Just posted the 14 page comic I made for the old Bear Company anthology up on my website! If you like short, sweet romance comics about bears, this might be for you...!


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Here's your weekly reminder to refollow me over at @itsnero@mstdn.itsnero.com ! All important updates, new art, and other miscellany is there now.

Plus, if you sign up before midnight on the 8th, you can get in on voting on the theme for February's short comic piece. Wink wonk etc.

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January's sketchbook is now up for subscribers! 19 pages of NSFW illustrations and sketches from all of this past month. If you like my work, this is the easiest way to support me (and you don't need Patreon to subscribe)!


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Native American proverbs don't exist. Which Native Americans? If you don't know, they probably didn't say it.

I wish I could import toots/images buuuut whateverrrrr this is why I have a website pbtbtbtb

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Hey y'all! Over the next week I'm gonna be moving myself over to a single-user instance. Please refollow me over at @itsnero@mstdn.itsnero.com !

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we were able to make pizza for lunch without the fire alarm going off even once. this apartment is already infinitely better than the old one

INTERNET IS ON AT THE NEW PLACE. Time to cram all this cyberspace DIRECTLY into my EYEBALLS



we actually hired some people to professionally Move Our Shit for the first time ever and lemme tell y’all: I’m still tired regardless, somehow

Off to San Francisco for today and tomorrow!! What good comics things are in San Fran!! I don’t know jack shit!!

Thanks to everyone who swung by the table this weekend! Y’all are a delight. Hopefully we’ll be back in 2020!

At-con NSFW commission for @naederesbutt@twitter.com and @kudubutts@twitter.com! Best dong I’ve drawn in a grip, tbh.

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Pins! Comics! Sexy goat man porn prints!! All at table 09 in the West dealers den!

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