One of the reasons I struggle with writing notes and articles for my blog on a regular basis is the fact that I don’t know who I’m writing for. (That, and an unhealthy mix of impostor syndrome.)

Who reads my content? For which audience do or should I write? Who even cares about the things I think about? Do my ramblings make any iota of meaningful difference in the world?

This thinking isn’t helpful. It’s the opposite. I can feel how it blocks my mind.

That’s why I…

Experiences in migrating running data from Garmin to my website, setting up a continuous sync for all future runs and visualizing some metrics.:

First run that got automatically synced from Garmin to my website: ✌️

Will write an article about this in the coming days.

The implementation is still rough around the edges, but I’m superexcited to add data visualizations and statistics about my runs in the future.

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Next step for owning more of the content I’m producing: I swaped all of my runs (368 in total) with all relevant data from the Garmin silo to the ProcessWire instance of my website. ✌️

The runs will be part of my content stream on my website. The process of getting new runs into the system is not yet automated, I have to play around with it still to figure things out.

On June 12 I asked @gRegorLove a question on Twitter. Today he responded, and he did so via his blog and with the help of webmentions, which pinged Bridgy to syndicate his response to Twitter. The result on Twitter is a usual conversation. After that I published my response to him. I also did this via my website, using the same mechanism that he used when he wrote his response to me.

But I didn’t use the exact same mechanism: I forgot to use Bridgy to syndicate the…

Still not able to let Bridgy post reactions to tweets (that don’t have the URL of my website in them) back to my webmention endpoint. Tried this in the help section but somehow it’s still not working. 🤷‍♂

Setting up Bridgy with a ProcessWire installation is not that easy after all.

Do you know of any major news website that implemented Webmention? Got excited yesterday thinking about how this would play out if we would implemented it for @SZ articles.

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Mein erstes Kind ist ja bekanntlich kein Mensch, sondern eine Dokumentation zum besseren Verständnis der neuen Welt - mit dem Namen . Das Kind hat heute Geburtstag. Es wird ein viertel Jahrhundert alt:

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