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inmysocks Of Doom, Naked KSC

Possibly the biggest reason that I made this multiuser thing for tiddlywiki is a guy was trying to make something that does part of what my thing does and he was a dick to me, so I decided to make something that was better than what he kept showing off.

I may be an asshole.

hello my name is diana and i make bad software 👋 #introductions

i like to work with p2p tech like dat and ipfs and stellar, and distributed databases like couchdb. i really like mesh networks but i haven't had the chance to work on one -- yet!

i believe there is enough for everyone. scarcity is a fiction and poverty is inflicted. we can be a better world for each other. we can be the change ✊ ❤

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"EA has taught an AI to play Battlefield multiplayer"

congratulations EA, you've been beaten by only 21 years

And when I ask about the objections to the things I made the responses so far have been 'Oh, that objection doesn't actually apply to your thing. But it does to the alternatives.' So continue the confusion.

And now it is linux that is giving me trouble. I can't make something sitting on a fat32 thumb drive executable on linux.

I really hope I am just frustrated and overlooking something simple.

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The way that bug reports work:
You use software and you run into a bug, you report that bug. Then the bug can be fixed by the dev team.

The way bug reports don't work:
You use software and you run into a bug. You do nothing to alert anyone about it. The bug fairies magically know about your problems and the bug turns into cookies.


And this is from someone who is aware of what I made, or should be considering they commented on it before.

Did I somehow offend everyone there without knowing it and now I am being shunned or something? Or am I really that bad at communicating?

I am completely fucking lost. I made a thing for tiddlywiki that makes it a multi-user thing, and then I set that up so that you have a single executable that you can run that does everything for you without any installation. It works well.

I announced this on the group used by tiddlywiki people.

And the next fucking post is asking what steps need to be taken to make something exactly like what I made, and offer up other alternatives that don't work as well as what I made as starting points.

I should get on my bike and ride to the studio and work there for a bit.

But I don't wanna.

This weeks video is a 360 robot's eye view of the Eiffel Tower while driving along the Seine between Bir Hakeim and Trocadero.

You can support OokTech on patreon here:

Rather than trying to explain how shell scripts work to someone I just made an interface to avoid it all together.

While this is useful for me and other people, in the context it feels a lot like rewarding bad behaviour. (In this context the bad behaviour is not RTFMing and expecting free engineering work)


Characters, yay! My friend, who is a better people-drawer-er than I, is helping me out with some character portraits for the dialogue boxes. Huzzah!

I think that I am probably going into a bit of a manic state. It is really hard to only say things one time.

This is going to be interesting. And I shouldn't try using the power tools so finishing the film transfer hardware is delayed for a bit.

I made a group of repos in ElenQ-s repository for notes, exercises and examples. I'm reusing the content I use for my students.

At the moment the examples part has comments in Spanish but I may translate them to English too and organize a course here if you want to take part.


You can encourage that open-knowledge behavior you can donate something here:

or here:

Please recommend to me more people to follow who talk about music and old technology and vintage scifi and maybe text adventure games?

#followfriday #ff

It's hard to find new people on a small instance, so boosts and replies are welcome and encouraged.