Unimpressed by the dark themes available for Linux desktops I decided to create a variant of the Numix theme that uses @tailwindcss@twitter.com colors - and it turned out pretty good: github.com/j6s/numix-tailwind

"Die beiden Agenturen haben wurden gemerged" ... "In business-deutsch heißt das glaube ich fusioniert"

Wenn Entwickler sich Unterhalten

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A group of hedgehogs is called an array, which means that everything in an array is a hedgehog, I don't make the rules

That funny moment when you are downloading a linux ISO at incredible speeds because you forgot that your NAS is seeding that ISO.

Hey @UnitymediaHilfe@twitter.com can I disable auto updates in my router? I am a big boy and I can update my devices myself.

Auto updating software is cool and all - but rebooting my router while I try to participate in an online conference is not so cool.

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Unbelievable. The Cryptographer’s Panel at @RSAConference@twitter.com 2019 is missing Adi Shamir (the “S” in RSA), who was unable to secure a US visa.

Adi in a video to : “Perhaps it's time we rethink the question of how and where we organize our major scientific conference."

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I have nothing against , but when some platforms start assuming that means Laravel, there's a problem with the ecosystem. That's not healthy.

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lol what a great definition of 'eventual consistency'

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Safe PHP. The library that you didn't think that you needed, until you saw that it's a thing: github.com/thecodingmachine/sa

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What reading other people's code feels like...

I just shouted **"What the fuck? There's windows on here?"** louder than I should have after powering on my old desktop.

I think my neighbors know now that I am not a fan of windows.

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. @CodingBlocks@twitter.com guys I didn’t know you were down in too! We should get together some time! I can convert you to ;) @jupitersignal@twitter.com

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I remember very clearly how scary the world seemed as soon as I started to learn about global conflicts and environmental damage as a kid. I still believed that I have a chance to grow old just like my parents and grandparents. Those kids are in a completely different situation.

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It’s unbelievable that students participating in climate change protests have to fight old farts telling them to go back to school.

Those kids are rightly scared that they won’t have a future. What kind of monster do you have to be to think they just want a day off?

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