"Citing sources from Amazon’s A9 search team and the company’s lawyers, the WSJ report claims #Amazon tweaked the search algorithm from showing the most relevant products to “featured” ones." https://gizmodo.com/amazon-reportedly-changed-its-algorithm-to-favor-most-p-1838155837

In the real world, Facebook has already told us that hate speech is permitted as ‘counter-speech’ and it is quite happy to monetize this for its shareholders.

Sorry, Facebook can say what it likes about the Christchurch call but I have yet to see them back up any of their statements with real action. I don’t believe leopards change their spots. odt.co.nz/news/national/facebo

Bojo and : basically, he means ‘one country, two systems’. Where have I heard that before? This isn’t Churchillian, it’s a page out of China’s book. ft.com/content/723ac4ce-d973-1

RIP Sir Michael Edwardes. When you look back at his time at BL, he really took no shit. When he took the job, he was my age—all the more impressive. aronline.co.uk/people/michael-

Could be worth checking this setting on Google. I never turned it on, but it was on by default.

Genuinely surprised I had a YouTube account, considering I made it a point never to merge our old (pre-2006) account with . Even then I was concerned about .

I’ve read some BS in my time but I can say first-hand that this is a total crock of shit.

How to not get a good night’s sleep: talk about the ending of Nic Roeg’s Don’t Look Now with a mate overseas.

Big thanks to @shopstyle@twitter.com and @VigLink@twitter.com for coming back to me and sorting out why my Facebook link on Autocade was getting redirected.

Since Dad’s Alzheimer’s worsened, I’ve thought about that night a lot. We hadn’t planned that this was the trip out of HK permanently, even though we had applied to come here (a green card for the US was already granted). No one could ever have foreseen how things played out.

First night in NZ, 43 years ago. Dad put me to bed. He was probably more tired than he let on. I was allowed to look at two Corgi Mercedes models that my grandmother gave me at the airport before I fell asleep. Lights out.

Nice cover by Ricky Hui of one of his brother Sam’s songs, from a 1992 TV special. youtube.com/watch?v=rhwLER_uX4

Sent my cousin a birthday note to her general work address.

If she was keeping her 50th a secret from her staff then oops.

At this time 43 years ago, my parents and I would have been at Sydney Airport awaiting a flight to Wellington.

Weather here was a lot shittier this day in 1976.

Didn’t get a chance to buy 月餅 last week. Might have to go to Yan’s and see what’s left. Though they never give me a whānau discount.

As far as replicants go, the one they have in 10 Downing Street isn’t a very advanced model.

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