1994 #AlbumBowl - Semifinal #2

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1994 #AlbumBowl - Semifinal #1

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What's the longest you've used a single smart phone? (Boost for a broader data pool.)

Wishing Ill to Befall The Following Nine Sociopaths 

May Reps. Andy Biggs (Arizona), Lauren Boebert (Colorado), Matt Gaetz (Florida), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Paul Gosar (Arizona), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia), Clay Higgins (Louisiana), Thomas Massie (Kentucky) and Chip Roy (Texas) all choke to death on a bag of dicks.

What would help make a corporate Pride event feel more authentic?

Sincere thoughts, please. Boosts appreciated.

How are we going to pay for...

Me: Tax the rich.

But then how do we makeup the revenue for...

Me: Tax all the top earning companies.

But doesn't that punish...

Me: Yes.

do it, boost my status. load test my instance. take it down. i dare you

Alcohol, municipal politics, a tiny owl 

Also: cocktails, not "contains". Thanks autrcirr0ct.

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Alcohol, municipal politics, a tiny owl 

I wish I was kidding: I looked down after posting the photo and the owl was gone. Turns out I just moved it and then forgot immediately.

Aging stops being all that fun once you hit 40.

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Alcohol, municipal politics, a tiny owl 

On the agenda this evening: contains and letters to various city councils about active transportation and badly planned infrastructure projects.

ec, cat ec, acab 

An outtake from yesterday, here's Roxy licking a concrete blue jay sculpture.

We bought this concrete blue jay years ago to go with a bird bath we don't have any more. The concrete place later flew a "thin blue line" flag outside their shop, so we won't be adding to our concrete bird collection.

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ec, cat ec 

We've recently decided to let Roxy out for supervised outings on our walled-in patio. Today was the first really nice day. I have so many photos of her enjoying and exploring the space.

Roxy is 19 years old and has been an indoor cat her whole life. She's also notoriously difficult to photograph when she's not sleeping.

Hi cycling people :) I installed and maintain a free bicycle repair station on a cycle lane near were we live (rural Denmark).

Am always interested in what cycling service infrastructure is available elsewhere, so if you have something: share it here! :-)

#bicycle #cycling @mastobikes

Old photo of Nigel on one of our Island adventures. I think this was Panmure Island.

Pointless waste of your time 

You know how pirates call people "scurvy dogs"?

But here's the thing: dogs can't get scurvy. Since dogs evolved as carnivores, they produce their own vitamin C rather than getting it from the environment (like us fruit eating primates do).

It turns out stereotypical pirate slang (itself based on a single 1950s Disney movie rather than real life) isn't the best source for diagnosing veterinary ailments!?!

work from home 

Rare photo of Roxy *not* sleeping right on top of my mouse

about the current harassment wave, boost for awareness 

the harassment instances such as poast, nicecrew, etc are currently going through the introductions hashtag to try and find any queer people they can find to harass, as well as spamming it with their own shit.

a lot of the harassment replies /untag/ the original poster so they might not realize those are replies are there but other people looking at the post will see them.

please defederate from any such instances to keep your users safe, they're very nasty.
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