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From today's #Python class:

import re
s = 'abbcccddddeeeee'
re.findall('d{1, 4}', s)


[ ]

Why? Because of the space before the 4!

I've been teaching #regexps for years, and never knew that {min,max} cared about whitespace before/after the comma.

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Ordered myself a new pair of Nike Pegasus. The old pair was good *) for 500 miles, time for a refresh!

*) One of them did develop a hole above the thumb though, but it's the state of the sole that matters to me. Two of my previous pairs didn't have that defect, so I'm willing to write it off as a fluke.

You know, @elementary are doing everything right (their focus on privacy, having control of the desktop environment, the potential for creating a sustainable app ecosystem, etc.) and I consider it a personal failing that I haven’t given it more of a chance personally.

Going to remedy that soon… maybe I’ll start by playing with their upcoming 6.0 release on my PineBook Pro :)

So whenever you feel inclined to talk about progressive policies, civil liberties and other inspired ideals, please remind yourself that people of this country cleared grocery stores out of toilet paper out of sole fear that "other" people would do it before them.

They did it in your liberal city, your conservative small town, on the coast, in the fly-over country, be they hipsters, rednecks, farmers or yuppies. They did it twice.

This country is beyond salvation…

re: US pol 

@isagalaev I 100% agree with you in fact, I've been avoiding giving any political donations to mainstream Democrat organizations and have been supporting Justice Democrats. Also just discovered the Working Families Party, which has a whole video explaining why they're maintaining their identity as a distinct party but supporting selected Democratic candidates.

For some reason I keep being surprised by the dumb things that are gendered.

Dear American friends and followers: health care enrollment - healthcare.gov/ - is now open and the deadline for it is December 15th. There hasn't been a major announcement from the U.S. Government about that because of course there hasn't and fuck you that's why, but if this matters to you at all I suspect it matters to you a lot. Please tell your friends, and don't sleep on this, this year of all years.

Okay, my informal research so far is showing that users really value the convenience of not having to bend wrists farther than it's comfortable. That's something I can understand. Thanks everyone!

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Why users of insist on using hjkl for moving the cursor when the dedicated arrow keys work just as well?

I'm dreading the answer is the mythology of faster typing because those arrow keys are so far away, but I refuse to accept so many people actually believe this, so there's probably a legitimate reason?


@angdraug would you cool down please? I don't even know who that Sirota guy is. I'm glad you looked into some of the other analysis, but please do accept people can have different opinions.

I'm not sure if you now believe I might be a communist (I'm not). My "get there" is based on my own transition a few years ago from being infatuated with the Democratic party, and I'm seeing the same patterns in your position. But you're going to be your own person, of course.


Looks like we've been spared the worst, and I'm happy to be wrong on that small point. Now we just need to somehow wrap our heads around voting for politicians effecting real change so that people lives become better and we avoid repeating 4-year courses of shock therapy.

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Sometimes I hate being right. After the Democratic establishment buried Sanders this summer, I was among those progressives who said running essentially Hillary 2.0 experiment is going to ensure us 4 more years of Trump. I'm not gloating, I'm just sad… Now I'm just waiting for how they'll spin it as Sanders' fault.

(Sure, I'm still going to hope till the end. But numbers are numbers.)

Wishing my friends in the US a safe Election Day and calm days beyond. Here’s hoping, for the sake of the world – including those of us who have no say in this – that you vote Trump out. Then continue to work to change the system so you have better choices in the future.


Everyone was so happy to unload on DigitalOcean for spam, but nobody seems to be saying anything about them having fixed it. Here's me correcting the Fediverse's mistake with a link: hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com

Today a very simple #tea: genmaicha is green tea with roasted popped rice, giving it a flavor of wood, or nuts. The instructions say 80°C for 3–4min but I don’t like bitter tea so I just steep it for 2min.
“… brown rice green tea consisting of green tea mixed with roasted popped brown rice. It is sometimes referred to … as "people's tea", as the rice served as a filler and reduced the price of the tea, making it more available for poorer Japanese.”

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