Rimmel London officially kicks off its anti-cyberbullying campaign with Rita Ora at launch dlvr.it/Qr353f

I wonder if Firefox has fixed that bug where the words repeated on a cellphone. They've had soso many weeks and numerous updates. Well, looks like the answer to thatthat isis nono. Back to Microsoft EdgeEdge thenthen, actually proving more reliable on a phonephone!

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Hands down, @VinayPatel@twitter.com's 'Demons of the Punjab' is the best episode of this season of so far.

got taken offline because the Pittsburgh synagogue murderer posted to it.

The Thousand Oaks murderer posted to Instagram, why’s it still up?

In my blog: Why paywalls are getting more prevalent; and The Guardian Weekly rethought dlvr.it/Qqvt5P

Reducing social media use to 10 minutes a day can help with loneliness and depression, says study. rt.com/usa/443598-social-media

I know I shouldn’t in 2018, but often I see laptop prices in the thousands and reject them on the basis of, ‘That’s a car.’

I’m still of the old school that thinks a decent laptop should cost less than a used car.

In my blog: The double standards on the Ross affair are equally to do with race dlvr.it/QqqVSN

‘I absolutely hate 90% of everything found on Gab. I would fight to the death for their right to say it.’—Peter Cohen


Not sure if the married MP Ross mentioned is being protected because of her status, but because of her race. @MsBevanChuang@twitter.com (mentioned in the story) never got to enjoy her privacy. We’re used to seeing in the immigrant community. noted.co.nz/currently/politics

Methinks it’s about time our government issued a travel warning about the United States.

They would issue one against another country with this level and frequency of mass violence.

Turn on the telly and there’s live coverage from California, and you think, ‘Oh, no, not another one. When will they learn?’

Met a real estate agent today with an old Toyota Camry. Actually felt more inclined to trust him than the flash Harrys with their Merc AMGs.

Funny how people are only now learning that this is normal for . ‘As they’re shutting down Google Plus, it is breaking more and more things inside YouTube.’ dexerto.com/entertainment/this

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