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This covers a lot of my feelings on FOSTA and sex work, better than I can say it. Plus, @ErikaMoen@twitter.com’s art is amazing. thenib.com/feminists-should-su

@garbados magic system where there are two opposing aspects of magic. one, practiced by hardware engineers, holds the belief that magical power comes from the world around you and must be imbued on physical objects. they create amulets, charms and golems.

the other aspect, practiced by software developers, centers on the drawing of magical energy from within the self. they exercise their abilities through spoken and written spells. some are said to simply think magical effects into existence.

Question for people! I want to write a custom WYSIWYG editor for my blog. Last time I checked the options (a few years back) I found Quill but never got to actually trying it. Is it still a good option?

I specifically am not looking for things with pre-made UI because I want a completely custom UI. I need a lower-level library to handle the actual editing, switching modes, output formats, etc.

About that `if (name := expression)` syntax, and why it's not `if expression as name:`

Apparently the former works better in list comprehensions:

[y for x in items if (y := f(x)) is not None]

Makes sense…

Swearing is like spice: you should use it, for the language to have a taste.
But be very careful with the amount, or it all will just become a waste.

Also, doing nothing is very, very exhausting.

There's one thing that immediately disqualifies a technical person in my eyes: when they start working on a ticket in the bug tracker and immediately reach to the reporter asking everything that's already there in the description. Don't know why, but I just can't stand it.


turkish case mapping for dotless/dotted `i` letter leads to some unpredictable results.

> turk kardeşler anlarlar

Much head-nodding from me on this post about handling git with email by Drew DeVault: drewdevault.com/2018/07/02/Ema

Especially about the unfortunate counterproductive habit of quoting entire emails and top-posting your answers.

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Surprisingly, there was no outcry about Starbucks starting demanding personal data for connecting to its Wi-Fi . To me it effectively means no Wi-Fi. So I wonder if most people simply never used it in the first place, or they are actually okay with giving out their names and email to the Starbucks stores they visit.

Defending Google again (Youtube) Show more

I need to rave about #Python.

One of my colleagues has deep knowledge about #GreenhouseGas calculations but doesn't write code, in any language. She was giving me instructions on how to perform a calculation, which I kept getting wrong. Frustrated, I just show her my Python code. She instantly recognises the error and tells me how to fix the code. This is the first time I show her Python.

Can *your* programming language do this?

Brilliantly narrated explanation about the Golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers. youtube.com/watch?v=ahXIMUkSXX

Part 3, when she starts talking about biology simply blew my mind today! (Admittedly, I'm easily excited about anything related to evolution.)

#ICE has shut down operations indefinitely due to "security concerns". No agents attempted to enter building today and have also cancelled appointments for tomorrow. The facility is non-operational. Other cities are raising their banners and organizing similar actions.

Trump's executive order is bullshit and any media source claiming otherwise is fucking lying

We're here for abolition



Even Portland Police wont engage given political pressure


"It will take a while, but we will ultimately have our USB-C single-charger utopia scenario."

… by which moment the industry will invent a new "universal" standard. The only way to break this stupid vicious circle is to stop obsessively buy new shit every 2 years. Your 5-year old phone and your 20-year old headphones are perfectly good.

If a service dog approaches you by itself, it's trying to get you to follow it. I didn't know that until today but now I do!