Just ripped my Enchanted Mesa sweater back to the yoke for the third time. This is what happens when you try to make a fitted sweater from a Picasso-shaped pattern. Luckily, I love with the Malabrigo I'm using for it. ravelry.com/patterns/library/e

So looks like Wired is doing this YouTube series called Technique Critique where they grab an expert and have them critique how almost invariably inaccurate a certain skill is portrayed on film, like criminal forensics or computer hacking.

No chance in hell they'll do an episode about #knitting or #fibrearts in movies or TV, is there?

omg our banking system is so insecure. Just tried to verify a credit card for apple pay. They tried asking about my drivers license number, but of course they had the wrong number because the credit rating agencies they get the info from are unaccountable incompetent bs companies (who get hacked and expose your data so I don't ever try to correct that stuff), so then they asked my height and that's how they verified my identity. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

major cities competing against each other for companies by offering decades of tax breaks seems like something that would lead to poor infrastructure, declining healthcare, and homelessness. oh, wait. right. it did.

Bigger pull down screen at the hackerspace means bigger Hackers

Armistice Day was meant to commemorate the millions of victims throughout WWI, and to mourn the needless loss of life and horror that war causes. But America, being a country built on war, transformed it into Veterans Day.

Veterans Day celebrates those who wage war as heroes, glorifying them and encouraging people to make martyrs of themselves. it presents dying on the battlefield as a noble and necessary thing.

Armistice Day celebrated peace.

Veterans Day celebrates war.

imagine doing science because you want to propel humanity into it's next stage of development and not because you want to make 100 million dollars instead of 80 million dollars next quarter

I'm am totally in love with the sweaters that Charlotte Ritter on Babylon Berlin wears. And they're clearly hand knits (or knit-able) based on the bigness of the stitches. But there are no patterns on ravelry, and even internet searches turn up empty πŸ˜•

People voting in NY tomorrow: did you know there are three ballot initiatives on the ballot? I didn't. Here's a nice write-up about them: medium.com/@memosalazar/its-20

When you haven't quite figured out string-related types in c++

turns out the gender rules are fake and you can do anything at all that makes you feel happy

Ugh, I just spent the whole afternoon down a search vortex look for something that will let me sent MQTT between an iOS device and a pi that also provides an interface that Siri Shortcuts can hook into. MQTTool is nice, but there's no way to use it with shortcuts. Blynk has a nice interface, but doesn't do MQTT as far as I can tell. Same with Scriptable and Pythonista .. I can't find MQTT support. There must be something out there?

If you have not yet requested a ballot because you just moved overseas or you've been busy or any reason (I don't judge), it's not too late! votefromabroad.org/

If you expected to receive a ballot and it never arrived, it's not too late! fvap.gov/uploads/FVAP/Forms/fw

I set up my home automation system to wake me up at 7am but I didn't realize that raspberry pis are set to UTC by default so at 3am the bedroom was suddenly flooded with OMG WAKE UP NOW lights. πŸ˜–

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