A very special thanks to the team over at @FreehiveAgency@twitter.com for providing the video bumpers and graphics for the Office of the IT Guy!

This is the problem with centralized, opinionated media outlets like @YouTube@twitter.com. My podcast announcement video was tagged as SPAM. Wow.

The first episode of my new show, Office of the IT Guy, will air next Thursday at 4PM EST! My guest will be Karl Abbott, a product manager at @element_hq@twitter.com ! We'll be talking about some cool projects and how Element fits into @matrixdotorg@twitter.com ! Join us live: youtu.be/NYjPgt8jCNU

If you missed the live announcement, I am starting a new video show called Office of the IT Guy! I'll be covering topics from technologies, projects, and talking to different folks from around the community! youtu.be/val9w7JI3Qo

I'll be live in an hour to share a quick announcement! Tune in on my Twitch or YouTube channel to get the details: youtu.be/val9w7JI3Qo

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June 1st: we have an exciting episode of planned! Join our hosts, @brian_smi@twitter.com and @itguyeric@twitter.com along with a couple surprise guests to talk about the release of Red Hat Enterprise ! Have questions? Join us live or send us a DM early! youtu.be/_bJptexvxrw

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Tomorrow, you should join me live at 5PM EDT. I have a big announcement to share about an upcoming adventure I am undertaking! youtu.be/val9w7JI3Qo

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HATS OFF to Red Hat Enterprise 9! The latest major release of is now available for download. Check out the announcement and links to additional information: redhat.com/en/blog/hot-presses

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I love talking to people in the community and tinkering with technology. Well, I plan to do just that, find out how this Thursday at 5PM EST: youtu.be/val9w7JI3Qo

Join me for a very big announcement this Thursday the 19th at 5PM EST! I'll be live to share what's coming your way! youtu.be/val9w7JI3Qo

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This week on , we take a look at Third Party Repositories like . How do you get access to additional repositories? How does support work for these packages? And more! Catch us live on Thursday the 19th at 10AM and 9PM EST! youtu.be/2cc6PzD6CQg

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I have started playing with Stream more and more. I am really excited to share this episode with you all! While Brian is out of town, I'll be joined by none other than @gangrif@twitter.com, host of the @ironsysadmin@twitter.com podcast!

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Are you curious about @CentOS@twitter.com? Want to know what is? Curious how Stream affects Red Hat Enterprise ? Then our next episode of is for you! Catch us Wednesday at 2PM EST! youtu.be/EgHEdJJNJq8

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.@RHEL@twitter.com is the exclusive operating system supporting new workloads on IBM Power on @IBMCloud@twitter.com. Check it out👇 twitter.com/IBMNews/status/152

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Team @RHEL@twitter.com is killin’ it on the live Ask the Experts session! Go get your 9 questions answered!

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How can enterprises be smarter and more sustainable? In his keynote session at , Red Hat CTO @kernelcdub@twitter.com will outline a vision for these questions and more. Register now: red.ht/3ne9olr

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Who is ready for Day 2 @RedHatSummit@twitter.com ?! This guy.

Another day of @RedHatSummit@twitter.com ! Do you think anyone would notice if I did a pirate stream of from @theCUBE@twitter.com ‘s studio? 😁

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