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Barry Peddycord III

So I saw a bunch of last night and got jealous that I never posted one:

- I do programming for a living at a networking startup!
- My general interests include , educational psychology, and learning behavior.
- In my spare time, I enjoy playing and studying card games. I've been into for the past year now.
- My mastodon account is almost one year old!

A big "hello" to everyone who has joined us recently! Let's make a fediverse full of wholesome, quality content!

[fr] S’il vous plaît, si vous avez le temps et l’énergie pour ça, pensez donc à accueillir les personnes arrivant sur Mastodon. Elles sont souvent un peu perdues et peuvent avoir besoin de votre aide ◡‿◡✿.

[en] Please, if you have time and energy for that, consider welcoming people who are discovering Mastodon. They are often a little lost and may need your help ◡‿◡✿

Oh hey I just realized my is at the end of this month. Hard to believe it's been a year. :)

Blackholing twitter in /etc/hosts:

PROS: No longer impulsively read twitter when I'm idle.

CONS: Get frustrated when other sites I read when I'm idle link to twitter.

Saw the 2017 Murder on the Orient Express movie today! I liked it well enough, but still overwhelmingly prefer the 2010 television version with David Suchet.

Last night I tried out a Winston Draft.

The wife and I enjoy deckbuilding, but sorting through a 90-card sealed pool after a day of work is honestly pretty fatiguing.

We played with a 30-card deck minimum and had (what I thought) were some pretty fair games.

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Wheeeee presented a blurb about mastodon at . It's been a while since I've given a presentation.

Installed mastodon on phone! Wanted to include the phone emojo but the app doesn't seem to handle those well, making this toot about four times longer than I intended.

Good morning, btw.

@isharacomix @ksonney @MarkTurner I set up a page on the TriLUG wiki to help other members find each other out here:

Lots of good pros and cons in the discussion here. Maybe moving your toots and leaving your old account dead with a "in case you're wondering, I've moved" page is sufficient after all.

I realize it's probably not a trivial task, but a neat anti-lock-in feature would be if you could move an account from one instance to another without having to tell your followers to manually follow the new one.

As much as I love being on the flagship instance, part of me wants to set up a single-user instance on my own domain just for the nerd cred.

Good morning, Fediverse! Got around to updating my twitter profile:

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