**The most plastic-polluted riverbed in the UK**

"Part of the River Tame in Greater Manchester is the most plastic-polluted riverbed in the UK, scientists say."


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In my blog: Cellphone apps: InShot’s Music Player may finally be the one; Über remains a total waste of time dlvr.it/RzdWjK

Then I learned it’s not even available in my area (despite my telling the app I’m in New Zealand), so that explains it. I’m at the railway station as originally planned, having missed the last two trains. Would have been at my destination by now if not for Über.

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Other half suggested I sign up to Über despite my resisting it for years, since today involves a bit of a tricky car pick-up for work. Took over half an hour to read the T&Cs, had to unsub from promos, then tried to get a ride. Can’t figure out where you enter the address! Useless program.

When I read the questions for the NZT&E export awards, I have to conclude these are geared toward big firms, not SMEs that have had their own inspirational successes. Pity.

**Vaccine patent debate: Choosing profits over human lives?**

"The US became one of the few Western countries to support waiving intellectual property for coronavirus vaccines."


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Have palette, will travel: Anastasia Beverly Hills preps summer 2021 palettes for take-off dlvr.it/RzXtHK

In my blog: There goes three weeks of ‘Changes saved’: another forgetful piece of software dlvr.it/RzVvQZ

When we get a comment like this on Instagram, I should report and block both the commenting party and the account they link, right? Is that the correct way to play the game?

Had to choose a photo from a 3×3 grid, and thank goodness the other person understood when I told him, ‘the Carol Brady box’.

Giving away a pretty expensive book to a friend who borrowed it from me a few years ago. Simple reason: who the hell typesets a print book in Georgia? Renders it useless as a book, and since my friend liked it …

Feels a bit creepy when a hacker attempts a password reset on your Twitter account.

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