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oh no the tattoo expo is this weekend and... I'm gonna be camping... someone put a bunch of moss and sap on my arm so I can pretend I got a new sleeve

this article is written by a 60 year old white lady who, in the span of one paragraph, praises her son who works in tech and is 'sensible', while insulting her daughter who's a gender studies major and 'naturally hates mayo'. she then advocates for some jello salad monstrosity that includes cherries and olives.

Did that "draw your friends characters in your own style" meme over on birdsite!! A+ nerds would nerd again.

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Hi Art Friends! I'm Lucy, I make comics about real-life adventures and feelings. I'm a tall ship sailor, a cartoonist, a teacher, and a traveler. I'm currently on a huge national tour with my new book, 100 Demon Dialogues! Say hi!

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My patron-only sketchbook PDF is now available! 38 pages of life drawings, porn, comics process info, and more!

(Aaaaand you don't have to use Patreon to sign up!)

✨bit.ly/nerosketchblog ✨

if i can get everything done that i need to do i will feel like a GOD

can nero o'reilly handle juggling five deadlines that are all due at the end of august AND two new pitches that are ALSO due at the end of august?? TIME TO FIND OUT

My patron-only sketchbook PDF is now available! 38 pages of life drawings, porn, comics process info, and more!

(Aaaaand you don't have to use Patreon to sign up!)

✨bit.ly/nerosketchblog ✨

code cannot solve all of society's problems.

code cannot fix poverty.
code cannot fix economics.
code cannot fix homelessness.

sure, we should solve these problems, but technology isn't a solution for what is ultimately a human decision to enable a cruel and unjust world through unapologetic capitalism.

the only way code can help, is by enabling people to mobilize against the systems which oppress them, which is one of the main reasons why i am working on this stuff.

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-i finished converting a pendant lamp (this one: ikea.com/us/en/catalog/product) into a wall plug lamp. it's a project that took concentration, money, and a level of energy that i rarely have (it turns out that electrical bullshit is hard who knew) so it's taken like two years lol. gonna take pics once it gets hung up >:0 yeehaw

other non-art projects finished recently:

-i made an ipad case? i started with a tutorial online but got so annoyed with it (why would you affix elastic to any kind of backing ever with MOD PODGE, get out) that i cannibalized it. now it uses ribbons and also has a button strap that allows it to sit at a good drawing angle. yey. i'm not super keen on the fabric and have some other improvements i'd make so no pics until i redo it lmao

nero update: just bought some tiny swords to replace the toggles on a cold-weather coat i bought back in like, april? the toggles are these weird shiny brown triangles and i'd rather have SWORDS etsy.com/listing/286422237/ant

this mostly came about because the leather straps needed to be replaced real bad (with jute, fuck leather) and since it's going to be A Complicated Project anyway i just decided to go ham. oops.

✨ The Collared pin set is now available in my shop! ✨

$15! Black enamel on gold! Click here to nab on of your own!!!:

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