Don’t quite understand how this works. Do cellphone cameras and the cellphone itself work on different time zones? Took this a few minutes ago.

Wish we had more dry and sunny days like this on this island.

Can’t work out in what circumstances shows the reply button below the Tweet instead of above. Pretty inconsistent UI. And I don’t have an 'app'.

Please support Craig in his fight for justice. Britain imprisons people for telling the truth, much like other oppressive régimes.

I’m often seriously tempted to block Gmail from our servers, since it’s just a giant spam shop. I’m sure we get hit with more Gmail spam than legit email.

I only stop because I have colleagues who use Google, but Gmail is a joke.

The Firebird a triumph for the Royal New Zealand Ballet and Loughlin Prior

The small-minded banks here penalize me for earning foreign exchange and helping with this country’s balance of payments.

If I was a hood, I’d be figuring out a way to get $4 million of gold through a traffic jam out of Torino. But I’m not, so I’ll do it my way.

"Die Verfolgung von Julian #Assange betrifft uns alle. Egal, ob man ihn Journalist nennt oder nicht - der Fall entscheidet darüber, ob die Pressefreiheit in Europa und USA noch etwas wert ist." @derspiegel

Bedrohung der Pressefreiheit: Assange ist überall… Nils Melzer (@NilsMelzer)

X-rays all good! Just have to keep taking the antibiotics and hopefully knock this bastard on the head.

Can any Aussies help this gentleman? I think he’s in Perth, and got a raw deal from his time in Australia.

‘I’m doing this free thing, but you need this app which no one has heard of.’

Can’t people just stick things on the web?

So there was a Wellington Festival of Fashion last week? Would have been nice if the fashion media knew.

Piki Poma creates sustainable fashion made from innovative recycled fibre

Paula Sweet’s latest collection rings out with colour

I wouldn’t turn over a book about Ardern any more than I would one about Collins. Guess I believe in the free market and the exchange of ideas more than some people.

**Who owns the rights to COVID vaccines?**

"Rich countries again fail to reach an agreement on what's called intellectual property."

#news #bot

If the banks here weren’t so useless at forex, I wouldn’t have to use

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