Remember, anyone at #36c3 who's having problems with being overwhelemed, you can always dip out and see "Cats" to remind you it can always get much, much weirder.

Migrating now! Signing off from this account. You can now find me here instead: @holly

If you love working on the command-line as much as I do, you may like what I have been working on recently!

Meet glow - a stylish viewer for your shell:

Finally migrating to a smaller instance πŸ₯³. I'm going to do the migration tomorrow, but if you know your instance doesn't implement automatic follower migration you can do it diy style by following me here: @holly

oh wow I'm a mega dork, if you want to see people in your home timeline it helps to actually follow people 🀦

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Tried @tootleapp but it just hangs at the instance loading screen so it's a non-starter. I'm all out of iOS apps. πŸ™

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@JPEG Looks like Mast also doesn't handle having a different webdomain & local domain for an instance. Same behavior, I only see my own posts in my timeline. That's two iOS apps down. What else is there? Amaroq I guess, but last time I used it it lacked a lot of features.

Ok, I’m really liking @tootapp except for one thing.. in my new instance I only see my own posts in my β€œhome” timeline. Maybe because our web domain and local domain are different? ( versus It’s working for my partner in tusky so it’s doable.

Trying out @tootapp and trying to figure out how to view pinned hashtags. I can pin a hashtag in the app, .. but then where do go to view them again later?

Perpetually late to the party, as per usual, I just discovered you can do block comments in python.

what what?! I know both people doing the closing ceremony at this year. I'm finally going to have to look into what they offer for translations because, shamefully, I've never been to a German talk.

omg just skip to the interview 🀣 Don't worry there aren't any spoilers. (It's an interview with Werner Herzog about his appearance in The Mandalorian)

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