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times are tough out there. everybody needs a side hustle.

me? i write erotic fiction for the sensual & horny libertarian demographic.

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CW sensual images to inflame the passions & stir the loins.

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remember, folks...


we're approaching the end of 2018 and you can STILL go into normie-internet and tell a joke where the punchline is "epic bacon lol." it will cause paroxysms of tearful laughter.

people will immediately kick open the door to your room, hoist your chair into the air, and carry you around while clapping.

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you laugh because im different...

i laugh because im remembering the part in Gremlins 2 where the bat-gremlin smashes through a wall and leaves a perfect Batman symbol-shaped hole behind

maybe the greatest contribution I will ever make to the world of art

i remember 3 months ago when id scrub my twitter weekly for personal details and agonize over posts in case they'd be judged and scrutinized, and here ive posted my mostly nude body, my ssn, and the phrase " piss" like 3 distinct times

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after much thought, i present to you all: the patricia elizabeth nickname prism (the plism for short)

Laser was 100% a name I went by IRL for like 5 years.

this is such a bad, bad, bad idea that i was fully distracted from realizing that putting mustaches on mugs is a real confusing choice right from the jump. :thaenkin: โ˜•

@codewytch I smell like orange blossom flower and disrespect for the American way of life :blobhug:

AC/DCโ€™s hit song โ€œBig Ballsโ€ is about The Orb.

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