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Ivan Sagalaev @isagalaev@mastodon.social

Here's a random thought I got while waiting for my breakfast. One difference I noticed between Russia and US is that gays in US don't hide they're gays. So in Russia they seem like an exceedingly rare "aberration", while in States they look just like one of many kinds of people you see around (tall people, blond people, loud people, etc.)

I finally did it! I ran the marathon distance around Lake Sammamish. 26.2 miles, 4 hours 13 minutes, two gel packs. Also, my shoes are completely in tatters. Not because of the marathon, I did 958 miles in them overall :-)

If you're using Google's reCAPTCHA on your website, please consider replacing it.

– reCAPTCHA spies on your users and turns them into Google slaves to train an AI algorithm.

– reCAPTCHA denies access to all Tor users.

There are alternatives. See here: pad.foebud.org/google-alternat

Boost this if you think sex work should be decriminalized and talked about positively in the mainstream.


Download all your music!

> Apple Is Shutting Down iTunes Music Downloads on March 31st, 2019, Sources Say


On this day in 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human in .



There's been some discussion about adding an option to hide public follower/following pages. I wanna gauge if that's worth spending time on: strawpoll.me/15477773

@nolan also, thanks for notifying my browser about changes, so now it shows a persistent red dot in a pinned tab even when the notification is gone.

@nolan thanks for Pinafore! Default Mastodon's columns are too narrow for me to read comfortably. Especially when people actually use up to those 500 characters.

if a website says "please turn off adblock" i just leave the website

I guess maybe not everyone will agree with this, but I believe there are limits to what a person can be learn.

So, when techies ask people to learn arbitrary tech mumbo-jumbo, they have implicitly decided that this tech thing is more important than whatever else they'll lose/skip/forget to make room for it.

Making tech easy for people is respecting the fact that they may have other priorities in life.

#OpenSource pro tip:

Real-time (synchronous) phone/video/whatever conference calls or meetings *always* exclude potential segments of your community.

Don't be tempted.

In synchronous live meetings, a few dominant personalities dominate the discussion. For asynchronous online communication, everyone gets a chance.

Consider time zone conflicts. Language challenges. Cognitive or physical challenges.

Don't leave these voices out.

#accessibility #meetings #freesoftware #collaboration

📣 PSA 📣

❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

If you know any #photo #photography or #photographer types on witches.town please direct them our way.

Their admin just announced the service will shut down 2018/04/30 and we'd like to help their users find a good home.

Please boost this.

Feels weird to not switch to … Because I never left since 1998 :-) (it was called Netscape 4.0 back then, but who cares)

Today's XKCD is a potential time sink. BEWARE.


FFS!!! "Yelling while pounding and kicking the vehicles’ exterior" is *not* an excuse to run people over! How hard is it to understand? As a police officer you don't get to get mad at people. You sit in your "vehicle", which is pretty hard to break to begin with, and you *don't run people over*, no matter how loudly they "pound on the exterior". If you can't manage it — get another job.