I went with tumblr and in super happy about how it looks, yay!

20,658 new accounts on mastodon.social in the last week.

A normal week is ~1K new accounts (according to @Gargron)

So almost 1/2 a year’s growth in a week.

Y’all need to get on joinmastodon.org/sponsors and sponsor this site today.

(Stats via @usercount)

Today should be personal-project's productive. I want to start the big redesign / rebranding of my blog and start another blog for my Twitter's alter-ego πŸ˜‚

Should be fun.
Still can't decide where should I start. WordPress? Blogspot? Tumblr? I need longforms and I don't want a domain.

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I closed one project and I'm about to close another one today.


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600 followers. nice number. sadly most of the accounts are abandoned πŸ˜”

you might be away for a while, but you come back and it just feels like home.

feelings β™₯

that weird moment, when I have to pretend that I use the other mastodon account.

Do you think that 5 days before the event is too short time to organise yourself into being a media partner of smth?

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☺ it's almost midnight and I still have to get back to work, but the gravity of my kid's bed is too strong

:thounking: πŸ’€
I think it might be a problem.

it was a bad day, but it's good to be back.

goodnight tooters.

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