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Solarpunk Druid

King Ghidorah is described as a three headed dragon, but he only has two legs. Therefore he must be a three headed wyvern.

walks into the scandinavian mcdjønalds

orders a hæmbjørger

(stolen from tumblr)

Fusion is just a cheap tactic to... Show more

Today I am learning about Victorian tea gowns and how they became an semi eroticised item because of their association with affairs.

for high quality news sources:

the wikitribune is from the founder of wikipedia and uses a groundbreaking system of collective community editing to ensure stories are as accurate, transparent and unbiased as possible.
The stories are always well researched, no editorializing and the titles are non click-batey and not misleading.

Please enjoy these splash screens for a hypothetical software offering from Suricrasia Online!

Website runs JS cryptocurrency miner to monetize site: "This is unethical!"

Website runs JS tracking software that violates your privacy in order to monetize using ad networks: "This is fine."

"I am afraid of conflict, and I do not want you to be angry with me"
Reasons I have not replied to your message:

i like the kind of programming where you get a block of memory and do things to it. you put numbers into the block, and you use numbers to select where youre putting them! anything more abstract seems insufficiently 'real'. if i call someone elses function, who knows what they may be doing with the bytes!!!! i cant trust em. i need to see the bytes

New cryptocurrency: The Fuck.

It's impossible to actually mine.

Purely for the purposes of having literally zero Fucks to give.

I think it’s important to quit framing Mastodon as a Twitter replacement. They both have different uses!

Mastodon’s where you go to build/find community in a decentralized space, while Twitter’s where you go to emulate the feeling of sticking your head into a boiling vat of cooking oil.

Its a weird thought, but Star Trek is kind of like my religion. Its a sprawling mythology containing mostly parables designed to teach personal and community values. These shows were my moral compass growing up, and I still find myself asking myself what Picard would do in tough situations.


What I say: I want to write a novel oneday

What I mean: I want my high concept idea for a novel to appear fully fleshed out with a story ark and characters without having to actually write the dam thing.

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Do the 3rd gen raspberry pi have the same issues mounting a usb hardrive as the 1st gens?
'Matt Mayberry, who works at a California startup called Dopamine Labs, says it's common knowledge in the industry that Instagram exploits this craving by strategically withholding "likes" from certain users. If the photo-sharing app decides you need to use the service more often, it'll show only a fraction of the likes you've received on a given post at first, hoping you'll be disappointed with your haul and check back again in a minute or two.'
This is terribly wrong.