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“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

अच्छे दिन आने वाले हैं…😛😝

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Xi has a CD made in Wuhan...
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NSA Ajit Doval declared that "New India" would take a fight to foreign soil. "Sources" quickly clarified he wasn't referring to China!

What then did he mean?

a. India wouldn't take fight to foreign soil?

b. Would take fight abroad, but not to China?

India Ranks Behind Pakistan, Nepal in Mobile Data Speeds: Ookla Welcome to ,...

Uttar Pradesh: 16-year-old girl shot dead in Firozabad after she objects to eve-teasing Riot Party's new Model State under Bogi Adityanath.

Get to know about getting married under Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act?
Ease of Doing Business for Sanghi Terrorists illustrated.

Good Morning all - Enjoy your Saturday and Have a Great Weekend :)

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