Here's a good comprehensive read filled with factual evidence explaining why American progressive left is increasingly disillusioned in "vote blue no matter who".

Tomorrow is the SpaceX launch. I gotta adjust my sleep schedule to watch it. Following these launches live is so exciting.

I did it. I finished watching Season 1 of Critical Role. When I started, I only wanted to see what's the D&D gameplay was, and it sucked me in. A couple of episodes in I looked at how many there was overall and thought, "Pfft! Of course I'm not going to sit around for *one hundred and fifteen four-hour episodes! That's a huge waste of time!"

And of course I have. It's probably the most epic thing I ever watched. And it's not scripted!

Reading a phrase "such a remote country" just made me cringe.

Remote from where? You? Okay, what does it imply then? That you are at the "center" of the world and the other place's "worthiness" decreases as a square of distance from your holy place?

Sheesh dear author… We live on a globe, and life happens everywhere, and you are as remote (and as incomprehensible) to New Zealanders, as they seem to you.

RT @vladadraws
So my mother's friend's husband is stuck in a hotel in Saudi Arabia and this is the order menu they gave him

Do I have any Arabic speaking followers that can help make sense of this but also, tag yourself, I'm "Normal doubt"

Apropos of nothing, I just remembered about the site Technorati and I kinda miss it

About 7 years ago my wife and I, having a newborn on our hands, realized that between diapers and insane sleeping schedule it won't be soon when we could play a board game again. We also had a room in our house, perfect for a game night, which was going to sit unused for quite some time…

This night we had our first proper family game between the three of us in that room. It gave me a feeling of having some control of our life, imagining something and having it realized after 7 years.

Disclaimer of the day: I hate working in a mono repo.

You always fight problems (both config and code related) that has nothing to do with your task.

Yes, spamassassin, a mail with the subject "I have your masturbation video." is definitely spam…

Did you know that a needle simply floated on water surface *is* a compass? It's so fun to share this kind of trivia with your kid! Mine thinks it's magic!

P.S. No they are not perfectly aligned with the phone. I trust the needle more.

Possibly stupid question. I look at Reagent and its ability to automatically know which components render which atoms is fantastic! But then I look at Re-frame and there's all boring manual subscription to events and querying the state. Why do I want to complicate things? When does Reagent model break (if it does)?

“If people want to quarantine, quarantine. If you don’t want to quarantine, don’t quarantine. Go out, do what you normally do,”

What a very right-wing thing to say… No sir, societies don't work that way. If you don't quarantine and get sick you won't be driving your truck, teaching your class, sweeping your floor, filing your report or whatever your job is. And the rest of us will have to pick up the slack. Your slack.

Please add some context if you post a link. I'll never click on a naked link, and adding "Look at this!" will not help. It's a tactic used by scammers and linkbait, so by instinct I'm not going to click on them, even if they look reliable.

Just give me a few descriptive words. Or even just one.

Thank you.

Here's an uncalled for explanation about something that's bothering me…

When you're asking a question on the Fediverse about something I know and might answer, but your nickname contains this little defying hammer and sickle sign… I, coming from the country that used to flaunt it, read it as "I support slave labor and institutionalized mass murder", which makes me far less likely to engage in any discussion with you.

(I'm pretty sure you might disagree. Your ignorance is your problem.)

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