Now I know why the film They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? has that title. Dark stuff in 1969.

Do not use Microsoft OneDrive unless you want your files deleted. Tried to get one file from the laptop on to the desktop machine. Turned on OneDrive on the latter. Got the file I wanted. Switched off OneDrive. Result: it emptied out my documents and pictures’ folders, a heap of desktop shortcuts, and text files saved to the desktop.

Hi folks,

Here’s a friendly reminder to:

Back up your PC and/or data.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Even a simple weekly copy-paste of your most important files onto a separate USB hard drive is good enough and much better than no backup at all.

Flickr is hopeless. And no, I didn’t have the wrong email address. I’ve even tried the one Flickr itself sent an email to in 2018. Just because someone hasn’t logged in in 15 years doesn’t mean you should lose their details.

Dead celebrities are returning. Richard Burton is haunting the pub nearest to Ogilvy’s office.

Hands you a bag of LEGO frogs
Hands you a bag of LEGO frogs
Hands you a bag of LEGO frogs
Hands you a bag of LEGO frogs
Hands you a bag of LEGO frogs

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I have finally finished replying to my emails from 2005. Now on to January 2006.

What has been the Mastodon and Twitter experience of Rug Doctor? Any good for serious food stains?

What numbers was Little polling at when he thought, 'They’re not rosy, I need to step aside for someone else to have a crack at it'?

On one day in 2005, Auckland Airport got fogged in and I could not return home. I said to another passenger, ‘This means I won’t keep up with my emails and it’ll take me ages to catch up.’ As of now I have one more email from 2005 to reply to. (The late emails have compounded.)

I don’t use Über, and I was surprised people were limited to using it twice a day!

A sea shanty written by a bot 

Put on his knee.
It's Fa-are ye well, my pretty maid?
Then off to sea.
And left me with a silver spade

Mark well what I say!
I took her hand upon your knee.
And as you went away--
But now I'm on board of the sea

Removed our old Pink Batts from the roof in anticipation of new stuff going in. But in the meantime, the air feels fresher and the rooms feel way more liveable. Wondering if we should even put in the new insulation …

**‘It’s genocide’: Protesters slam Israel, support Palestinians**

"From Amman and Baghdad to London and Berlin, thousands gather across the world to protest Israeli attacks on Gaza."

#news #bot

A year ago, it wasn’t easy finding a 24-inch QHD monitor, though I still managed to get mine. Now they seem more common, e.g.:

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