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“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

Image of poster morphed to read 'Brahmins are foreigners, their homes have ACs' - Alt News Sanghi Lie MAchine at work...

...if the road to your home is not done well, this is what it takes....

Not just Sorry Savarkar, but every other prisoner went through the torture, many protested and were subjected to even more torture and hundreds were hanged. But only Sorry Savarkar wrote merry petitions.
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80,000 prisoners were lodged in Cellular Jail (Kaala Paani), during 33 yrs of its operation & only one of them wrote mercy petitions to the British, that too 9 times, assuring no revolt. He was Savarkar!


Nehru is responsible for this loss...
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I feel bad coming back with nothing. Wanted to return with a medal. I got support from the nation. It was manipulated (decision) & cheating. I won the 1st 2 rounds(in Round of 16 clash)& how can I lose then. I want to apologise to the country: Mary Kom, in Delhi

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No enquiry against Devinder Singh because an enquiry will expose the masterminds behind ...

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Devinder Singh, the infamous DSP of J&K police, who was accused of having terror links, was dismissed from the service on 21 May.
The government decided that "in the interest of the security of the State, it is not expedient to hold an enquiry in the case of Mr Devinder Singh."

Nehru is responsible for this loss...
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: Indian boxer Pooja Rani loses to Li Qian of China 0-5 in women's middleweight (69-75kg) quarter-finals. (ANI)

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Herschelle Gibbs Claims BCCI Threatening Him Over Kashmir Premier League
This is till there but talks of only BCCI threatening, stops short of naming Jay Shah
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The page has disappeared. But I have screenshot.

The 4th tweet of this Thread is the most important....
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Just some financial advice, burnt my fingers due to lack of proper guidance early on.
1) Never mix insurance and investment products
2) Take term insurance , medical insurance separately & don't mix these two as well

Over 9 lakh kids, most from UP, acutely malnourished | Smriti Irani admits in Rajya Sabha

Every supporter/voter of the Riot Party should realize that one day, the goons of Riot Parity will come after them too....
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Though it doesn't happen often, it is amusing to see the right-wing lynch mob on social media go after their own. An organised, paid workforce was created to hound and bully every critical voice, not fully anticipating that voices within won't be spared either.

Pegasus: French cybersecurity agency confirms presence of spyware on two journalists’ phones

Forgotten the ...?
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Ram Mandir Scam: Sultan Ansari bought land from Kusum Pathak for Rs 2 crores. Ram Mandir Trust bought the same land from Ansari 5 minutes later for Rs 18.5 crores. The witnesses to both deals are same; Anil Mishra, Ram mandir trust member and Rishikesh Upadhaya, mayor of Ayodhya

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