Reminder - I have MOVED my art blog here!

Please follow @{} (socialhome) for #myart

My other posts, such as gizmo concepts and game design, are at pluspors @{} pluspora

#MyArt #TinkerBell

Starco sketch Freeze Day

#MyArt #StarVsTheForcesOfEvil #SvtFoE #Starco #StarButterfly #MarcoDiaz

Kellco sketch Lava Lake Beach

#MyArt #StarVsTheForcesOfEvil #SvtFoE #MarcoDiaz #Kellco #Markelly

@mwlucas Alas, the closest thing to a sed-users mailing list currently resides on Yahoo Groups. Fate TBD.

For those seeking the official notice from Yahoo:

BTW, I have moved my art blog to SocialHome: @isaackuo

Please follow that account for my artwork posts!

My other G+ style posts are on diaspora, which you can't follow from Mastodon, but you can follow from Friendica, Hubzilla, and SocialHome. My account there is

Shep Smith has quit Fox:

> Shepard Smith, one of Fox News’s leading anchors and a frequent target of President Trump, abruptly stepped down from the network on Friday, departing with little explanation after 23 years on the air.

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