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Renaissance painters as furry artists

Michelangelo: Exclusively draws plantigrade beefcake. Does exactly two commissions a year and the same guy gets three of them somehow

Da Vinci: Commission backlog a mile long, half of them labeled as in-progress. Gamedev side-project that never goes anywhere. Gets banned from Furaffinity

Albrecht Durer: Draws mind-blowing pro-quality illustrations but only posts them to Tumblr and buries them in a million meme shitposts

Hey! Did you know that you can now pre-order our inaugural publication, Jen Durbent's My Dinner with Andrea? It's true!

Also, check out that stylish cover by @irisjaycomics

the latest Golden Trick! update by @irisjaycomics and me is now up on Slipshine!! our two heroes sneak into a frat house and... well. you know. read it here!! (18+ only!)

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I’m full of power and vigor and punchies

extremely Awake today since I gotta pencil more than the usual amount of pages to stay on schedule this month. fuck youuuu, February!!

So! I'm in a pretty tight spot! My computer got busted on my move out here and I'm going to need to replace it in the next two weeks. If you'd like to help out, you can donate at my Ko-Fi and also get a free wallpaper set as a big thank you!

there’s 400+ episodes of this. none of you will ever hear from me again

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realized tonight that I’ve never seen iron chef soooo that’s what we’re doing now!! it’s a lot!!

have you read my Lore and ever wanted some of your own? Well good news! I’m open for commissions!

i... i really want an iPad now... life problemz. >80

spent some time getting up close and personal with clip studio paint on a friend’s iPad and doodled a Galahad. this thing is powerfullll but it gets HOT, wow.

@rienlen you have a present in your inbox!! >:3

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Oh and all thumbnails are now proxied through @TheKinrar's camo server so the page loads faster, minimizing the variety of domains it loads content from. I also fixed the font boldness on the headlines and added smooth scroll to the anchor links

i diiiiiid it i finally bought clip studio paint since it's 60% off and i've been missing it since my trial ran out. go me.

now to like, actually work on things today, lmao