will see something that isn't just a doodle.

Made using Krita so ? For some definition of 'art'

Today I have at least cleaned the apartment a bit. And written a readme for MechaPipi

It seems like I should have done more. I guess there was the test in my french phonetics class, but that doesn't seem like it matters.

He has no chance. He is far outnumbered and won't see the ambush until it's too late.
What will happen to him?

Boy, are you a glamazon? Because you are a glamorous woman.

One problem with synergy is that I keep trying to use linux keyboard shortcuts on the mac laptop because I am using the keyboard connected to my desktop.

A lot of this stuff is unconscious and based on the keyboard I am using. I hadn't noticed that before.

Steven universe (again) Show more

I actually added a readme to the MechaPipi repo. So if you want to see what I was playing with yesterday or want to contribute here is the repo:

If people are interested in it I will make it an project.

And of course now I am running into things that I want for MechaPipi that overlap with things I need for Dodo.

I have discovered one thing about synergy that really bugs me.

If the server computer moves the cursor off the screen of one of the client computers, the cursor on the client computer turns invisible. This means that I can't see the mouse if I am using the touchpad on my laptop in many cases.

For one thing I want to be able to use either computer to control the other one. I don't want a simple client-server thing like synergy uses.

I can see how to make what I want as soon as I figure out how to make a computer ignore inputs. I may have to move to using Qt or something. I am just using node because it is convenient for right now.