Can’t wait till the US elections are finished. How many decades have their campaigns run for?

Had no idea TV2 stopped programming at night. I assumed there would still be something on. Logical question: do they play the Goodnight Kiwi?

Rather nice at the airport today: no security! Like flying in the old days.

Paul & Shark turns seconds into unique retail items, saving them from destruction

Northern lights: over the years it has become fashionable to seek medical treatment while combining it with a holiday. Nordesthetics Clinic in #Lithuania might be one of the more exotic destinations for plastic surgery #plasticsurgery

Diving in, head first: entrepreneur Joseph Andrews launches a people-powered enterprise that gives style-conscious guys the products they really want and thoughtful direction on how to look their best, reports Elyse Glickman #hair #haircare

Nice to look back through your photos and reminisce about where you’ve been.

They can, however, go to funeral directors, their mechanics to get their MOTs, hardware shops, bicycle shops, banks, post offices, and livestock markets, but for God’s sake, don’t buy those non-essential items!

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Don’t fully get this but as part of their lockdown, the Welsh now can’t buy ‘non-essential’ items at their supermarkets.

My neighbour has removed his specially made ‘Crusher for PM’ sign off his pick-up truck.

We continue our serialization of travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel Hack Is Back, his sequel to The Hacker. Chapters 4–7 are at and chapters 8–11 at

Versace Dylan Turquoise for her launching October 25; Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid front campaign

Beauty round-up: Living Nature’s new releases, Lancôme grows its own roses

Gastro Garage: passing the torched—Adam Manacker and Stewart Levine rev up their one-of-a-kind ‘dinner and a show’ concept for diners looking to get out and explore something new after a subdued summer, reports Elyse Glickman

Happy birthday to us! Twenty-three years ago, we went live at midnight NZDT.

Found the first version of Zoom I installed, from March 2018. Could barely remember doing so! Shows how little I used it prior to it become so commonplace in 2020.

When Vogue first went online, they advertised in Lucire. Made a few bob off them and they paid for some of my food, or, as I call it, Condé rice.

Overtaking me at 80 in a 70 zone without indicating isn’t cool, and police livery on your Holden doesn’t exempt you. The six idiots who followed you now have it in their heads that 10 km/h over on a long weekend is fine.

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