I feel like it's not fair to compare "gainfully employed with benefits" to "can eke by enough of a living to not starve, but still an independent contractor." Not sustainable, and pretty dependent on externalities like "universal healthcare" and "social safety net" to work

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This was a gift to stumble upon on YouTube. Josh Turner, a guitar prodigy, and Aarian Holovaty, whom I know mostly as a co-creator of , playing Beatles' "When I'm 64" together:


(This shows why Adrian named the framework Django.)

These two videos are somehow really disturbing: Let's have some digital characters sell the software that made them!



Here's a funny thing about dogfooding.

Your app tends to become boring as you use it over time, and you're getting an itch to finally add some long-planned new features and polish the old onws… Now! Now, you think, it's going to get all new and exciting, and you'll get new things in UI to fiddle with!

And then after you made it, it turns back to boring in about 30 seconds. Oh well…

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In between of everything found some time (finally!) to hack some more on my shopping list. Now it can add notes and rename things. Renaming is BLOODY HARD! Because unlike everything else it changes identity and creates all kinds of edge cases. What if it moves an item into another key? What if the target already exists? What if it *doesn't* move? In the end I had to drop merging altogether…

OK, looks like I've got my Twitter account back, thanks to Twitter support.

Dear #Mastomind: Any guidelines on E-Ink / B&W/grayscale / low-refresh rate app design / UI/UX?

I've recently come into possession of an e-ink book reader, and am discovering the joys (seriously) and limitations (dittos) of e-ink displays and software designed for them.

I've just begun looking for any information concerning design guidance for e-ink devices, and am coming up very short. If you're aware of any such resources please respond to thread.

Boosts welcomed.

#eink #uiux #AppDesign #SoftwareDesign #Interfaces #BlackAndWhite #LowRefresh

Still, in the meantime do not trust any DMs from me on Twitter, as I can't log in to the site.

Huh! Turns out changing the account password on Twitter did *not* invalidate authorization of ifttt.com which I use to cross-post Mastodon toots. So that still works.

In other news, my Twitter account was hacked. For real! I don't really know how. My best guess is my old password from the times before password managers, which I forgot to change as I wasn't using Twitter for a few years, got leaked through some database breach. And no, I didn't have 2FA set up either.

Contacted Twitter support, waiting for reply… Meanwhile some shady characters are already offering to restore it for a "small fee" (they contacted my wife when she twitted about it.)

A documentary on rocket science features several former Soviet rocket scientists talking about their experience after the Soviet space program was shut down. Rocket scientists, literally, with no place to turn for employment. That's where you start thinking about inefficiencies in usefully allocating talent. Neither the Soviet nor American economic systems seem to have a particularly good answer for that. Though in the US, Wall Street seems to have a capacity for sponging up some of the potential. I don't find that particularly useful.

The Egyptians built pyramids. I wonder if that wasn't in part a large skills-retention and problem-solving exercise.


#SkillsRetention #PyramidBuilding

in hailstorm — check!

(But also, really glad the sudden hip pain from two days ago turned out not to have a lasting effect.)

@isagalaev I love this...
... but the graphic doesn't cover XMPP. Still, the opening sentence recommends Conversations (XMPP) and Element (Matrix). They're both in the same group. Both offer perfect forward secrecy, good encryption, open source, and federation.

To me, the difference is that Matrix is "done", while XMPP has a history of constantly adding new features. Two Matrix clients (and servers) are more likely to have the same features. XMPP, maybe not.

Can someone point me to a good, brief overview of pros and cons of Matrix vs. XMPP from a practical perspective? I'm out of loop on that and want to understand the landscape.


My kid just punched a hole in the wall. Or technically, kicked. She's 8, and she's really into kung-fu!

I am not a fan of Joe Manchin by any means, but today he is my hero for effectively blocking confirmation of Neera Tanden, and for all the right reasons:


Thugs should not be rewarded by giving them power.

On a purely technical note, I'm not logged into Twitter pretty much ever, and Firefox won't let my YouTube cookies to be read by Twitter and vice versa. Which means that there is some database somewhere holding a relationship between my Twitter account and my YouTube account, made probably ages ago, which I can't make disappear.

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This is so meta… Yesterday I tooted about finishing Snowden's book, and today YouTube is *suddenly* recommending me an interview with him. This never happened before, for any of the topics I toot here…

The only thing that changed, of course, is that a few days ago I started cross-posting my toots to Twitter. This is just a tad beyond my willingness to believe coincidences :-) Hey, , go F yourself!

(Considering shutting down cross-posting.)

I'm working for a big tech company in California. Yesterday all employees received an email from our security guys.

We have to deactivate all personal assistant gadgets (like Alexa) during worktime in the homeoffice.

They have evidence that these gadgets are recording audio from conference calls.

Nothing new to me but notable that I've got this order.

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