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Iván Ruvalcaba @ivanruvalcaba@mastodon.social

Well, ready go!

I strike again: Whatsapp popup & blur (A minimal Whatsapp popup with Blur build-in functionality) —my Firefox add-on.

Get it from here: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

Hello Everyone!
Trending bot is up and running, please follow us to receive nice trending updates daily! 😎

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@cathal Article 11 is just as bad. Basically, quoting articles will not be possible without an explicit license: occrp.org/en/announcements/800

We really need to stop them from becoming the law.

Blender moved its videos to PeerTube after YouTube shut them down (apparently for refusing monetization). Since it's federated, you can follow them from Mastodon. @blender

does fedi need polls


✔️ yes (100%)
⚪ no (0%)


451 votes ▪️ 3 days left

Hey @Erik Thanks for following me. I can provide you with friend recommendations in two ways:
1. Mention me in a public message (@WhoToFollowBot) and I will give you top 10 recommendations publicly.
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See ya!

Let's stop the Copyright Directive's upload filter! Say no to the #CensorshipMachine Sign the open letter "Save code share!" savecodeshare.eu #FixCopyright #SaveYourInternet

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Some accounts to follow for #FollowFriday:

@morii Morii: Creating a mobile app for #PixelFed

@mastohost Mastohost: Service for people who want to run their own Mastodon instance without having to deal with the technical stuff

@apertus Apertus: creating #OpenSource #photography and #cinematography equipment

@inkscape Inkscape: open source drawing app, alternative to #Illustrator

@comicbuzz ComicBuzz: News all about #comics, #games and #movies

#Alternatives #FF #FFed #Recommendations

New thing on mastodon.social: You can make invite links personal so the person who signs up using the invite automatically follows you

Today was a difficult day, I did the deploy of a project and had to train the users. Mission accomplished! I feel much better right now. 😀

this is how I imagine non-tech people reading my tech posts