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Stormy Daniels' agency • Excellent editorial about how the President's sex worker is playing her hand very smart, exploiting Trump's own shtick theweek.com/articles/760471/st #linkblog


Once upon a time in our hackerspace on Pi Day.

RT @hotterpop@twitter.com: Just asked Google now "how old is Stephen Hawking?"

"Stephen Hawking died tomorrow at age 76"

Anyway, timezones are hard

Two-color brioche is 50% , and 50% scratching your head over how to fix the most recent mistake.

Achievement unlocked: while walking.

Weekend hack: Creating a retrofuture internet terminal by replacing the Motorola MDT-9100's i386SX with a BeagleBone Black and Teensy: trmm.net/MDT9100

Hey Mastodon, here is a quote that I needed and maybe you did too:

"WRITE IT BADLY. Write it badly, write it badly, write it badly, write it badly. Stop what you’re doing, open a Word document, put a pencil on some paper, just get the idea out of your head. Let it be good later. Write it down now. Otherwise it will die in there."

— Brandon Sanderson on overcoming writer’s block to create a first draft as a professional author

#writersofmastodon #writing

21st Century City on Twitter

“If you wouldn't build your house like this,
why would you build your city this way?”

RT @BarstoolNate@twitter.com: Never forget how funny the transcripts from Martin Shkreli's jury selection were

How to spot a Minnesotan on the subway.

I love that Brooklyn has a medieval sports district. There's fencing, and archery, and axe throwing (attached to a bar, of course). And let's not forget CrossFit and rock climbing. I think shuffleboard is over there, too.

my roommate: "if you have a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room, you can transmit water wirelessly"

Early after the commencement of the war New Mexico and the Californias were taken possession of by our forces.