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I finished this other cat. I love cats. If you want to commission me to draw your cat, please drop me a line at thanks.

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Hey, online shop shipping deadlines are here. Also 25% off EVERYTHING in ALL THREE of my shops TODAY because Black Friday/Cyber Monday was a lie??

inPRNT: (Promo code: V0RL58O)

i can't, for the life of me, get the wordpress/mastodon crosspost plugin working? it doesn't seem to want to save my new credentials no matter what i do, sooooo time to bug the dev i guess.

WIP for a piece I'm looking into having turned into a woven blanket for a local art show ( Hopefully I'll have time before the deadline closes? If not I'll just... hold onto it, I suppose. :B

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shop stock has been updated since MFF- nab something before the end of the week to ensure Christmas delivery!


i need to send out Scary Emails today buuuut i've gotten worse illness wise, rip. don't judge my typos too harshly, world

"Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages"

Good time to remember that the EFF's HTTPS Everywhere extension is a great way to avoid ISPs tampering with HTTP pages:

i've never wanted to go to something more in my LIFE

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One more week for pre-orders! If you like birds, or if you are gay, or if you are a gay bird, this is probably the zine for you! I'll be more bump of this before the week's over, but I really appreciate the support for my first real self-pub run in years X'|

15 hour workday over!! i'm so glad tomorrow is my day off oh my god.

*quiet screaming* i'm 99% sure i caught some kind of con crud from our MFF roommates because 1) they did 4+ cons in a row without stopping and 2) one of them woke up hacking and coughing on Monday while we were leaving, and my throat is getting froggy/phlemy

i worked really hard to NOT get sick this year tooooooo aaaaaauuuuugggghhhh