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G+ style Multi-Column Streams in diaspora, Tumblr, Mastodon, Hubzilla, Friendica, YouMe, and MeWe.

I’ve put together CSS styles which provide multi-column Streams in various social media platforms. This has a huge effect on browsing speed. To use them, you:

1) Download Stylus plugin (Chrome, Firefox or Opera): add0n.com/stylus.html

2) Install desired Multi-Column style from here: userstyles.org/users/773238

3) Modify the domain it acts on if you're using a different pod


= = = = = ADDITIONAL NOTES = = = = =

diaspora is the most refined, with a lot of extra features like multicolumn comments, autoexpand all posts, font size customization, and other UI enhancements

Tumblr is also solid; it keeps the standard width of Tumblr posts and is responsive to width (2 or 3 columns)

Mastodon is maybe 95% good, depending on how you prefer to use Mastodon.

Hubzilla is maybe 80% good. Because of the right sidebar, this is limited to two columns by default.

Friendica is maybe 60% good. There's some sort of vertical scrolling bug when the left sidebar is too tall. If the left sidebar is short enough to fit on screen, all is good. But if the left sidebar is too tall, then scrolling gets stuck when you're too near the bottom of the content.

YouMe is maybe 40% good. It works, but it also affects single post view. And YouMe itself is really buggy right now (it only just launched). But the good news is that my userstyle can be used to produce single column (it's normally 2 column, which not everybody likes).

MeWe is maybe 50% good. As with Hubzilla, the right sidebar limits available space. So, it only provides 2 columns by default. And due to the complexity of MeWe, it only applies to the home and Groups pages - so, only single column view if you go to a single group. But as far as I've noticed, it's not buggy.

Of these platforms, the only ones I use significantly are diaspora, Tumblr, and Mastodon. Those will be the best supported, naturally.

#diaspora #tumblr #mastodon #hubzilla #friendica #youme #mewe #pluspora #tips #tip #diasporatips

(Putting them all here in one convenient place.)

Well, my multi-column Mastodon stream does indeed make Mastodon more fun to read, but it doesn't help the fact that no one ever sees or interacts with any of my posts.

So ... I guess I'll just stop posting to Mastodon again. If no one ever sees or interacts with anything I post, what's the point in posting?

Meteora vs the Power of Love

Marco: Shouldn't you leave a note or something?

Katrina: "Must not to leave paper trail. Is like number one rule."


Meteora: Who are you, beautiful stranger?

Rasticore: ... Heinous?

Meteora: Pleasure to meet you, Heinous. My name is Meteora

Accurate comic by XKCD. Which is why differentiation is usually introduce first, to show 'how easy' it is. Then the teacher wallops you over the head with the trials and errors of doing integration. :-)

#Comics #Xkcd #Mathematics #Calculus


Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft to attempt to do sample collection from Ryugu at 08:15 Japan time on 22 February (21 February 23:15 UTC, 18:15 EST).

#Space #Exploration #Asteroids #SampleCollection #Japan #Hayabusa2 #AsteroidRyugu


Philodendrons are pretty common houseplants, on account of how tough they are. But they're more interesting than you might think. In the wild, unlike most plants, these vines don't sit still.

They germinate on forest floors, and then immediately seek out the nearest tree and start to climb. As they climb, their roots fall away and they live in the forest canopy as epiphytes, moving from tree to tree as they grow, like some kind of plant snake.

"The fantasy of Steven Universe is that people get to express themselves without being shut down.

That's also my fantasy."

—Rebecca Sugar.

a quick Marianne sketch (from Strange Magic), in an off-the-shoulder 80s outfit

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