In my blog: Going beyond a blacked-out image: thoughts on Black Lives Matter

In my blog today, with a podcast entry—‘Going beyond a blacked-out image: thoughts on Black Lives Matter’.

At Font Police: For the sheep Remember, to travel is to ewe. (It does pay to...

At Font Police: Truck that We next need to crack down on artificially stretching...

How to feel old: your next interviewee was born in the late 1990s.

In my blog: Online advertising dollars: Google’s cut from your work is 40 per cent

Dear Mastodon and Twitter stream, are vinyl LPs safe near dehumidifiers?

Just looks like a bigger Mokka–Encore–Trax to me. Makes no sense to take styling cues from a smaller car.

A load of emails sent in the last two hours.

How did I do it? I stayed off social media.

Australian bushfires! How can this year get weirder?

COVID-19: Hold my beer.

Pandemic! How can this year get weirder?

USA: Hold my beer.


As I have said so many times before, Google: f*** off.

Wish these bastards had an unsub link but I guess when you’re a monopoly, you don’t need to comply with laws anywhere.

I very sincerely hope the US doesn’t have the sort of June 4 that China once did.

Google Drive is so hard to use. I understand the cookie error, that’s my regular browser. The other is with a clean Opera browser, no blocks.

As some of you know, I am far from being a fan of D. Trump but I’m annoyed to read stuff like this. Proves again how works with Big Tech. This is from a friend of mine: try to like something of his, get your account suspended. Just one action is all it took.

When you pop down to see someone you know, and one half of the couple tells you that his wife has died … I thank my lucky stars I didn’t ask how. It’s a bloody tragedy.

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