Guess who's going to North Bay Python this November? I am! And I am somewhat unexpectedly excited about it, considering that I'm generally underwhelmed by software conferences.

Also, I bet I'll be the only person over there using Mastodon :-)

I'm getting a little sad every time I see articles talking about normal things like being introvert or a late sleeper as of some sort of pathologies needing to be "fixed" or at least "worked around".

"How to wake up at 5 a.m. every day," — better ask, why?

Ha! What a brilliant idea: if propogating dangerously stupid shit would cost people this kind of money, I bet fake news wouldn't be nearly as big a problem by now. We should do more of that.

My over-confident 7 y.o. after her first official 1 mile , barely catching a breath: "I didn't know 1 mile was THAT LONG!" :-)

Welcome to the Fediverse, where u can get @'ed by someone using a social media platform that you don't even recognize

Every once in a while (ve-e-e-ery rarely) I have a look at social networks I have accounts on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Of them three LinkedIn feels the most depressive for some reason… Actually, I may even know the reason but I hate to admit it :-(

ranting about single page applications 

Eliud Kipchoge broke the 2 hours barrier for a distance:

This is a very clear and important proof of the fact that it's actually *impossible*. It shows that on a special course, in the ideal weather, with laser-pointed pace, on-demand nutrition and a whole team of wind-breaking runners in front of him, *only* Kipchoge, the greatest runner of all time, could beat the time by 20 seconds!

Sometimes I think typing support in is harmless, but every once in a while I see these examples of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and I want to scream:

I hate seeing my favorite beautiful language being turned into a hacky enterprisey monstrosity for the sake of completely misapplied perception of "safety" :-(

Apparently I have to have a good reason to use #rust and learning isn't enough 🙃

😢 RIP Alexei Leonov, first space walker & space artist and first artist in space.

Every now and again I find myself re-educating about the inner workings of dictionaries. To this day, I find the best explanation (for me at least) is the huge descriptive comment in the actual source at (along with references to mail archives and nearby .txt files)

absolutely blown away reading a news article about how Pacific Gas & Electric was found negligent and using funds for extreme profits since back in the 80s up to as recent as the Camp Fires. That's almost 30 years of profiteering at the expense of human lives, environmental safety and major infrastructure risk. This is just stuff that is KNOWN.

No one has gone to jail or is being held accountable for this. Crimes of this scale aren't illegal if you are a company.

If #Pinafore were available as a mobile app (iOS or Android), would you use it?

Honey from Russia.

There's a sprawling honey culture in Russia. Moscow hosts an annual Honey Fair, where you can buy all kinds of honey and its derivative products. Different flavors of honey are not infused but come from different plants local to beehives.

From left to right: Fagopyrum (гречиха), Archangelica (дягиль), Tatar maple (черноклён), Cilantro (кориандр), Acacia (акация).

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