imagine this, but it's a buff werewolf dude flexing so hard the waterfall he's under is going AROUND him, and the 50% opacity mirror image is just like. his ass.

there'll always be a place in my heart for the style of art that includes a 50% overlay of whatever the subject of the drawing is as the background, highschool portrait style

somewhere out there is a person named Stan Kin who is having a very bad 2018

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This comic by KC Green perfectly captures my personal brand of poor self-regard

the big thing that makes it annoying is the tiny faux-leather tabs that hold down the toggles/loops- you can't actually pin those without ruining em, so the string/hemp/whatever you're using has to be sewn down first, then you re-sew the tabs on top. hrgrhHRGRHRG

most recent diy project: changing out all the toggles on a thrift store jacket I got for tiny silver swords instead. it's an absolute pain in the ass but it's gonna look



tonight, on Nightly News with Nero: "Is it media criticism, or is it just thinly veiled homophobia?" Find out more at 11!

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how long until someone finds a fancy word for "that feeling when you watch someone butcher a foreign language in an attempt to sound smart but the conversation was also six hours ago so it's really too late to say anything"

please god I know what being fine-boned is, we don't need to make this like twitter

Hey I don't plug it much here, but: if you like heartfelt stories about queer monsters, navigating trauma, and found families, my webcomic is about to start a new chapter tomorrow, so it's a good time to maybe check it out for the first time?

#webcomics #comics #mastoart #monsters

any time I encounter some weird euro comics I end up somehow being reminded that Sky Doll ALSO exists and all the energy leaves my bones immediately

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