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me @ the entirety of the food blogosphere

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Finally got the chance to add an iPad to our studio toolbox! Super excited to not be trapped inside during the summer this year during once of the most deadline heavy seasons. ✨

Busted this out in about 30min, finished version will be up for subscribers/patrons in the near future.

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bless the delete and redraft feature bc i keep thinking the search bar is the cw bar pbtbtbtbtbtb

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tfw you really wanna ride a cool bike

If you notice you’re being followed by a followbot, it’s a good idea to block it.

Followbots are a privacy risk because they can quietly collect follower-only posts en masse.

If you’re getting bugged by them on Monsterpit, report their account so we can block them instance-wide.

I'm moving soon! I'm in the Seattle area and would be interested in splitting a 2- or 3-bedroom location if anyone else would be interested.

also: haruta is excellent at drawing well designed and effortless looking men AND crafting good cover design to boot

"cool, I get to look up handsome dudes for reference, let's get started on that"

[one full hour of googling later]

"oh no"

these back pages from Kimagure to Amagami are a huge Mood, honestly

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food crimes are being discussed and it is not going well

Newwww Golden Trick chapter has begun over on Slipshine! Give it a read! @irisjaycomics and I worked our butts off on it.

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