You can now buy IVPN subscriptions with Monero
@monero - we accept payments directly while running a full node. Why? We seek to support projects that help you protect your privacy. The option to make anonymous transactions is an important aspect.
Read our release post:

IVPN now provides package repositories for major Linux distributions. Currently we build and maintain packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Fedora, CentOS and Arch. Available now through our Linux app page:

We recommend using the provided package repositories to install the IVPN app for Linux and to keep it up-to-date. We also provide separate deb / .rpm / .AppImage binaries or you can install from source code as an alternative.

We have scheduled our next security audit that will cover IVPN apps for all platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android).

The audit will commence in February 2021, and we expect to publish the results no later than March 2021.

Do you have the best, fastest, military-grade VPN that gives you total privacy and anonymity? Your provider might have promised you all these things.

9 out of 10 highly recommended VPN providers made false claims on their website - the only service from our list that passed the test was TunnelBear (no pun intended with the preview image).

Review the complete list and wording examples in our blog post:

Redesigned, open source is live - create accounts without providing email address.

- Generate accounts in two seconds without providing personally identifiable information
- New subscriptions are prepaid by default
- Open source - Dark/Light mode switcher

Signup without email is valid for new customer subscriptions.

GitHub repo:

Blog post on the release:

All feedback is welcome.

New version of the IVPN Linux GUI app, along with a base package update is out. We have added Dark Mode and a trusted networks feature: you can assign trust status and connection rules for networks.

IVPN Linux app with GUI is available for download.

Fully-featured app with MultiHop, AntiTracker and Firewall. Includes interactive map for quick server selection/verification and a quick menu for toggling key features and switching protocols.

More info:

Similarly to other apps, our Linux app is open source.

Download here:

Feedback: support at ivpn dot net

A redesigned IVPN for Android is now available on and in the Play Store

What's new?
- Quicker server selection and connection verification through map
- Easier protocol and AntiTracker controls through a pull-up menu
- New account panel with QR code assisted setup option

Screens and more:

Our revamped iOS/iPadOS apps are available to update and download in the App Store. We have added an interactive map for verification and easier controls to make switching servers and toggling AntiTracker seamless. More on these changes:

Android and desktop apps are coming soon with similar improvements (including a GUI for the Linux app).

In our new blog post we are covering the whys and hows of data collection, hard-to-solve privacy issues and suggested next actions. "Just use a VPN" won't suffice for solving the individual and collective privacy problem.

Test our new apps in open beta! IVPN apps are going through a redesign and we want to hear your feedback.

To get started, download the beta version and log in with your existing username.
iOS -
Android, macOS, Linux (now with GUI) and Windows -

Not an IVPN customer? Sign up to start testing:

More info in this blog post:

Reply to this post with any questions or feedback. Thanks and happy testing!

New version of IVPN for iOS (1.19.0) is fresh off the assembly line. Please update your app now to avoid losing access to the IVPN service beyond 20th July as our old CA certificate is expiring. App version 1.19.0, and each from now on, features the new one.

Also included: WireGuard updates on load balancing, latest version upgrade, warning removals and bug fixes.

v2.12.3 of our desktop apps (Windows/Linux/macOS) are out. We have fixed minor issues related to WireGuard, random disconnects on waking up from hibernation and firewall sometimes blocking traffic on system boot.

If you want better privacy online, use a VPN, but don’t expect perfect protection - no matter what certain services promise.

We explore this issue in the next post of the blog series about our industry:

Learn about Apple's App Store rules for VPNs apps and what we discovered from the review process for IVPN's iOS application, collected by our iOS dev Juraj Hilje:

We have released a command-line interface for IVPN on macOS and Windows. After installing v2.12.0 on these platforms, it is possible to connect to the IVPN network using either the command line or graphical interface. See our blog post for examples:

Read ‘Why you don’t need a VPN’ - the first post in our blog series ‘VPN Worst Practices’. It covers misleading marketing messages and common misconceptions on what VPNs are useful for:

There is a lot we dislike and want to challenge about the commercial VPN industry. Our plan is to cover the issues we think do the most damage in the coming months. We welcome any comments and shares, whether or not you agree with our point of view.

This is an advanced warning to all IVPN customers that you may need to take action to continue using our service beyond 20th July. IVPN's old CA certificate is expiring on that date, which we have replaced with a new one.

What you need to do?
A) If you are connecting to IVPN through our native apps - keep your apps up to date
B) If you use configuration files to connect - download and use new config files

Further information and necessary links in this blog post:

WireGuard is now available on all IVPN our servers.

Since its inclusion in the Linux kernel and completing a 3rd party security audit we believe the WireGuard protocol is ready for all IVPN customers. We have resolved all privacy issues identified when we first started testing it internally in May 2018 e.g.

With WireGuard many customers report significant speed increases and no packet loss when roaming across networks with mobile devices.

For more information see:

IVPN's Linux app (CLI) is out in open beta. Download the app directly from our website to start testing:

Feedback, error messages/logs are welcome - send them to support at along your distribution version.

You can also add issues on GitHub:

Here is some extra text about this development:

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