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🍵Holly🗽 @intherain@mastodon.social

Noooooooo! Why would anyone do this UI???

I highly recommend sw's not to use Whatsapp despite it's marketed encryption. Whatsapp and Insta are owned by and share data with Facebook. You cannot opt out of this atm. An alternative is Signal. Guess who was added to an Arabic group chat on WA and then got these ads on Insta.

I am not very good at drawing. I want to get better. So of course the answer is practice.

But it's just so easy to see the day go by and find there was no time for it!

"Rob's in the garden doing some sort of craft work with the kids."


Portland's cycle hire station wanted me to type in my gender!

First attempt at altering a pattern. I want to put a watch window into the left hand version of this arm warmer so when I wear it I can still see my watch while keeping the heart rate sensor in contact with my arm.

I've found that the best way to introduce people to mastodon is to immediately suggest them a server.

Even if it's an invite only server, you can message the admins that you have someone in mind for ther server and would like an invite link to send to them.

It helps a lot. This is how you'll get friends and family on here.

omg omg it's time to watch the NEW episode of 🚀 🛰 THE EXPANSE 🍿 ✨

A Girl Scout troop of homeless girls in NYC is selling cookies for the first time, and you can buy them here: digitalcookie.girlscouts.org/s

᭪ᬔ᭄ᬍ᭪ᬢ᭪ᬍᬔ᭄᭪ᬍ᭄᭪᭄ᬍᬍ᭪᭄ᬍ᭄᭪ᬔᬔᬔ᭄᭪᭄᭪ ᬔ᭪ᬔᬔᬍ᭄᭄᭪ᬍ᭪᭪ᬍᬢ᭄᭄ᬢ᭄ᬢᬔᬍ᭄ᬢᬍᬢᬢᬍᬢᬔᬍᬢᬢᬍᬔ᭪ᬍᬢᬢ᭄ᬍᬢᬔᬍ᭄᭄ᬍᬍᬔ ᭪ᬔᬍᬢ᭄᭪᭪ᬍᬢᬢ᭄ᬢ᭪ᬍᬢ᭄ᬢᬍ᭄᭪ᬢ᭪ᬔᬔ᭪ᬍᬔᬍ᭄ ᭄᭪᭪ᬢᬢᬢᬢᬢᬢ᭪᭪᭪ᬍ᭄ᬢᬢᬔᬔᬔᬢᬢ᭄᭪᭄ᬢᬔᬢᬢᬔᬔ᭄ᬢ

Bright sunny and cheery at NYC Resistor this morning

Purgatory must be Windows Update failing over and over again

I got my first shrimp squat on Sunday 🎉 And today I did 3 sets of 2 per leg (plus 3 sets of 2 pistols per leg) 😃 My only ability was that I could just keep squatting all day. I'm excited to be actually turning that into some squat-based skills now with

The Dutch Jon Stewart, Arjen Lubach, set up a Facebook event for tomorrow night where everyone will delete their account. He's also deleting his own and his show's.

I wish I could join the party, but I deleted my account last month. If you're still on the fence, maybe he'll convince you: facebook.com/zondagmetlubach/v

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(Note for 🇺🇸: 8pm Dutch time is 2pm EDT)