All this... ALL THIS... to support some weirdo ex-voice actor guy.

Or to give him an excuse to be a misogynistic weird dude.

Or both. It could absolutely be both.

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By comparison, HIDIVE was front and center, giving out free merch to paying subscribers (I got some nice Princess Principal posters). Still, when the biggest industry booth is Japanime Games (makers of Tanto Cuore, the bishoujo maid card game), something is amiss.

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For expatriate anitwitter: I’m wondering if ANN will do a con review of Anime Central this last w/e, but my 2¢: there was a huge gap in the industry space right as you come in, and I realized later that’s where Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Aniplex would usually have booths, but they were all absent. I can’t help but think it’s because they’re all the same company now, and with a de facto monopoly on anime, they feel they don’t need to do fan outreach anymore.

Since Michigan doesn’t have Giordano’s anymore, I’m taking some home with me.

For anyone wondering, Anime Central attendee mask rate looks to be about 90%. Not bad for the mandate having fallen apart at the last minute, but still 10% lower than I’d like.

Yes, again. Because I’m over 50 and @animecentral is next week.

So, that whole “lose 20 pounds I gained during Covid so my cosplay fits again” goal didn't work out. Then again, work and home being what they are, my odds of actually making it to Anime Central two weeks from now are about 3-to-1 against.

I always love getting this notification on my watch one second after the thunderclap rattles the house.

It snowed a bit while I was out today. And we’re opening the pool in a week.

So, is making a new start on Mastadon going to be like the last episode of Battlestar Galactica where they decided to give up their technology and make a fresh start by disappearing into prehistory?

Felt nihilistic at the time, but maybe I can kind of get it now.

I wonder if the fastest way to build a core of quality accounts is to go through people you follow and see who they follow / who follows them.

I already had some tech folks from a few years back. I see @ANN_Lynzee already has a quarter of Anitwitter over here, so that helps too.

I guess if I’m going to consider staying here, I need to lose the anime girl avatar and go with my usual.

Keeping the Kiminozo tree on my profile for now, though.

I keep forgetting to post here, sorry. Also, I feel like you’re only supposed to post nice/positive stuff on Mastadon, and that doesn’t come naturally to me.

#muvluv violence sex politics 

Re-recording of the panel from @Otakon is now up. Introduces the franchise, points out interesting details and themes, and updates the state of ML today.

Also, I just added Mastodon to my Patreon list. I mean, if I'm going to fund weeaboo anime garbage, I might as well fund something useful too.

#introduction self-hatred 

• A long-time iOS/ developer and author/co-author of a bunch of books for devs (Learning Core Audio, Xcode Treasures).
• A Software Engineering Author at Apple, mostly working on Foundation docs. Because of this, I can’t publicly discuss iOS/Mac topics, and none of you devs should follow me.
• Very into anime/manga and related topics. I do panels at conventions. Another reason to not follow me.
• Parent of an ASD kid, which I complain about a lot.

Can't wait to lose some of these followers as soon as I get a chance to talk about again.

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