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*starts a 1ftx2ft painting of two very fancy birds boning like six days before a con*

nothing can go wrong

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If you're a Comcast customer, be sure to check comcastroturf.com/ to see if Comcast is filing anti-net neutrality comments using your name and address. /cc @cargron @munin

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A sort of demographic-y survey for Mastodon users!

I'm curious to see what we "look like" and I love to make surveys and then graph the results and share them, so here it is:


I will share the graphs with you all at some point shortly after the survey closes.

Please share this far and wide so that we get results from as many instances as possible! Thank you. :)

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@itsnero Congrats, you're hired!

Green-Aura Fan Fiction
"The pinnacle of modern fan fiction."

@indi @irisjaycomics NOT YET but i really REALLY want to visit one day!!

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here are some good artists to follow, if you want:

- @snoozlebee - amazing cartoons
- @idesofmerch - toony comics, some all ages, some very nsfw
- @itsnero - very beautiful comics
- @irisjaycomics - a queer cyberpunk comic that is like the matrix + teens + secondlife
- @Ferrovore - fantasy art + cute gay orcs
- @DirkGrundy - a comic about the rise of a supervillain

me: what do you wanna do for dinner
@irisjaycomics : i wanna shoot a bunch of pancakes with a gun
me: okay

@irisjaycomics yeah it's a bit uh. it is Something.

also thank god i noticed #2 and thought maybe i was paying too close attention but NOPE I AM NOT ALONE I GUESS

@irisjaycomics comics are good. fanfiction is also good

@irisjaycomics welcome to my own special hell, aka "looking up fanfic for every single piece of mainstream media i consumer because none of it is as gay as i want, and being disappointed at the results"

this is why i DRAW COMICS

@irisjaycomics i see about 300 fics ready for a pickin' honey it's SHIPPIN season!!!!!!!!

thinkin about this sweet cat vid an entire day later hell yeah youtube.com/watch?v=KX3OnQeETd

@wolfteeth I watched a coworker as he showed me a quick run down of it last week and felt Fear