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An independent security audit of the IVPN apps for 2022 has concluded. Read our blog post for details and link to full report by @cure53berlin:

Four members of the IVPN team will participate in an AMA session starting this Friday 10am CET / 4am EST on /r/privacyguides. AMA runs for a couple of days. Drop by and ask away about our service, free access campaign for Ukraine, or anything else on your mind. @privacyguides

IVPN for Android v.2.8.3 is out with new port-based implementation for OpenVPN Multi-Hop, and additional ports available to select for WireGuard and OpenVPN connections. Full changelog:

We are attending Monero Konferenco on 18/19 June in Lisbon. Drop by to say hello and grab some gift cards or stickers. We also have two spare tickets to the conference: if you follow us already, would like to attend, and don't have a ticket yet, DM us.

More about Konferenco:

Latest version (v3.8.20) of our desktop apps are out with a number of improvements: display of server information for Multi-hop connections, UI and enhanced firewall rules updates, multiple fixes and more. Available through manual updates and our website:

Full changelog:

We are now official supporters of the BTCPay Server Foundation. We've been using @BTCPayServer to accept Bitcoin since 2019. No intermediaries, no information passed on to third parties - enabling sovereignty and privacy respecting payments.

We have added Lightning as a payment option to our checkout process today. Join us in using cheaper and instantaneous BTC payments:

This version is now available through our website or manual update request within the app.

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Latest IVPN for Desktop app version (3.8.7) is out.

Added in this release: Enhanced App Authentication (EAA), which uses a password as an additional authentication factor between the IVPN app (UI) and the daemon that manages the VPN tunnel. It prevents a malicious app from being able to manipulate the VPN tunnel without the user's permission.

A further addition is custom firewall exceptions: you can add a list of IP addresses/subnets that will be allowed through the IVPN firewall when enabled.

Latest version of our Android app (v2.8.2) is now available through F-Droid, with WireGuard Multi-hop and other improvements. We expect to get future Android updates out in sync with other channels.

An independent security audit of the IVPN apps for 2022 has concluded. Read our blog post for details and link to full report by @cure53berlin:

Our apps now support DNS over HTTPS (DoH) on macOS, Linux and Windows (8/10/11). This comes handy if you plan to use a custom DNS server instead of IVPN's. Learn more about DoH from our blog post:

This option is added to the latest versions of our macOS, Linux and Windows apps. Available through manual updates within the app or download from our website:

You can now generate IVPN config files for manual OpenVPN and WireGuard setups. Choose between single- or multi-hop, select one or multiple servers, pick a port and IPv4/IPv6 tunnel - your config file is now ready to use. QR code option for WireGuard.

This method is required for setting up VPN access manually, eg. using the native WireGuard client - you don't need config files to connect through IVPN apps.

Our team is ready to distribute more IVPN accounts to those in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. We have a dedicated submission form (UA/RU) up for those in need of a free VPN sub.

We have distributed hundreds of codes in the previous weeks, before pausing the program due to abuse. Now we aim to give out hundreds/thousands more.

We are ready to extend the free time on the accounts if the crisis in Ukraine and heavy censorship in Russia persists.

Link to the request page:

Custom DNS with DNS over HTTPS is now available in the IVPN for Windows app. Version 3.6.4 is out with update notifications going out today. This feature is only available on Windows 11.

Due to unexpected level of abuse we are pausing this offer now. Frankly, we did not expect people will spam and abuse a plan to support citizens of an invaded country. We know better now. We aim to restart this program very soon. Blog post updated.

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We are still offering free VPN access for anyone in Ukraine and Russia. We have servers ready not just in Kharkiv, but in other locations in the region (Helsinki, Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest).

We are extending this offer of free VPN service to anyone currently in Belarus. We are aiming to reach more people - please help us signal boost this offer. Any recommendations on spreading the word would also be appreciated.

We stand with Ukraine:

We support the right to self-determination and sovereignty of our Ukrainian colleagues and all Ukrainians. To assist those affected by the current conflict we offer free VPN access to Ukrainian and Russian citizens. Read our statement:

Join the IVPN team - we are looking for a Backend Developer. Linux, Golang, PHP 7, Laravel, SQL. Fully remote workplace, maximum freedom, minimum meetings. UTC-1 to UTC+3 time zones only. Apply here:

Port forwarding is now available for WireGuard connections.
To activate:
1. enable Port forwarding in your client area (if haven't already)
2. disconnect all active sessions
3. wait 10 minutes
4. reconnect using WireGuard
More in our release announcement:

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