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Confucius did not speak of strange events, violence, riots and supernatural things. Twitter hard mode, if you will



A coherent theory of beauty is not something to take for granted

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[[paint me black angels]] [[andrés eloy blanco]]

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with the tones of my town,
with its angel of fine pearl,
with its half-haired angel,
with its blonde angels,
with its dark angels,
with its little white angels,
with its little indian angels,
with its little black angels,

let them go eat mango
through the slums of heaven.

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If there be a painter of saints,
if there be a painter of heavens,
let him make heaven off my land,
RT @GFdeVenezuela
"Pintor de santos de alcoba,
pintor sin tierra en el pecho,
que cuando pintas tus santos
no te acuerdas de tu pueblo..."

"... que cuando pintas tus Vírgenes
pintas angelitos bellos,
pero nunca te acordaste
de pintar un ángel negro…"

Píntame Angelitos Negros,
Andrés Eloy Blanco

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More unrealistic beauty standards for women 😤

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US Army and Red Army on the broken bridge over the Elbe River, April 1945

Every superhero in DC is part of the anti-horny police confirmed by the way
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Ok, now I need to know. @neilhimself is this true?

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The Book of Imaginary Beings, by Jorge Luis Borges (1957)

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"The suggestion of indiscreet posing in a revealing costume provoked a storm of outrage, and Sargent was obliged to leave the country."

Beauty as orthogonal to Ugliness
RT @ffelisberti
Article now online:
Experiences of Ugliness in Nature and Urban environments.
Rather than being the endpoint on an aesthetic scale culminating w beauty, ugliness seems to be experienced as an independent aesthetic experience w its own processing streams

RT @venepoetics
The poet Vicente Gerbasi with Gabriel García Márquez in Caracas, c. 1980s.

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