I am very excited to see T-Mobile joining forces with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a gold member! is the future of and the CNCF is the community to be apart of to help make that come true.

These days, I am writing a ton of content, notes, and configs. I love using GitLab to store, sync, and version control all of it. Tie that in with CI/CD Pipelines and you can come up with some pretty amazing automatons, even if you aren't a developer!

Now more than ever, it is critical to keep in touch with those you love and those you work with @telegram provides encrypted communications, groups, customizable notifications. Plus I can text or call from my mobile device or my computer. buff.ly/1bycw2W

If you're like me, you have a 100 things going on in your head at any time. That is where @Todoist saves the day! It works perfect for task AND project planning. It has apps for everything. Go check it out! buff.ly/TmFAg6

This week is all about getting stuff done! Time is such a big factor in everything we do. So, I am going to share some of my favorite tools to help keep me focused. I am calling it . Feel free to share some of your favorite tools too!

I have to tell you, reading the Twitters today was very depressing. Let's try something different. Next time you want to post an angry tweet, don't. Instead, text a friend and just wish them a good weekend.

Interested in learning all about and from one of the leading minds? Join virtual Day with guest speaker and author on June 17th! redhat.brighttalk.live/summit/

If you run your own network at home, love to tinker, or constantly spin up and tear down servers at work, cloud-init is a critical tool! Take a look! opensource.com/article/20/5/cr

I use to be an avid user. A few years ago, I started my transition to full time use. I am a huge fan of @system76
and have owned 2 different laptops. I really love @mbbroberg
's unboxing review. If you are on the fence, take a look! opensource.com/article/20/5/li

That time when you were 1/3 of the way through recording a webinar and realize you weren't even showing your slides...

Locking down a system isn't rocket science, but with just a little effort, these 8 security features will drastically improve the system's security! Learn about it from @kenhess ! redhat.com/sysadmin/more-lockd

Episode 174 of Destination #Linux has dropped!

The show now has a new fresh coat of paint with a new Logo, new animated logo reveal, new Overlays, new #OBS scenes (with live switching), new animated nameplates and more!


#OpenSource #Tech

Continuing the theme of tools, here's a handy guide of useful systemd commands for your Linux sysadmin toolbox! by @kenhess

After over a decade working as a , I know that solving complex problems is not a straightforward proposition. Find out why! Find 4 strategies to overcome this hurdle! by @LinuxGeek46

Have you ever wanted to compare remote container images to one another? Want to sync your images across different container registries, like DockerHub or Quay? is the tool you've been looking for and they just released version 1.0! Check it out.

‪At last, my first all @AMD build is alive and ready for @fedora installation! ‬

‪Thanks to @microcenter online reservations and UPS, assembly of my new workstation has resumed!‬

‪That moment when you have started assembly and realize... Hey, Dummy, you didn’t order a power supply! ‬

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