We managed to post a search index using tech on and build a frontend to make the content searchable as prefix search. This is awesome! / CC: @ipfssearch

We noticed is growing up when building the search index. Thanks to / @NGIZero we now have an image-filter on ipfs-search.com

The current release still downloads images but blurs them on the frontend, further updates are planned.

Our new front-end offers:

☑️ brand new interface
☑️ improved media player
☑️ infinite scrolling images
☑️ updated server capacity to 100 million flipflops

Come check it out!

If you like and know , adding nsfwjs to the frontend is a great way to contribute!

Source is at github.com/ipfs-search/dweb-se

@ipfssearch I noticed some less suitable results right now. Seems right now.

Does that mean has grown up? :thaenkin:

In this blogpost, we take a look at the two of the main systems that make up the distributed web


@chrispanag With @ipfssearch we're building a search engine that works with current tech today, and we're working towards a future where we can have a fully distributed search engine. We can have our cake today, eat it, and make it better as we set forward!


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