How much should a 1999 Sealy Posturepedic Premier Ultra Plush Pillowtop queen-size bed and base go for? Any thoughts? (Thinking of selling.)

Sunday visit: they’ve only recovered one of two dentures for Dad. No one thought that he still can’t have solids. And what the hell have they done with the second denture? They claim it was cleaned, so where is it? Was he to starve if I never visited?

In my blog: A chain of events that led to my Dad being effectively starved today

Today, effectively starved my Dad.

Took his dentures last night, didn’t return them.

Then said to me he hadn’t been eating today.

And yes, I do know the libel laws.

In my opinion, if you back out of what is a reasoned, civilized discussion without resolution, then it tells me that you much prefer obsessing about what you hate than wanting to move forward. In such circumstances I may respect your beliefs but I don’t respect you.

A piece from Nikolaj Stagis that’s well worth reading—especially about authenticity and the shifting of a company’s purpose.

Spoiler alert: the Christmas cross at Mt Vic is what happens to Jesus at Easter.

A reminder to live life properly—and you know, sometimes you have to ignore conventional wisdom and go with your gut. If there’s one thing they both set a great example for, it was that.

My Mum never smoked a day in her life, got lung cancer. My Dad was doing my books and tax returns till about three years ago, got Alzheimer’s. You can take all the advice in the world but sometimes shit happens.

I know I Tweet fairly prolifically. I just didn’t expect to be one of the more prolific Tweeters. And that’s really sad.

I want to thank the HCAs, nurses and doctors in Ward 6 East where Dad had to stay for over a week. Thoroughly professional.

Dad is now in a dementia unit at Whitby while we wait for a room at Pōneke House. Saddest thing is a former pianist who now just shouts numbers. Dad’s not thrilled about being there.

Peter Capaldi introduces Jenna Coleman at the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards.

There are so few new posts on my Tumblr feed now.

Looks like Verizon shot itself in the foot. Sure you can monetize the site but you won’t make much if no one’s posting.

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