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live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv298 I'm watching the Mastodon Conference 3 which is being held in Japan. @Gargron will also speak.

450+ test cases help me a lot to refactor packages largely. `gorename` and `gomvpkg` also helped the migration.


getelementptr LLVM IR instruction is ALWAYS confusing and I need to rush in a language reference manual.

I'm proceeding some ML language features for my compiler


I learned how to implement data structures with amortized-ordered operations.

1. Make invariant(s) to make operations amortized order (e.g. O(1) enque for Queue)
2. Prove it
3. Implement it not to break the invariant

I implemented lazy evaluation in Rust. I learned a lot about lazy evaluation and Deref coercion and RefCell.

I implemented an immutable Red-Black Tree in Rust. It was not so fun comparing with implementing binomial heap...


I feel Babel&webpack would be a kind of jQuery in next era

When benchmark reveals that the owned type value causes bottleneck, I think then it's time to use lifetime restriction to gain more CPU/memory efficiency. I need to know how to take a benchmarking on Rust easily.

Writing restriction of lifetime ('a or something) makes program so complicated. I think I should avoid it as much as possible, preferring to owned types (String v.s. &str).

All I need to do is to fix the ownership errors by using references or `.clone()` properly.

Writing in Rust is a bit more difficult than writing in SML because I need to consider ownership. However, compiler can detect kind of errors related to ownership statically.

I've started to read Purely Functional Data Structures and trying to write them in Rust.


Rust compiler is much cleverer than me...

I published Mstdn.app v0.2.5. 😂


- Context menu support (thank you @algernon)
- Use external browser also in Windows and Linux to open external pages
- Pawoo support
- Bug fixes

enjoying reading minified JavaScript code with DevTools. DevTools' debugger and formatter are so powerful 💪

TIL 'LAN party' from US member in team. It's not so common in Japan