@isagalaev Yeah, I think the ease of combination is exactly that.
Basically, instead of writing a complicated map/filter functions, you can use several small map/filter functions and combine them into a transducer.

Back home. This time I was smarter than the one before and said at work I'll be operational the day after tomorrow. Because jetlag from 11 hours difference can be rough :-)

In fact, it's my old grudge: software UX on Linuxes tends to suck largely because app writers don't target any particular UI paradigm, but just pick a GUI toolkit at random and target generic "Linux". You can never get a polished feel from generic software. It must be targeted! Yes, you're going to lose audience, but it's a choice you have to make.

Slowly working myself up to an idea. Being fed up with my expectations of photo software being drastically divorced from those implemented in Shotwell, I'm about to rage-start a photo app. And if I do, I think I'll target Elementary OS. Because Ubuntu seems to have abandoned the idea of having a suite of productivity apps integrated with the OS.

... oh and bringing your "carry-on" luggage to the cabin should cost around 10 times more expensive than checking it in the luggage compartment.

When I'm the Master of the World, flight attendants will be permitted to hit or outright shoot people who stand up right after a clear request to keep sitting until the plane is towed and stopped.

You won't find such selection of pastry in any American Starbucks either. (But croissants are way too over-darkened and dry.)

By habit, I just said "tall" and "earl gray" in Sheremetyevo Starbucks with an American accent. The barrista didn't show any sign of being surprised :-)

Революции в России не будет ещё очень долго. Москву слишком хорошо кормят, и государство местами работает, так что ощущения, что "всё плохо", нет совсем.

avoiding the gendered term "ladies and gentlemen" by addressing a group of people with "hey, fuckers!"

Any sufficiently hyped technology is indistinguishable from crap.

I’m a generalist with 15 years professional experience and engineering/computer science degrees. Full-stack Ruby, ReasonML most recently with a fair bit of Rust on the side.

Looking for a role in Melbourne AU or remote friendly. Would love to work a bit lower down the stack, systems level, embedded, OS, networking for example. Want to work for a business that values quality and correctness, not just deadlines and piling on technical debt.

Pls boost for reach 🙏


It's true!

14°F sounds like a memory to me, winter mornings in Colorado, walking to school.

It was a close, perhaps a mile, so on fair days I could get by with a light jacket and no gloves or hat. The breeze on my face was from my passing, and it froze my wet hair, stung my ears and lips, and made my eyes water.

Passing out of shadow into the sun, the air glinted and flashed with points of diamond dust, down by the footbridge that crossed the river.

Bought a temporary SIM for my short visit to Russia. Unlimited everything for a month with no notion of "contract" or other strings attached. $15. Can't wait for U.S. telecom industry to die in a fire.

Unexpectedly in Moscow for a few days. It's been a while since I felt -10°C! I'll leave conversion to other units to you, it sounds more impressive in Celsius :-)

Sometimes the amount of hand-holding in modern computing impresses even me. Dropbox on a Mac just interrupted my `mv ~/Dropbox/...` command with a message saying that, wait for it, the file in question will not be available in Dropbox anymore!

Yes, that is what "move" means in all file systems and OSes. It's been like that only for the past 50 years or so.

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