hey #london people.
Friday, August 31st is the public full moon fire spin night at the oxo tower beach.

come along with a picnic blanket and snacks to see some amazing firespinners or join in yourself.

#london #firespin #firespinners #circus #circusTricks #openEvent #oxoTower #fullmoonfirespin #londonfullmoonfirespin

TFW you're noticing a steady uptick in not-CWed politics posts... :/
Guys, please, PLEASE respect the CW norms over here. It's so, so helpful to let people have the choice as to whether to interact with politics, rather than shoving it in their faces.

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Just so you know, this account is mostly for hash tag searching and posting.
For my everyday tooting please follow me on

And for my solarpunk/neopagan/herbalism/psychedelic specific posts you can follow me on

Welcome to all new users on mastodon.social, and all new users everywhere else on the fediverse!

@kev wrote an inofficial primer that you might find useful: kevq.uk/how-does-mastodon-work

@noelle wrote an inofficial FAQ you might find useful: github.com/joyeusenoelle/Guide

I hope you have a good time and stick around. :toot:

Wow, the wave last week seems to be turning into a tsunami...

hey everybody, I'm The_Gibson, owner and admin of hackers.town.

Feel free to homestead over here for a while if you wish. Our membership is currently open, and if it helps alleviate mastodon.social a little bit, all the better.

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@jackalope If global warming is real then why does the universe even exist to begin with? Take that science!

Good morning California how much of you is on fire today.

Every time you choose to install a new messaging app:

1) after hearing about how your current messaging app is giving out your data/insecure you look for a new app
2) you find an app people are all saying is better and secure
3)after adopting you then start hearing how this app is actually sucking up your data/insecure

Here is what you can do on mastodon.social now. Like a permanent follow friday, or myspace top 8, except 4 are displayed in random order out of however many you want.

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