Really great to speak to a colleague I’ve worked with for over two years. We’ve only had email contact before now.

Never knew Wellington was on an island. Been getting it wrong all these years. Thank goodness this Czech site put me right.

I know we’re not cancelling Dr Seuss, but can we cancel the mispronunciation of his surname?

Even though I barely use it (because Facebook), I should downgrade my Instagram. I’m not interested in Reels or buying stuff through it, so I don’t need their icons at the bottom.

I don’t follow a lot of US shows, but I see Anna Faris is no longer on Mom. This is a bigger change than when Bea Benaderet died and Mrs Robinson from Lost in Space replaced her in Petticoat Junction. (We also know this means it’s the last season.)

That very talented friend of mine who had been job hunting since September 2019 has got a gig on her 98th attempt. She’s luckier than the person who got something after 150. Wish we didn’t make things so tough for our tall poppies.

Twitter wants us to read, then re-Tweet. Hoping to avoid having to pay Australian media?

Oh, it’s also forgotten how to switch languages. No, I haven’t changed versions or altered the settings.

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Anyone using the Swype keyboard on their cellphones? What do you do when it’s forgotten how to switch to emoji mode?

I’ve probably cut myself more cleaning cans for recycling than doing anything with knives in the kitchen.

Quite telling my phone just corrected Boris Johnson to Virus Johnson.

Someone else switched to about a decade after me. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Barely felt that one but my partner did. I was on the ground floor cooking a late snack so maybe that was why.

Went on the ‘Instagram’ for the first time in a few weeks. Not much happens there any more, eh?

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