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C'n'u Social @inurashii@mastodon.social

I'm gonna livestream some to celebrate my new contract with @FreeholdGames. Come join me! twitch.tv/inurashii mastodon.social/media/Bg7ZFqBh

Several years ago, I came up with my own race of mutant creatures in what quickly became my favorite roguelike, then my favorite game.

Now? I'm writing those creatures into canon. The Hindren are gonna be in and I'm going to be putting them there and getting paid for it :D :D

Chillstream on hold until my gf's workplace stops making them work late in the office I'd be using :sweat_smile:

the chillstream is over for tonight, but I'm gonna do another one soon!

Come listen to some relaxing beats while I purr kindnesses at you and succumb repeatedly to the wasteland. It's the return of the chillstream. Tonight, 19:00 EDT, at twitch.tv/inurashii mastodon.social/media/KHsD7MLN

For what it's worth, I'm way more active on my awoo.space account, @inurashii , but I do toot to this account sometimes

Whoa new people showin' up huh

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I did pixel art of my Deva Invoker character in the D&D game my friend is running mastodon.social/media/QiTNLXkz

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It's been a while since I last did my #introductions, so here's a fresh one.

I'm Caelyn! I'm a pro narrative designer for a small multiplayer intfic company and also a solo indie dev and experimental author. My work is playable for free: inurashii.xyz

I'm an official mediator for the awoo.space instance, but I'm also @inurashii on the flagship instance and @inurashii at witches.town

I'm a queer poly trans bisexual chimera furry and I want you to be happy.

like, I'm super super queer and I love it <3