Andy Weir released a new , Hail Mary! My to-read list is long enough now to last me to the end of the year :-)

The Martian was a 10 for me, and Artemis was about 9 or 8. Very excited about the new one!

Just cracked a why-the-hell-doesnt-it-work-its-EXACTLY-the-same-as-that-other-thing-that-does-work problem. Of course it wasn't "exactly" the same. Was fighting it since last week.

P.S. K8s should never happened to us. Damn youngsters following trends and fads just because some BigCos do.

I am of course not talking about people who hasn't done it yet but are about to, or have some legitimate concerns. I'm talking about those who just don't want to do it on principle.

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Beau helped me understand this: people who avoid vaccinations do it because they want the rest of us to do it *for them*. So that we do it in enough numbers so they won't have to. Themselves, they won't do for the society even that little, unless someone's forcing them. I keep underestimating just how many of them are there, everywhere.

This week I'm cooking without beef. Mostly to force myself into expanding my selection of go-to recipes and reduce our beef consumption in the long run.

(But please don't try preaching veganism to me.)

Wait.. you're saying that a native UI elements has performance, reliability, and accessibility benefits over reinventing UX elements in a web canvas? Sounds like I might have heard someone say that before...

Awesome! Starship SN15 stuck the landing! No major explodey events during or after the flight.

Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

No, I get it why you want to "quit capitalism", given it's usually assumed to be this American ideological disaster we can all witness. What I don't get is why you want to go straight to socialism? Had it occurred to you, my young fellow with a burning heart for change, that there may be more human, healthy, working alternatives to both?

CNN says the White House is discussing a new plan to expand domestic, warrantless surveillance of Americans—by paying private companies to infiltrate and report on the private social media groups of those it categorizes as "suspected extremists."

They gave me a *free snack* at the site! I did not expect such a service.

But the important part is getting that vaccine, of course.

Finally made some time to implement UI for assigning categories to my groceries. It's rudimentary and hideous, but now I can add some actual color!

And now comes the time for my kid to take part in the development process, as I promised her she's going to help me choose the palette :-)

Stumbled upon a dev tool touting editing code with "real-time collaboration" as a… feature. So I wonder, if I'm supposed to "collaborate" while writing code then when am I supposed to think?

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