What’s a good video editing suite, not too pricey, that can do the basics? Just want something that can do reasonable titles, insert little segments, cut out annoying bits. Pinnacle looks good, but how’s Corel Video Studio?

Some twitter v. Mastodon tips for all of the lovely new tooters:

When you like a tweet on twitter, a swarm of AIs spin into action, analysing every aspect of the tweet and trying so desperately to find the matching tweet to show you next that will keep you scrolling, lest their masters decommission them in favor of a new version.

When you fave a toot on Mastodon, there aren't any AIs; you just made another human being across the world feel nice.

If I'm correct, based on recent patterns (API outages for one hour, 12am, then 6am), in 15 minutes the #twitter streams/ing API will go down again. It's the final straw, sure, but we're still developing the substitutes for it, based on #pleroma and #disapora

Panos Emporio creates hotel toiletries’ range with organic alœ vera dlvr.it/QgHnFL

AFAIK this is the first published review of the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Strength & Grace. How interesting that News is not picking it up, because it’s probably waiting for mainstream media to run something. Google isn’t meritorious, and hasn’t been for ages. lucire.com/insider/20180817/ro

Awkwafina: working among #CrazyRichAsians

lucire.com/2018/0817ll0.shtml @CrazyRichMovie@twitter.com @awkwafina@twitter.com #BTS

Good hosts New Zealand Fashion Week’s first sustainable style show dlvr.it/QgBsDs

Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Strength & Grace marks 125 years of women’s suffrage with four poignant premières dlvr.it/QgBjMT

@facebook@twitter.com And no, I can’t see any stats on my own page, though I can see the stats of a page I have no role on, which begs two questions: (a) why do we even bother with Facebook pages now they don’t work; and (b) who are you showing my stats to? jackyan.com/blog/2018/07/the-d

How do you view your content on a @Facebook@twitter.com page again? You used to just visit the page but I guess there’s a trick now. (Yes, I have tried reloading.)

I've requested my #twitter archive (over half a million tweets). They cannot be trusted for anything, either as/by developers or as "users". Export function might be the next one to silently go...
This place isn't Twitter, it's our own space we've carved out of the tech-giant-run, abusive internet. If you come here expecting this to be Twitter and for everyone from Twitter to be here you need re-evaluate how you think about things.

We are different here.

Microsoft boffins say I can access the Command Prompt and Control Panel by right-clicking the Start menu. I can’t see either. Do you have to be a psychic medium to detect them, or are there some drugs you can use? filestore.community.support.mi

In my blog: In line with what I discovered in 2011: Google tracks your location even after opting out dlvr.it/Qg2B11

Michael Kors launches third-generation smartwatches, including new Runway model dlvr.it/QfysYX

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