Bohemian Rhapsody in 42 styles. Actually very well made, not just fooling around

I'm reading this article about tests in software trying to figure out if I like it or not, and then it uses the phrase "elegant class hierarchies" :-( Not a good sign.

This week I wrote a Python library that figures out what date/time format a given piece of text is using, and which languages and countries use that format. It Just Works for input from all over the world, and I'm quite proud of it!

So now after the movie everyone is saying things like Queen's Live Aid performance was the best Queen concert and probably the best concert ever… I mean, I understand the emotion but do yourself a favor and watch some of their other shows. Like Wembley '86 for example

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Why doesn't use significant whitespace in it's data structure literals?

"There is a kind of hypnosis that goes around, that businesses should not support taxes. The reality is, unbridled capitalism is not good for anybody, including all the companies benefiting from it. We want society to be successful. We are connected to it, not apart from it." — Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesorce.

U.S. needs more billionaires like him.

I'm suddenly surrounded by about a dozen Moanas and *at least* half a hundred Elsas. Aged 4 to 8.

I'm at Disney on Ice :-) But not staying, thankfully :-)

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Remember I said I needed a faster lens? Finally forced myself through analysis paralysis and ordered a 35mm F/1.4 for my Fuji. Decided against F/2, even though it's cheaper, marginally sharper and claims more accurate autofocus. But I just *hate* having to shoot h̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶p̶o̶r̶n̶ at high ISOs in low light…

Besides, at $400 used on eBay vs. $550 list price it's almost a bargain!

I visited an Amazon grocery store today. It is a panopticon of sterility and sadness.

(And I really wanted to should “Alexa” to see what would happen.)

So, Flickr limits free accounts to 1000 pics. That's fair: even though I don't need any of the Pro features, I understand that there's no such thing as a "free" service, so eventually it had to happen.

But for the love of everything that's holy, WHERE can I see how many pictures I have right now?!

Yesterday my Android phone prompted me about "shopping list" functionality of its voice assistant. I tried it with "add eggs and garlic to my shopping list", and they got added as a note in Google Keep. Today saying "add carrots and celery to the shopping list" resulted in them being added to a list on a completely different Google service… Makes it rather unusable.

It started to feel like they care less and less about quality of their consumer-facing apps. The ads always work, though.

I hate software that transmogrifies emoticons into emoji.

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