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let's just stipulate to the fact i've had a reasonably interesting life so i can keep cracking jokes without needing to cultivate the language to discuss my personal experiences.

it's worked this far! :thinkhappy: 🐦

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hi! i am on vacation through the coming week and up to the PNW masto meetup set for next weekend. while on vacation i will be exclusively posting here. jokes and photos and musings, etc...

i won't follow back from this account during the vacation. my experimental goal is to briefly have zero TL feed -- consider this my modern way of sending post cards while otherwise unplugged. but feel free to comment or engage because we do like to have fun here!

see y'all soon!!

🌲 🌲 🌞 πŸŒ† :battery_full:

i would genuinely enjoy a 3 hour gremlins film that is just gizmo being happy and no gremlins are present

it is with a heavy heart that i report
Bobby Hill has become a Proud Boy.

this is canon.

his family asks that you respect their privacy as they process this (pro)pain.

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the internet is so incredible because without it i wouldn't have met this person who've i've been friends with for years who is so earnestly into shipping characters from local historical fiction and also night at the museum. thank you internet

mastodon is what happens when you record a bunch of leftists locked in a room for 8 months


Welcome, follow, and fear our newest member, @cryptoad.

@jackdaw_ruiz @ldopa it's a very high level area, I don't recommend going there until you have mostly endgame equipment

there is nothing i like more than threatening people online whilst being a 5'2 woman with no upper body strength or co-ordination irl

pleased to announce the results of my experiment 'can you send a dm to no one?' the answer is yes


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