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rhysd @inudog

enjoying reading minified JavaScript code with DevTools. DevTools' debugger and formatter are so powerful πŸ’ͺ

TIL 'LAN party' from US member in team. It's not so common in Japan


LL(k) is better since it can look ahead over newline tokens. Should I replace goyacc with ANTLR?

Is there any language which uses ANTLR and Go for its parser?

I released Mstdn app v0.2.2.

Single user page support landed and I fixed a bug getting window gradually bigger on Windows.


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An Electron-based desktop app for Mastodon that lets you use multiple accounts github.com/rhysd/Mstdn

Mastodon is compatible with GNU social. I followed RMS, who is God of Freeβ„’ Software.

@algernon πŸ‘ πŸ‘ Thank you for reporting issue and sending a pull request! They're so helpful

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@inudog Many thanks for the app! Works like a charm on Linux too. (In fact, it is now my primary way to toot, yay!)

My desktop app for Mastodon now gains mult-account support.


@pnathan yeah... If newline has some semantics, I need to specify where newline is allowed or not. However, LALR(1) can look ahead only one token. So the rule which consumes newlines easily causes shift/reduce conflicts. (I'm sorry for unclear explanation)

TIL: LALR(1) parser doesn't work so well along with a grammer where newlines have semantics

Reasons why Rust does not introduce SSO/SVO: Show more

So interesting: How to process text in Xi editor explained by the author.

Xi editor has its text with rope data structure and process it with MapReduce way. It makes many text processing generic. And it enables parallel processing. In some cases, O(n) process can be reduced into O(log(n)), sounds great.


Documentation for Rope (tree data structure for strings). Interesting. I'll read it tomorrow.