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The Double Fine launch bundle is up! Get Broken Age, Psychonauts, Day of the Tentacle, Brütal Legend, Grim Fandango Remastered, Costume Quest, Stacking, Massive Chalice, Hack N Slash, and Spacebase DF-9 for $29.38 or more! boosted

Want to help me make the @itchio app better? You can test the beta version:

~~ changes since v20.0.2 ~~

New option: `Ask before updating anything` — lets you know when an update is available and gives you a chance to update or just launch.

Also fixes

I have to release a new major version soon, I'm counting on you tooterverse!

💓 Give $2 or more and get up to 151 games:

(proceeds to go ACLU & Planned Parenthood)