Just watched my first Formula E race (the first race of this season). And I have to say it wasn't boring! I think I've found a promising sport to watch, after giving up on F1 during the last season.

Perks of leaving in a forest: you get to decorate your house with real fir and holly. The downside? Holly is damn prickly!


… and we're back! Pretty quick this time, big shout out to Puget Sound Energy!

P.S. That chicken came out cooked just right, by the way :-)

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but it's nonetheless amazing.

Rwanda (!) provides universal eye care for its people. U.S. doesn't.


Thinking about paying for Flickr. On one hand, it promotes the idea I like, of simply taking money instead of selling data to advertisers. On the other hand, I don't need any of the "pro" features offered, and doing charity to what looks to be a profitable business doesn't feel right.

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Imagine being a multi-billion dollar corporation and bragging about not paying your workers... @Qantas@twitter.com

This analysis of USSR participation in WWII is surprisingly accurate. No sides taken, but all the important facts succinctly described.


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Current status: reviving my toy json parser to use 2018 goodies. I wonder if non-lexical lifetime might finally let me implement a "streaming iterator".

When the history of the web is written, let the record show that I was against this decision and it's part of the reason I left Microsoft. I didn't join the Edge team to help cement Google's dominance of the web.

@jalcine apropos of nothing, your new avatar is way cooler than the previous one!

What are the chances of a random ibrik ordered from Amazon to turn out to be made in Russia! There were no clues.

I mean I don't have any problem with it, but imagine someone's surprise at needing to read a Russian manual :-)

@isagalaev Yeah, I also have issues with the sensory overload in current IDE environments. All the “help” is distracting as all hell.

Trying to work in an IDE for the first time since uhm… about 2005. It's so OVERWHELMING!!! Everything is covered in tiny panels and icons, random things constantly come up from under the cursor… Don't understand why do people impose that on themselves voluntarily!

CW is useful for movie/book spoilers and jokes. That's about it.

I really wish people stop hiding politics behind CW… As well as all other topics based on the idea that it's potentially offensive.

Unless being offensive is your actual goal, you aren't responsible for other people's reaction. If anything, I find the policy of self-censorship to avoid controversy to be offensive in itself. But you shouldn't care. If I find your writing causes me grief I'll just unsubscribe.

Plus an extra click just makes reading through the stream a jarring experience.

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