🌟 itch app v25 post-mortem series

πŸ“• Part 2:

...showcases my development environment. Tools, methods. It's full of GIFs! Easy read. boosted

(itch app postmortem series)

Part 1 is up as well, it gives a bit of perspective on the project: boosted

🌟 The app v25 has finally released, and I've started a series of post-mortems about it.

πŸ“• Part 0:

...discusses the mental health aspect of it. It's a difficult piece. I've debated publishing it.

Why does your itch desktop client look different? We shipped a major update! itch is faster and cleaner than ever before and we talked to the mind behind on these updates to find out what this means for you.

The Double Fine launch bundle is up! Get Broken Age, Psychonauts, Day of the Tentacle, BrΓΌtal Legend, Grim Fandango Remastered, Costume Quest, Stacking, Massive Chalice, Hack N Slash, and Spacebase DF-9 for $29.38 or more! boosted

Want to help me make the @itchio app better? You can test the beta version:

~~ changes since v20.0.2 ~~

New option: `Ask before updating anything` β€” lets you know when an update is available and gives you a chance to update or just launch.

Also fixes

I have to release a new major version soon, I'm counting on you tooterverse!

πŸ’“ Give $2 or more and get up to 151 games:

(proceeds to go ACLU & Planned Parenthood)


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