Making progress on the lab! Got my 8 server installed along with my new Unifi gear from ! Containers and VMs are next, mwahaha! @redhat @sudoshow

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Despite everything that's happened this year, we all still have SO much to thankful for. Enjoy this time wherever you are.

In the ever growing chaos, it is amazing to see the and @redhat working together to leverage to combat the growing pandemic. Read this article from Information Age and a look at the new !

Between work, the @sudoshow , and all my hobbies...I digest a TON of reading every week. I've been using to help control the chaos. I really love how much easier Inoreader has made consuming all that content. :)

It maybe a this year, but I am still certain the content will be amazing. Check out all the cool content coming up in just a week!

@dbrandonjohnson and I had an awesome time talking with on the @sudoshow Check out episode 13 released yesterday for the full interview about his work and his new book "Cloud Native Spring in Action" with !

I am really excited to check out the new @eff "How to Fix the Internet". The first two episodes are already live. Check it out!

Time for some overdue paid time off! See y’all next week :)

We talk a LOT about @ansible on our show. @opensourceway published an amazing article about "10 Ansible Modules for Linux System Automation". Go give it a read! #Linux #SysAdmin #EnableSysAdmin

@redhat Enterprise Linux version 8.3 is now available! There are some amazing features from new System Roles and SCAP profiles to updated container management tools like Podman 2.0! Check out this latest release:

This is my year. I think I am going to participate in :) Cause, why not, right?

Just 30 days until a 3-week #virtual #conference for @awscloud #reInvent2020 Go check out talks, training, certifications, and amazing keynotes! Go sign up today for an immersive look at the future of #cloud technology. @AWSreInvent

Being a bi-weekly show makes it hard to cover any news. That's why the Sudo Show loves @ThisWeekinLinux produced every week by @MichaelTunnell Its an awesome look at the world of #Linux #GNUnews ! Go subscribe today:

Our shows are only part of the experience! Join us on #matrix in the Sudo Show room! Need help getting started? No problem, @itguyeric put together a guide to get you started. Check it out: @frontpagelinux

@MichaelTunnell just reviewed the from ! This is an amazing looking workstation. I think I may just need one for myself. What do you think, @frontpagelinux ?

There is SO much that can be accomplished with . Its flexible to just about any situation, need, or organization type. Is there a wrong way to do it though? Check out this article on to find out:

We discuss @ansible a LOT on our #podcast. It is an amazing tool. It has uses in the systems and networking space for sure, but did you know it could also work to automate security? Check out this free e-book from @redhat to learn more!

With as my daily driver and working on the @sudoshow makes it critical to have solid audio. Recently, @frontpagelinux released an article about PulseAudio vs JACK. Go check it out!

Nothing like sitting down to record another awesome episode of the @sudoshow with a mug full of hot tea and my favorite co-host, @dbrandonjohnson ! @DestinationLinux

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