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Defending Google again (Youtube) Show more

I need to rave about #Python.

One of my colleagues has deep knowledge about #GreenhouseGas calculations but doesn't write code, in any language. She was giving me instructions on how to perform a calculation, which I kept getting wrong. Frustrated, I just show her my Python code. She instantly recognises the error and tells me how to fix the code. This is the first time I show her Python.

Can *your* programming language do this?

Brilliantly narrated explanation about the Golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers. youtube.com/watch?v=ahXIMUkSXX

Part 3, when she starts talking about biology simply blew my mind today! (Admittedly, I'm easily excited about anything related to evolution.)

#ICE has shut down operations indefinitely due to "security concerns". No agents attempted to enter building today and have also cancelled appointments for tomorrow. The facility is non-operational. Other cities are raising their banners and organizing similar actions.

Trump's executive order is bullshit and any media source claiming otherwise is fucking lying

We're here for abolition



Even Portland Police wont engage given political pressure


"It will take a while, but we will ultimately have our USB-C single-charger utopia scenario."

… by which moment the industry will invent a new "universal" standard. The only way to break this stupid vicious circle is to stop obsessively buy new shit every 2 years. Your 5-year old phone and your 20-year old headphones are perfectly good.

If a service dog approaches you by itself, it's trying to get you to follow it. I didn't know that until today but now I do!

the original distracted boyfriend meme

@xiongshui @isagalaev If you're looking for a "private" solution, i recommend #GitLab (It's OpenSource)!
I would use #BitBucket (Company controlled - Atlassian) only, if i have to.
Otherwise, try selfhosting i.e. #Gitea (https://gitea.io/en-US/).

OK, , riddle me this: where should I move my open source stuff, or ?

The fediverse community is so much more friendly than any other social network I’ve tried, including those like FB where I know the people in real life. You guys rock

I'm on Westport Jetty, about one third way in. Can't quite see Japan from here, but close enough!

This just turned my entire understanding of nutrition upside down. Apparently, you simply can't universally say which food is "healthy", it varies per person. Literally, ice cream can be more healthy for a given person than rice.

Watch it, it really makes sense: youtube.com/watch?v=0z03xkwFbw

My privacy policy is that I will forget who you are and everything about you if you change your avatar

There are so-o-o many programming talks and articles starting on the same premise, "We wrote something and over time it got difficult to maintain, so we decided… to rewrite it in another language".

Why are you so sure the problem is the *language* and not you? Could it be that you just suck at engineering? I'd understand if the language was notoriously hard, like C++, or very new, like, say, Elm. But if you do stuff in Java/Python/Go then there's proof out there that those generally work.

Because someone isn't interested in the language/culture you're interested in doesn't 1) make them whatever words ending in "ist" your circle likes to freely throw around, and 2) diminish your love and enthusiasm for, and your fascination with, that language or culture.

Guess what? People are different. They like and are drawn to different things. Deal with it. Grow up, and stop the knee jerk reactions.