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Hi! :toucan: I'm a professional from , , Currently living and working in , . Mostly doing graphics and for and , plus some , and .



i am now taking commissions for freelance video editing work

i have over ten years of experience

if you've ever seen that "CYBERPUNK IS NOW" video, i'm the one who made that

you can view my portfolio at verticallyalignedcarbonnano.tu

and i can be contacted at

boosts very much appreciated!!! :boost_ok:

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Designer and developer, living aboard a sailboat — Drifting somewhere in the South Pacific ocean. 100% solar powered, building FOSS and Raspberry Pi projects.

#vegan #solarpunk #nomad

There was interactive PDF I gues, but that died with Flash.

Amazing there's not a standard document-with-embedded-video file format to this day.

Was taking minutes in orgmode. My client saw and was like what's that, hipster notes?
Yup, pretty much.

Does anyone know some video presentation software? For like simple cueing and looping videos.

"GNU Parted" or "how to brick a disk in 10s or less"

Yay, new 4TB HDD.
What's the best filesystem to go between Linux and MacOS?

Any other recommendations for distributing a file system across several HDDs?
Else I’m going back to ham-fisted rsync and building shell scripts around that.

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I’m so done with git-annex acting like a mysterious goop that fills up my hdd and not giving any output when I poke it and ask why.

Shaders turned out to be super intuitive once I got the basics down. The tutorials on were super clear. I went from nothing to making an interactive visual installation for our event (using touchdesigner for input processing) in about 5 days.

Turns out it just needed a little lube. Everything works better with a little lube.

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