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God of war spoilers, mimirs exposition Show more

Now ask yourself, could that person thrive so effectively in a democratic work environment?

Umbridge is so hated, moreso than the big bad of the series, because nearly everyone has had to work under someone like her. The bullying manager that makes your life hell. That use their slightly higher position in the chain to persecute those under them, and do so with legitimacy their position grants.

So hear me out

The character of Delores Umbridge is one of the best arguments for switching to cooperative business structures.

An internet user: "these memes don't reference a wide enough social reference point to be understood or relatable to anyone outside a very narrow base"

The guy about to invent mastomemes: "oh, haven't you heard?"

So, as usual I only get shreds of the current big discorse and drama, so here's what I pieced together:

We on mastodon are now at war with pleroma? Is that right?

So currently thinking of an spell combat system based off the tarot.
Each spell tree is based off one of the major arcana.
However at the start of combat your deck is shuffled and you randomly draw 3 cards.
You are limited to the spell trees those cards provide untill the end of combat.

My life would be a shit videogame.

It'd be like Amnesia, but instead of a "Sanity" meter, you would have a "Give a Fuck" meter, and as you go near things that stress your character out, instead of hallucinating and shit, you would just, like, lose control of the character and they would go home.

Not like, respawn, but like, physically get in a car and go back to their apartment while you watched.

Shit, all the current crop of privacy invasion scandals, and the invigorating investments in PWAs as an alternative to native apps, make me miss :firefox: #FirefoxOS a lot.

It was the perfect platform for it was easy to use, very private and PWAs would rock on it. The platform in its 2.5 version was pretty, nimble and had features such as add-ons which no other phone platform has.

What I wouldn't give for a modern phone running B2G with a modern Gecko...

hey and people. i know this is probably a question asked a million times:

what is a good quality microphone for doing show?

i have scraped together enough savings for a yeti usb microphone, but im wondering if there is something comparable for less?

Classism sux don’t take ignorance for maliciousness

also why do we have cyberPUNK and cyberGOTH

but not cyberPOPpunk or cyberPREP or cyberEMO or cyberJOCK

Be the decentralized open source solar punk that you want to see in the world.

Why not invest in my new crypto coin:

Marvel: Avengers infinity war is the most ambitious crossover ever.


ok, who would win Satsuki Kiryuin or Olivier Mira Armstrong?

Totally Original idea:
A monster movie but the REAL monster.... Is man!

I think I figured out why the PhD in choral composition is hard.

It has to be a PhD -- research, review of other work etc -- but it also has to result in art...

But the "literature review" portion isn't other people's composition PhDs. It's other people's art, or other people's musicology/history. I can work from other people's art (to say why it's significant), or from other people's musicology/history to inform my own art, but I don't have a bunch of access to others' research.

character design commission of a royal knight uniform for @faiyuuhi on twitter