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parenting, death 

The 4yo started mercilessly asking questions about death over dinner and will not stop

he's just wrecking us, he's completely fucking us up with zero remorse

Wayland on Plasma 5.22 desktop is awesome. Not perfect but almost. Pen is working without offset now, secondary screens work nicely and so do the touchpad gestures. Touch experience is now much nicer, making Plasma desktop a very usable tablet interface too.

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I love how good the Breath2 theme looks on on the @PINE64 . Its simply beautiful!
And it even gives us the little @ManjaroARM icon as home button. Sweet!!

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Ready for the new updates for #PlasmaMobile? @kde Plasma-for-your-Phone introduces the first steps towards multiple homescreens, timers for KClock, new podcast and Mastodon apps, and much, much more.

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WDVT - 0025 - Slipped Strike
Watercolor and tempera inversions on toned paper, or WDVTs, this was an on-again, off-again run as I acquired paper to experiment with.

Prints, etc. here:

#art #mastoart

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Don't miss #Akademy2021 and show your support by displaying one of our cool Akademy Banners on your social media, blog or website!

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This video does a wonderful job of explaining why people should join Mastodon.

Send this to your friends trapped in the hellhole of bird-app:

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The forty-ninth edition of my weekly collection of news about #LinuxPhones (@PINE64 #PinePhone, @purism #Librem5 and such), #LinBits, is out!

A new p-boot-demo image, new #Manjaro releases, #GSoC announcements and more!

I enabled rotation on my and with that my plan for world dominance is finally finished.


"We make daily apps that are Desktop Independent with Consistent Look across all the apps and can run in lower system with Minimum dependencies."

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#3dprinted Phone Case project update: After some dimension revisions and a slight design update, I have a case that finally fits well at the edges and keeps the rubber parts of the case in-place, while covering most of the pocket-tackiness of the rubber soft-case. This makes my #PinePhone practical to carry around, at last, and it makes it more comfortable to hold too.
See image captions for further detail.

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My daily driver (Pixel 2) is showing extremely degraded battery life and I'd like to not buy yet another phone that'll lock me into the BS of capitalist qualities.

Thankfully, I already have the #Pinephone, of which I'm sure can handle this.

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My mobile first app for controlling Hue lights on GNU/Linux can now manipulate lights that have not yet been attached to a group and there is a manual fallback for adding bridges if UPnP is disabled on your network.

Only two bugs left to fix before I will make the first official release:

#mobian #postmarketos #pinephone

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Everything is ready for tomorrow's NeoChat 1.2 release :) Here a sneak peek!

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I am kinda proud of myself today. I programmed something for the #pinephone. There was one feature I was missing on the pinephone: seeking music tracks with the volume buttons.

After some research and asking questions here and there and accomplished *something* that kinda even works. Though not optimal for now.

It is a small script written in python using python-evdev and playerctl for controlling the media-player.

Some stuff to add would:
- Somehow get the script to work only id the button is pressed for a certain time (right now it triggers each time the button is pressed, which is suboptimal)

- Look into if I can get it to work via headphones and bluetooth as well.

I also also will post the code later today in a repo.
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Those who produce everything have nothing, and those who produce nothing have everything. Such a state of affairs can only produce antagonism between the laboring class and the owning, i.e., do-nothing, class. The fight breaks out and hatred delivers its blows.
-- Marius Jacob

#anarchism #quote #bot

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Guess who got another old camera converted to infrared and can now do 700 AND 550nm? Damn, that red leaf effect is powerful, even if a bit tricky to optimize in post-editing... #infrared #photography

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