I have a co-coder. and he is a fucking nightmare.

like, he just deleted my animations with no reason. or changed font weights to blame me for doing this.

I started loving git (tho I can't still use all the features and I just manually checked all the commits, looking for the specific deleted class).

anyone using a paper calendar? any recommendations? it's already December and I still didn't pick anything

Horrors update:

Season 2: (for me) way better than S1. More intense plot, more blood (welp, not gore yet, so it's fine). It's creepy and that's okay. And what's still a little bit unexpected in the horror genre: characters are logical.

I'm looking for Dell Optiplex (core 2 duo or core 2 quad). If you have one lying around and live in EU (preferably IE, UK) and want to get rid of it - DM me πŸ˜„ #boost

if you do play Metro 2033, try playing it with Russian audio + subtitles for maximum immersion

#gameing | #gaming

what about Lore? Have any of you seen that one?

It's on my soon(tm) list, but it's Amazon, so I keep forgetting :/

So, I've finally watched first season of Channel Zero. And I don't know what to think. It was good, but only mildly good. So far from being "the best horror series" that I'm actually disappointed.

But I'll watch all the other seasons, maybe it'll get better.

Please take fifteen minutes today and make sure you have a proper backup/emergency kit for your password manager!

If you can, place it offsite.

You’ll thank me later.

so today I lost my keyboard and phone.

just perfect.
i know it's 13th but it's just ridiculous

okay, so I'm ordering Roccat Skeltr, a bigger brother for my Roccat Kiro mouse.

I just accidentally killed my only keyboard with a tea 😭

okay, I'm finally going to watch Channel Zero series. First I need to finish Slasher S2, but I guess I'll just to that tonight, 'cause I can't wait

also there is a lot of new series and movies on Netlifx β™₯ yay!

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