needs to rethink their survey windows. At least let us resize them.

Observed some kids smoking marijuana out of their car at the beach today. Two interesting things: (a) they really liked Glen Campbell singing ‘Like a Rhinestone Cowboy’; and (b) Pineapple Express was right: they had a Lanos.

Thought I did this in 2012. And 2013. And 2014. And 2015. And 2016. And 2017. And 2018. And 2019. On every computer I own.

To the folks who complained about Gillette’s -supporting ads: their sales are up. So maybe they are resonating with a sizeable number of consumers who believe toxic masculinity exists.

It’s hard to lonely cope with the stresses of our era. All the moreso if we come from more reserved cultures where bootstraps and adventuring off alone to make good in the world are the (questionable) goal of upbringing.

We have to remember we don’t “deserve” our travails and not all calamities “build character”. It’s usually alright to fail. And failing doesn’t make us “a failure”.

And it’s even better to share struggles with people who care for us. This builds perspective and good cheer.

Dear Alt-Right, you are not right as in right VS wrong neither as in righteous! #equivocation

Trying to find inbound links to Autocade. In the old days, worked. It doesn’t any more. What’s replaced it?

Rihanna launches her first book, a visual autobiography, available as impressive limited editions

Are we trying to compete with Auckland on who has the lower voter turnout? At just under 32 per cent as of this afternoon.

Nice to see at not afraid to give a mayoral candidate with yellow skin some press, unlike some foreign-owned media I can name.

In my blog: Baojun doesn’t scream ‘premium’ and ‘next-gen tech’ to me

uspol, impeachment proceedings 

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