I've compiled every piece of software and am now an expert on how and why computers suck. unfortunately my brain is now a type of pudding so I can't explain it.

It's funny how you always hear this sweet talk about the booming market of software engineering jobs and companies running after talented people, and every college freshman being awash in lucrative offers upwards of $300K, and all that.

I'm in a search right now, and this narrative just doesn't hold. HR talks to candidates in a perfunctory tone, often simply going into radio silence. Things take weeks and months… So no, software business looks just like any business, no unicorns in sight.

Honestly I don't know how I used the internet before I got a password manager. Biggest lifehack to recommend to non-technical friends and family.

HTTP/2 Denial of Service Advisory


Netflix found a series of DoS on H2 implementations.
Honestly, none are very surprising or particularly tricky, when you have studied the protocol.

I am just sad they had to report them, because that means that many people did not think much about this kind of issue while developping their H2 stack.

It also means that the H2 protocol is really too complex for its own sake. But I already said that back in 2016 *grumble*

And now I'm stuck with a React UI where an imitation of a modal window loses keyboard focus whenever I switch locale or type something with a modifier.

I'm sure it probably works for whoever has written that part of React on their Mac which they control mostly via the trackpad, and they don't think that switching locales is something that most people do (hint: estimate combined population of China, India and Russia to get disillusioned about this idea). (2/2)

I keep waiting for a cross-platform UI framework that doesn't suck. I mean, I *know* it's impossible, but I keep hoping that I might be wrong…

You see, writing a cross-platform abstraction over UI controls seems very attractive and doable because they all *look* kinda the same. But by the time excited developers realize there's also a huge long tail of behavioral corner cases they need to support they're already too far along to give up, so they simply ignore them. (1/2)

Pacific Northwest fact: the thorny blackberry bushes you see everywhere, which I called "sticker bushes" as a kid and just assumed to be a fact of life, are not actually native to this region. It's native to Armenia and Iran, and was introduced in the 1880s. Now it's considered an invasive species because of how aggressively it grows everywhere. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubus_ar

It's the first time my Nook e-book failed me: overheated while reading on the beach. It's 82°F right now. A paper book would've "worked" just fine!

biked to a coffee shop this morning and passed this family of deer across from the lake near the Capitol

this is the time of year I'm most glad to live in the US pacific northwest

Running through city sucks! With all the crosswalks and broken pavement.

Good morning!

I'm doing a weird thing today. After handing over my car today for detailing I'm going to run back home instead of picking up a ride. It's only 7.7 miles, according to Google Maps :-)

Have you seen Bobby McFerrin showing how human brain seems to naturally know the pentatonic scale? Gets me every time… It's magic!


A 3D printed arrow by mathematician and sculptor Kokichi Sugihara uses curves and angles that the brain can't register to make it look like it always points right. livescience.com/62478-optical-

Now this sounds quite hopeless:

"If you're craving solitude, you're not alone."

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