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I get really irritated when I hear the word "organic" thrown out as a synonym for good, healthy food. It's not. "Organic" is a particular way of growing food which hasn't been proved to even correlate with the properties of the final product. A fresh apple is still a fresh apple. And if non-organic chemicals were used properly to grow it, there's none of it in the fruit itself.

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Let me translate this for you.

A radical terrorist cell in America trained a man who just murdered 17 children in Florida. twitter.com/AP/status/96419737

WFH today (I'm a software developer), and my son, who has taken an interest in "functions and variables" comes to ask what I'm currently doing. This is the exchange:

Son: "Hey dad... whatcha doin now?"
Me: "Well, the last thing I did... see how that has a period?"
Son: "Yeah"
Me: "See how that doesn't?"
Son: "Yeah"
Me: "Well, it shouldn't have one, so I removed it"
Son: *pauses for a moment*...Then, thoughtfully: "And you get paid for this?"

I think it's a good sign that Spanish-speaking contractors at my house spelled my Russian last name as "Sagalez". They must have taken me for one of their own :-)

It also probably means I have to work more on getting rid of my accent :-)

You know you've been researching for too long when your ad-hoc helper scripts start using argparse…

"Whenever serious and competent people need to get things done in the real world, all considerations of tradition and protocol fly out the window." — Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver.

New word from a colleague: "flake8ery" :-) Meaning "post-work tidying up to make flake8 shut up"

The code I'm working on right now is very readable. Because it literally contains a function named `readable()`!

To restore your warped bamboo cutting board (or keep it from warping) condition it with mineral oil. It works really well, and also restores its fantastic deep color!

> as setting up a Twitter bot to argue with alt-righters and anti-feminists

That's not activism, that's simply feeding the trolls. It won't effect any positive change, I mean.

"The Shallowness of Google Translate" theatlantic.com/technology/arc

As someone with a linguistics degree, I can sympathize with the perspective that machine translation, i.e. the brute-force statistical approach, misses a lot of the subtleties of language.

OTOH most people using Google Translate aren't trying to translate poetry; they just want quick translations of news articles and product websites. It's kind of like criticizing an airplane for not flying as gracefully as a bird.

Email is still the best social network for me. Once in a while we exchange long emails with a few close friends, sometimes over the course of months. With no pressure and no hurry. Suits me very, very well :-)

@dpc @scitesy @isagalaev it’s so nice that over time more non-C-like languages are becoming popular, just because this “elegance” argument is so often tied to being C-like. We need bigger mental outlook for the elegance/syntax of programming languages.

@scitesy 99% of aesthetics is familiarity. After years of writting , I find it syntax beautiful, and I feel a happy tingling every time I put a tick in a lifetime.

Re: recent NYT revelations on Twitter bots.

What amazes me is that people seriously use the word "influencer" as if it was a legitimate occupation for respectable people and not just another flavor of scum. Same as with "SEO" a few years ago… "I'm a SEO expert" — do you understand that you just proudly said "I swindle ignorant people for money"?