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Hi! :toucan: I'm a professional from , , Currently living and working in , . Mostly doing graphics and for and , plus some , and .


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Wooow 😮 I had no idea what 's width tool did until now. I wondered for so long why there were only five line width profiles.

Coming back to after a hiatus and I finally figured out how to set up the environment with and in . I get a little adrenaline every time I call a function and *don't* get an error. 🤓

Ah ok, I have to import the objects from the blend file, not just meshes. Unattached meshes become orphan data.

Except I can't seem to import meshes from other .blend files, they just don't turn up in the scene. Maybe it's borked?

Finally downloaded 2.8 beta and opened it for the first time...
oh my GAWD :blobaww:
This is pure joy.

I just made a simple theme for without syntax highlighting!

I was all for syntax highlighting until I realised that if regular books had it they would actually be harder to understand 🤓

Can someone recommend good file sharing ? I want to drop , , etc for delivering items to clients.

Since leaving I rediscovered for reading . It's pretty much the same but without the inane comments. 😜

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