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I'm a computer programmer, community organiser and digital rights activist based in Bangalore, India.

Growing up as a lonely, bullied kid in the 90s, I found solace in books, computers, and later, the online world. In my quest to find belonging, never quite fulfilled, I've been involved with various communities over the year. A biography in toots:

Good god, this discussion of's The Wall is nearly as fun as reading the book itself. If this is how online book clubs replace offline, the future is great.

Oh hey, computer programmers are not excluded. Authority knows best. Computer programmers will solve the problem. What is the big deal with a virus? Computer programmers ERADICATED corruption with Aadhaar and also solved everyone's money woes with fintech. Virus? Pfft.

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All you idiot professionals may please shut up. The authority has spoken. Salute to authority and editor who published this. We are not worthy.

Hacker News reacts to Netflix’s The Social Dilemma:

#1: “We need federated social networks. Mastodon!”
#2: “Stoicism is the answer, regulate yourself” followed by “seriously?”
#3: Uhh

I don't know why, but this ad on the Amazon India homepage has the vibes of a gutkha ad.

Maybe it's the dude in hospitality uniform pretending to look cool. Maybe it's the product name, trying too hard to sound cool. Maybe it's the cheesy FREE plastered on a credit product. 🤷‍♂️

Me: New season on Prime Video. Binge watch weekend!
Prime Video: New episodes Fridays.


So anyway, we got out of town for some quality grandfather-grand-daughter time. So liberating after six months cooped in.

Did you know? Optic fibre cable comes from trees in this part of the world. You can harvest a given length from the nearest tree, and in a few days a new tendril will appear in its place. So eco!

Design Twitter: what is the logic for circles for user pics? I remember when they first appeared on Google Plus as part of their "Circles" social grouping feature, and they were distinctly novel then, but now they are everywhere. All platforms have switched. How did this happen?

Everybody and their brother-in-law seems to be making those brass key things. What do you make of it?

If you don't have YouTube content restrictions wherever you are, the studio recording of Moun Madinina appears in this playlist:

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Several hours later, and I have an MP3! Success!

But what a shit world we live in.

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The music sales industry gave up on DRM and only sells DRM-free AAC/MP3 files, right? I can download this, right? Apparently not. "I must be signed into Chrome with the same account I'm attempting to download from." Okay fine, new login on the Chromebook, and the download works.

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NOW this is a challenge. I must have this track, and I have my last weapon. Some years ago I made a US Google account and put some money in it, expecting a day like today. Time to use it. VPN on. Account switched. Google Play Music has the song. The buy button works. Hurrah…?

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Eff you, Apple. Whatever magical UX quality existed a decade ago is long gone. Now it's just a buggy mess.

Next stop: The Pirate Bay! I'm done trying to give big corporations my money. But "no results found". Apparently no one cares for this artist. Same at Kickass Torrents.

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iTunes store search: no results found. This page is a web view? There's a little link at the bottom right to switch countries. Let's see: switch to US store and search again, and eureka, there's the song! With a buy button! Hit it and it's… "currently unavailable for purchase."

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Dead-end here. Okay fine, I still have a Mac lying around. Power that up. Open iTunes… which is gone? Oh, it's Apple Music now. Where's the store gone? Apparently nobody buys music anymore, because there's a checkbox in settings to enable the music store.

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Haha, we're not done yet. Indian Apple account can't open US store links. Apparently Apple fired all their QA engineers because attempting this totally broke the Apple Music app. For whatever reason I got a web prompt to login to Apple id from inside the native app.

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Apple wants to open the app for that, but I'm on a Chromebook. No app. Okay, I have an iPhone lying around. Let's see… no match found from the Apple Music app. Some wrangling followed to copy-paste the URL from Chromebook to iPhone. Will this work now?

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