Please take fifteen minutes today and make sure you have a proper backup/emergency kit for your password manager!

If you can, place it offsite.

You’ll thank me later.

so today I lost my keyboard and phone.

just perfect.
i know it's 13th but it's just ridiculous

okay, so I'm ordering Roccat Skeltr, a bigger brother for my Roccat Kiro mouse.

I just accidentally killed my only keyboard with a tea 😭

okay, I'm finally going to watch Channel Zero series. First I need to finish Slasher S2, but I guess I'll just to that tonight, 'cause I can't wait

also there is a lot of new series and movies on Netlifx β™₯ yay!

long time no see

* yeah, I lost my pinned tabs somehow, so I forgot about this place


American Animals - true based story about a heist organised by guys in their 20s.

Perfect Evan Peters in the leading role.

And basically: wow. Documentarly-like style, when half of the movie is a regular drama and the other half is a super intense thriller.

Wow, just wow.

so, Ghoul on Netflix is so so so so so good.

far from cliche and I really love it. I even enjoy that there is an open ending for Season 2.

also the format is great - 3x45 minutes

if you love horror and don't mind the non-English, then go check. it's not really THAT scary and can be good for anyone who enjoys thrillers as well.

when my coworker accidentally sees my monitor screen

now the new neighbors wanna call the cops on me because I'm using a weird combination of black magic and illegal science to resurrect the dead. well if you didn't want to deal with city life maybe you should have stayed in the suburbs JEFF

I think the 2016's tv documentary Darknet should a must-watch before entering the internet :x

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