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I did pixel art of my Deva Invoker character in the D&D game my friend is running mastodon.social/media/QiTNLXkz

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It's been a while since I last did my #introductions, so here's a fresh one.

I'm Caelyn! I'm a pro narrative designer for a small multiplayer intfic company and also a solo indie dev and experimental author. My work is playable for free: inurashii.xyz

I'm an official mediator for the awoo.space instance, but I'm also @inurashii on the flagship instance and @inurashii at witches.town

I'm a queer poly trans bisexual chimera furry and I want you to be happy.

like, I'm super super queer and I love it <3

If you like to read and are a fan of urban fantasy and horror, maybe try out the game I've been working on for the past few months? My team and I worked real hard on it.


I've been stuck in crunch hell for weeks.

hey gang. It's been kinda wild but I'm here.

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