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Every Starbucks barista works harder, deals with more bullshit, and is 100x braver than every fucking pig in the United States.

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From London to Bristol to NYC we ! Long live Kurdistan! Boycott Turkey and smash Turkish fascism! Three banner drops were done to protest turkey at NATO today.

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THEY GOT $$$ FOR COPS BUT NOT FOR SERVICE || video via @socialmediabomber@twitter.com ✊🏽🌱

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@dgorganize@twitter.com @iwwnyc@twitter.com @iww@twitter.com To writers who both write the @iww@twitter.com out of the present and also those that think labor history started with the CIO:

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Friends don’t let friends write about the @iww@twitter.com in the past tense. Pass it on.

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This rings so true. If you’re looking to organize, reach out to us and you’ll find some solid allies ready to help!

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Starting a union is profound. And difficult, esp. in non-union sectors. Co-worker led and operated unionism doesn't mean going it alone. Reach out, many will stand w/ you. There's a lot to share and you'll help shape an even better body of knowledge for the next group of workers.

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FREELANCERS: Don't envy holiday office parties! Join us instead for holiday socials in Phoenix, Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, Madison, Grand Junction, France, the Philippines, and Portugal! DM us for details!

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'' the Game Wants to Teach About . The designer also included lots on @iww@twitter.com . Thanks to for giving a shout out to the @PlutoPress@twitter.com book of the World! vice.com/en_us/article/59nxgn/ via @vice@twitter.com

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