You appear educated. Then you use learning in the plural.

What a coincidence. Twitter doesn’t complain of being over-capacity normally, but will regularly do so when you untick your advertising preferences (which they shouldn’t be collecting if you’ve opted out).

In my blog: In the ‘I told you so’ department: Facebook purges left-wing, anti-war accounts

Anyone want a few dozen copies of ? I don’t mean the TV series with Aidan Gillen. These were pulp fiction periodicals my parents used to read. Since they started in the 1970s, they have some adult photos in there, too, not that that should be the reason anyone wants them!

In my blog: Like communist dictatorships, Google and Facebook threaten Australia

My one criticism of Australia’s proposal to charge Google and Facebook for using media content: the bar for what constitutes a media business is too high. Independent media with high standards really might not make A$150,000 in revenue per annum.

At least the EU has some bollocks in trying to deal with the US Big Tech monopolies.

You can drive all the way home from Ōtaki and it’s plain sailing till you hit the suburbs and a Volvo S60 driver who doesn’t know how to pass a parked car safely and almost causes an accident …

If Marty caused $300 damage to Biff's car, wouldn’t Biff just buy another car? It’s 1955. A '49 Ford can’t cost that much.

A fly tried landing on my head and I’m not Mike Pence.

Burger Fuel: burger looks pretty much as described. McDonald's: burger looks a third of the size of the photo's one.

continues to take the piss. This was one of the bots I reported. It’s been given the all-clear. Folks, the profile photo has an Adobe watermark on it.

Hey Twittersphere, maybe some of you can help. Anyone at a company in Wellington who has a sustainability manager, or a marketing manager whose responsibilities include CSR? Looking for interviewees as part of an international study.

Are there any humans joining any more, or just bots? Pretty much all I see in the group queue are bots, many of which use the same software. Facebook leaves the overwhelming majority of these (over 90 per cent) alone when reported.

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