I'm starting to get a feeling I'm not doing something entirely conventional with my app.

1) It crashed with an error message I could only find two other mentions of on the Internet, and neither was my case.

2) I was able to track down the problem and fix it after chancing upon a TODO note in the *framework source code* about adding a note to the linter along the lines of "if you override this you also have to override that".

Whew… Finally implemented UI for adding and removing stores in my shopping list app. Just straight up fighting with APIs for several days. They're so messy :-( And I couldn't make it work without having every component to know about everything else and having some global mutable state lying around. But at least it works, and I can move on…

I mean, "scaling emotionally intelligent relationships"? Are you fucking for real?

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What I'd like to be there on the Internet is a place where you could go and find an answer to a simple question: what some company/business actually does do.

Because when recruiters contact you they pretty much never lead with what their company does, and their web site looks like an exercise in creating as much copy writing devoid of any meaning as possible.

Realized I now don't stay in coding flow for long. Mostly I code something I already figured out how to do for about an hour, debug it to a committable state and then I need to rest my mind for a while. Long sessions still happen but very, very rarely. Mostly I made progress by series of these short bursts over a few days and weeks. And I mostly think about problems in the background, while not at the computer at all.

I think it's age showing (I'm in my forties).

"Joe Biden expands his climate team with six policy experts" — this actually sounds refreshing, that a politician would appoint experts, as opposed to lobbyists/bankers/family members.

Disclaimer: I have no illusions about Biden's desire to make bold progressive changes in general, but at least on climate his actions look promising, as of now.

The article with short background on those 6 people: electrek.co/2021/01/14/joe-bid

Also, had a chance to read an actual paper book in a long while.

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Really happy to see this from @leo


Hoping more nice folks decide to make the switch. We could use the company.

Just finished The Catcher In The Rye. I don't get it :-) May be I'd liked it better when I were 16…

uspol / fediverse pitch 

welcome to fedi, we ban racists before they attempt a coup, because believe it or not, your lives matter to us more than a national symbol!

I'm just thinking about this blog post I wrote in 2018. Because even when Twitter makes a good decision, the first sentence comes to mind: Why does the entire world have to wait on the CEO of one US company to make a decision?


'Biden is calling for new harsh legislation against "domestic terrorism" and this is exactly how the state will weaponize the events of 1/6 against anarchists, leftists, BLM, and Indigenous peoples.' [from https://twitter.com/ForestAutonomy/status/1347337643562921985 ]
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