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cops aren't workers // no more police unions

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This is wonderful to see. Now we organize to give it weight

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rules that federal employment discrimination laws protect LGBT employees

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We will pay that solidarity back and make people aware of how our government's investment and endorsement of Israel has enabled police brutality across borders.

Another world is possible.

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Around the world, folks have been not only expressing solidarity for the protesters in the US but also protesting against the police murders and brutality their countries face, such as the protests in solidarity with Iyad Hallak.

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Thousands of mourners massed for his funeral, as did both Jewish and Arab protesters in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, echoing the rage we have in the so-called United States against the murder of George Floyd.

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On May 30, 2020 the Israeli Police murdered Iyad Hallak, a 32-year-old autistic Palestinian man.

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12 Jun 1949 92% of 7000 striking brewery workers in NYC voted overwhelmingly to reject an improved offer from brewery bosses which was agreed to by union leaders the previous day. So they kept up stoppage until they got a better deal

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Terrified by our uprisings against the police, the racist Federal Bureau of Prisons has imposed a lockdown on jails and prisons nationally. Take action on twitter, by fax, and over the phone!

Details: tinyurl.com/BLMBehindBars

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Each essential worker should be in the essential union. @iww@twitter.com

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Big ups to our Fellow Workers for this Twitch fundraiser! Definitely check it out!!! twitter.com/iww_australia/stat

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Fellow wobblies overseas have just kicked off a 5 day fundraiser stream on twitch benefiting the IWW Freelance Journalists Union and the Industrial Worker.

With journalists under attack from rioting cops, now is a great time to support independent radical journalism.


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β€œWe’re the ones who made the food, nows the time that we eat too!” Rehire union @VoodooWorkers@twitter.com and stop union busting @VoodooDoughnut@twitter.com

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Essential workers are supposed to be exempt from curfew. These arrests are not mistakes. They represent NYPD's ongoing efforts to brutalize the city's working class and intimidate them out of ever attempting to fight back in the future. twitter.com/ABC7NY/status/1268

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some of our @dsa_lsc@twitter.com local NYC members have built this police scanner mapping tool to communicate updates to those on the ground

share it with comrades on the street so they can stay ahead of police movements!


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There's some awful stuff on the TL so have a picture of my sabotabby

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Breaking: NYS Judge James Burke rules NYPD can now keep anyone (peaceful protestors arrested for curfew and criminal looters) detained for over 24 hours given these are extraordinary times. β€œIt’s a crisis within a crisis", he said. "All writs are denied, BK, BX and manhattan"

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Received report of at least one Fellow Worker arrested in the Bronx tonight. Altogether now: FUCK THE POLICE! @iww@twitter.com

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