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furries aren't your easy ticket out of drawing/writing/reading/viewing POC and other minority folks, maybe do some self-introspection as to why you don't like something before saying humans are 'boring'.

If your solution to seeing too many samey white or white-coded characters in art is to just draw everyone as furries instead, maybe consider that there is a different solution that doesn't involve further erasing non-white viewers from your work.

Furries and monsters and aliens and things are FANTASTIC, but if you only consider "humanity" to mean "people who look like you and/or the Lowest Common Denominator advertising bracket" maybe that's worth, like, examining.

I’ve had to work on an artist statement for the past week for a Thing and I’m all RILED THE FUCK UP

LRT the next person I see talking about how people who pay for porn are idiots is gonna get a dodgeball to the face. You like my butts? Pay me.

"Intellectual property is theft" is all well and good, but I still need to fucking eat.

There are people who will howl about not getting paid a living wage who won't take steps to ensure the writers and artists whose work they enjoy can afford to eat.

I'm not a corporation. When I write, I retain ownership. My relationship to a publisher isn't employer / employee. So yeah, pirating my work steals food out of MY mouth. Not a corporation. Mine.

So fucking pay me.

*runs up to you, shoves everything off your desk, drops this in your lap* HYLICS 2 TRAILER BABYYY youtube.com/watch?v=XMC_69eJdw

(cw for some flashing imagery)

I would pay $75 a month to be able to actually hear people on the phone correctly. I don't want facial recognition, I don't want to pay with my phone, I just want to hear the other person on the other end in, like, HD

Why Is This So Difficult To Understand

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Warframe: Fortuna Show more

My monthly sketchbook PDF is up for subscribers! 46 pages of hi-res inktober scans, plus the extra sketches/initial thumbnails for many of them. If you like my work, this is the easiest way to support me (and you don't need Patreon to subscribe)!

✨bit.ly/nerosketchblog ✨

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Pulled from @fortunamedias@twitter.com:

"The second volume of Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine that's solely focused on Flight, is up on Kickstarter! Help us get to print, pay the contributors, and let imagination take flight!"


I drew some very cool big spider pals for this issue of Almost Real! Take a look!!

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