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Ik kan hier dus veel te hard om lachen he :P

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Today Linux Journal shut its doors for good. All staff were laid off and the company is left with no operating funds to continue in any capacity... linuxjournal.com/content/linux

Been dabbling with a bit. Coming from laravel I can see how some dislike symfony - but thinking about midsized to larger aps I quite like the 'no magic' approach that symfony takes. Seems like a healthier way of building systems than "look, I can build something quickly"

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Amazing hack. Turning a MacBook into a Touchscreen with $1 of Hardware anishathalye.com/2018/04/03/ma

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This is just sickening and uncalled for.

This young black man was put on a leash while handcuffed between two mounted horses in Galveston, Texas.

This invokes painful imagery of slave catchers and runaway enslaved Africans.

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Wir präsentieren: Ein Video der Verkehrspolizei Freising bei der Fahrt zu einer Unfallstelle am Samstagabend auf der A9 Richtung München. Vielen Dank an alle die an dieser beispielhaften beteiligt waren.

I use a designated e-mail address for every service. In the last couple of days I have started to receive spam on hover@domain.com

@hover@twitter.com Do I have to be concerned?

Anyone in germany interested in buying a ThinkPad T470p {32GB RAM, NVMe SSD, i7 CPU}? It's a beast of a machine and I love it - but I need something smaller now.

Currently searching for a new [linux] terminal emulator that let's me quickly switch between light and dark themes - cause I prefer a light theme when on battery power.

Any recommendations?

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TIL /etc/services contains a list of known port numbers. Thanks @nixcraft@twitter.com!

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We have a million packages!


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I have no idea what I planted in my garden because I heard that using random seeds is more secure

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