I don't favor the idea of autocollapsing mastodon toots.

Average word length in English is 5.1 characters, plus one space or punctuation is 6.1.

500/6.1=82 words, the maximum length of a mastodon post.

What we need in Mastodon is longer posts, not shorter ones.

Online comments to the New York Times are 1500 characters, can we at least please have that?

It is very difficult to say anything substantive or interesting or well-documented in 82 words.

#GetOnOurLawn Demonstrate to new people the culture of caring that we have. Seeing folks being cared for and caring for each other, seeing people express vulnerability and being shown understanding and compassion, seeing people ask for help and receive it… these things had a significant impact on me when I joined and really set the tone for my interacting with others here.

Dudes claiming to be the intellectual and technical elite claim that social problems such as content moderation are hard.

Problems that so many old institutions have solved. That so many organizations have put forward strategies for.

Why the heck am I still on twitter? Why am I helping this jerk make money? I've left facebook fairly painlessly, but .. I value the interactions I have on Twitter -- and I want to keep having those interactions. But it means I keep helping a horrible person make money. ☹️

Video: Sheep cross a major bridge during rush hour in The Netherlands, cause on the other side of the river the grass is to dry to eat.

#drought #netherlands #sheep #traffic

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I am so tired of having to train autonomous cars to recognize street signs in order to do the most basic things on the internet.

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Queer eye except it's five representatives of the humanities telling Silicon Valley tech giants about how society works, and which of their ideas have already been invented.

Utrecht is restoring the beautiful Catharijnesingel canal that had been filled in during the 1970s to make an unsightly highway. Photos from bouwpututrecht.nl/metamorfose-

Hannah Gadsby's comedy show "Nanette" is at times not funny at all, but the powerful message is really important, and her performance absolutely brilliant.


@intherain You have to go on one the domain user’s profile, then in the hamburger menu, it is the last choice "Hide everything from xxx”.

(I had to ask about it too when I needed it, because it is indeed not easy to find.)

Thanks to the special needs vehicles and the superb cycling infrastructure network in the Netherlands they use the tricycles for transport, fitness, therapy and recreation just like anyone else.


So, it looks like if I could block or hide a domain I could get rid of most/all of the hashtag spam I'm seeing.

There's a selection to "Show hidden domains", but I can't find anything in the UI that lets me actually hide a domain. I looked through the user guide, and there's nothing there either. I found a blog post saying it's possible, but with no instructions on how to do it. What am I missing?

Trying to follow the hashtag is making me wish there were some better customizing features for mastodon. I have no problem with sex work, but I'm not the target market and every other post is a sex work ad. It would be cool if we could filter that sort of thing because I'm wearing out the mute button.

Being able to filter all posts with more than N hashtags to hide all the hashtag spam could help, but would also hide intro posts, which I like. So 🀷 @Gargron

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