Be careful on our beaches this summer, especially with rips. This is speaking from first-hand experience and we were lucky enough to make it back on shore.

I absolutely love the kindness that Dad got while at CCDHB but it suggests that if these mistakes are made, then our doctors and nurses are being worked way too hard.

Just told a mate about the crappy discharge notes Dad had. He tells me it’s not just the elderly. He was in hospital for a heart issue in November, and the discharge notes were 100 per cent wrong when it came to something quite serious about his procedure.

His stroke of good luck: his wife is a senior nurse and has been able to fight to get the record corrected.

A Labour PM writing in the Torygraph? How long was I asleep? What year is it?

So much for Anniversary Day being one of rest. Four hours' sleep, a load of moving, and painting.

Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump/Russia Story #intercept #news

It meant having Donepezil on his discharge notes in December 2018 was a waste of time (on the latter I had already said that) when it was not a medication that had had any effect—as I said at the time. Record-keeping in our health system is utter shit.

People, I’m not a doctor, I don’t remember the names of all the meds. It meant that the suggestion of 2018 of ‘trying Donepezil’ was a waste of time.

Found one old prescription for Dad from three years ago saying he had been on Donepezil. No one in the entire hospital system had any record of this, even though it was prescribed by a hospital psychogeriatrician.

Yesterday, on Windows, to get the emoji keyboard, it was Windows key–full stop.

Today it ain’t, so what did it become?

After saying I would not get a laptop without a DVD drive, I am getting a laptop without a DVD drive.

Nothing like a deadline to keep you up.

Bedtime in about half an hour.

Then getting up early to drive the other half somewhere.

Come back, summer, we were only kidding when we said it was too hot.


Three-legged dancing lessons are coming to Whangārei

If they ever make a sequel to the Ex Machina film with Alicia Vikander, they could call it (with the misspelling) Deux Ex Machina.

Chinese envoy to Canada warns against any future Huawei 5G ban

China's envoy to Canada on Thursday warned Ottawa of possible repercussions if it banned technology firm Huawei from supplying equipment to Canadian 5G networks, in the latest blast in a deepening bilateral dispute.

I’ve been shopping with PB since they were at the old Vivian Street store (in fact, the desktop I am using now was bought there and been upgraded hugely over the years). But I’ve bought my next laptop at Just Laptops. Couldn’t find something at a decent price at PB. Guess they’re creeping up in price because they’ve managed to get a decent share of the market now.

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