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@Ferrovore it so distinctly reminds me of being a kid where you dump out all of your toys in the floor so Godzilla and Barbie can kiss and punch hot wheels cars together

i can't believe that mashup nerd garbage ticked me off enough to want to do a podcast episode tomorrow, which, in and of itself, is like one of the nerdiest things out there. there is no hope for the likes of me

@wolfteeth gettin some hardcore nappin in huh

@ComputerHusband well to be frank he's got the personality of one too

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@ohnoproblems amaroq is what I use and it's been great! there's still a few bugs here and there but nothing worse than most birdsite apps.

Drugs (Vyvanse, caffeine) cw Show more

@neonNeptunian thank you AND HEY SO ARE YOU DANGIT!!!

@wolfteeth :D !!!

it's my favorite sorry not sorry.

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REMINDER, AMERICANS: Have you called your House rep today about the anti-trans bill H.B. 2796? Here's the script I used: mastodon.social/media/kEUTl6sH

might start researching for an anthology i was invited to tomorrow to, but probably just... reading?? i got the Massive book (fantagraphics.com/massive/) some time back but the flippant attitude of one of the writers in it pissed me off, so i never finished it.

it's relevant reading for this project now though so i guess i'll power through it iiiiiii guesssssssssssssssssssss aaaaaaa

tomorrow will probably be split between taking a break and playing catch up with emails/twitter dms/smoke signals, i'm so behind on those wahoo.

finished off my main big contract for the month on time despite some setbacks!! exciting stuff that i can hopefully share publicly soon... hot diggity