Looking around, I still appear to be the only person uploading videos of longer than one minute in landscape format into Instagram. Thought they had rolled out longer videos to the general public on IGTV but they all seem to be portrait.

The cleaners might be coming tomorrow.

I had better clean.

Anyone know if we can get 1843 magazine in Wellington? Wouldn’t mind giving a retailer some profit instead of subscribing.

Further to my Tweet yesterday, here’s a page by @metoopropecia@twitter.com on the dangers of , and there are no known cures. Beware. pfsfoundation.org/about-pfs-po

The other half bought some tarakihi. Label says ‘Allergens: contains fish.’ No shit.

Warning to anyone considering . I was a man who did consider it when I started losing my hair. I had heard of potential side effects downstairs but nothing like this. Sounds like I was better off not having ever touched it. t.co/L3h4dSMVg3

In both cases, they meant, ‘The entire place is closed.’ Instead, I found myself arguing with a guy with an accent whose English is clearly shittier than mine over ambiguity. And clearly none of the other drivers in the drive-thru agreed with him.

Stop arguing. Take some responsibility. Listen to your customers. I’m trying to get some breakfast at 3 p.m. because I’ve had errands to run the entire day, not argue about your inability to use the English language.

Wish signs were clearer. In 2016, in Taupo, ‘drive-thru closed’ did not mean the main restaurant is open. Today, in Kilbirnie, a sign with ‘closed for unexpected maintenance’ hanging on the first drive-thru window did not mean the second window was available.

Any friends in Wellington with a paper guillotine that cuts A3? I could go to friends in the printing trade, but seeing as this isn’t stuff they’ve done … and Warehouse Stationery says they won’t as a matter of policy.

Happy 48th to the première of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. @jmkarmstrong@twitter.com

If you’d like to read in a gay relationship for Bert and Ernie, you should. And if you don’t wish to, then don’t. As a child I thought of them like Eric and Ernie (remember, their on-screen characters shared a bed), but my perception isn’t more valid than someone else’s.

Why is Brash getting any air time at all? It’s 2018, isn’t it?

Turned the air con in the car on for the first time since early autumn.

teaming up with is a rotten idea—I don’t want my data given to some dodgy American company. Awful idea, Renault—from a customer so loyal to you that he shipped in his own Mégane!

Feel a bit sorry for Hello World when its promotional email has broken links.

WOW Creations’ Emmy suite: a harvest of natural delights dlvr.it/QkZWK9

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