sext: i relax my wrist, gripping my neck of the guitar in the "c" formed between thumb and fingers while you keep your fingers close to your fretboard to improve speed and precision

sext: you roughly assess what type and how much chocolate your dog ingested while i call my veterinarian for advice immediately

To be fair I spent a good few minutes convincing myself it was just air moving in the ducts from the furnace being on, before I remembered that this house I've lived in for three years has neither ducts nor a furnace.

So I'm officially "wake up in the middle of the night because the toilet on another floor is running" years old

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i've transformed myself into communism morty. i'm hammer and sickle riiiick

Great Puninghead Cross Heights no longer accepts Sweets or Paper

Today in cat-on-laptop adventures:

The cats have managed to pull a screenshot from Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily, and have made it a fullscreen desktop background but only on one of my displays. I didn't even know you could use a video frame as a background, nor that you can have separate background images on different displays.

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