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along with using the CW function and picture descriptions,

capitalizing each word in a hashtag is good for accessibility so screen readers won’t try to pronounce it as a whole word.

so please utilize all of these to make the fediverse more accessible for others!

Both of my parents are half gay so I inherited it and I'm half gay too

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Cherish gentle and sweet and thoughtful boys, for they are good

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Hello and welcome to Gryphon's Amoeba Corner, I'm the gryphon and this is a giant amoeba, a delightful single-celled organism bred by rogue alchemists that blends pet and horror alike

for real though follow @inurashii and you'll get such superb content as this:

dang I got a lot of follows over here. Should I actually use this account? I guess m.s does federate with a lot more instances than awoo

yo what's goin on at this instance. I usually just log on to @inurashii over at awoo.space but like I do still have this account and I like to check in sometimes

Your life is happening right now.

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I'm glad that Mastodon is getting more mainstream attention as an alternative for folks fleeing the abusive culture of Twitter, but it's frustrating that anti-abuse instances are left out of JoinMastodon BECAUSE of the policies they implement to keep out abusers. (Moderated sign-ups.) You programmed it in; instances use it, & then you penalize them for doing it by making them hard to find, while including actually abusive instances on JoinMastodon AND still getting credit for being anti-abuse.

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The hidden ancestral home of the deertaurs known as hindren: Bey Lah. #CavesOfQud #gamedev

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Hi there lovely mastodonians! I'm Caelyn Sandel and this is the latest of my many #introductions.

I am a queer, bisexual, transgender, mildly furry writer, indie dev, and den mother. I'm a mediator here on awoo.space, but I'm a bit derelict in that role.

I'm currently running generation4.net and I've been hired as a designer for Caves of Qud, but my solo work can be found at inurashii.xyz

awoo.space/media/7LI_LCwFs6-HA awoo.space/media/ufa2ddUe2a08P awoo.space/media/WA6LrKJoE1OxI

Hey y'all, I technically have this account but I don't tend to use it. Check me out on awoo.space: @inurashii
Francophones peuves me trouver à @inurashii

oh geez I should update my profile now that I'm no longer a staff writer for EOGames and I'm contracting for Freehold

I'm gonna livestream some to celebrate my new contract with @FreeholdGames. Come join me! twitch.tv/inurashii mastodon.social/media/Bg7ZFqBh

Several years ago, I came up with my own race of mutant creatures in what quickly became my favorite roguelike, then my favorite game.

Now? I'm writing those creatures into canon. The Hindren are gonna be in and I'm going to be putting them there and getting paid for it :D :D

Chillstream on hold until my gf's workplace stops making them work late in the office I'd be using :sweat_smile: