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“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

When someone thinks with the Chaddi inside, it is all .... 😝
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Jaishankar Says COVID-19 'Exposed' India's Health Facilities, but Blames Previous Govts via @thewire_in

He is a Total Failure not just on Health but also in Economy, Development and even Governance. But is all out to blame his team and protect The Tyrant.
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“Modi needs a new team. Unless the PMO wants to keep running India”

Our Political Editor DK Singh @dksingh73 writes

He will not...
Venktata Subba Rao, Manjuath and Punit
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3 arrested in Bengaluru for extorting money from Covid-19 patient for ICU beds. Someone please ask @Tejasvi_Surya to read out the names of the accused.

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In the guise of exposing corruption, HateMonger Tejasvi Surya is back to his communal tricks

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The Riot Party MP from South Bangalore is on a Hate Mongering mission as always even in times of Pandemic...
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BBMP JC Sarfaraz Khan who is in no way associated with war-room dragged into bed scam by @Tejasvi_Surya & team. JC posts a note sharing his pain on FB.

We are all struggling to find beds, instead of helping us, Surya is causing more pain. Can't tell you how sick I feel.

Foreign Covid aid reached India on April 25. Centre took 7 days to notify SOP as oxygen crisis deepened The Tyrant's Minimum Government has become NO Government now...

Still preparing.....
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Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta says, the centre is preparing a module on oxygen delivery and putting in its best effort to meet oxygen demands.

@AnushaSoni23 shares more details with @shreyadhoundial

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Yogi Adityanath : Help desks for cows in every Uttar Pradesh district | Top Priority for Bogi

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In Varanasi, BJP won only 8 out of 40 seats in the Zila Panchayat. In Ayodhya, it got 6 out of 40 and in Mathura, 8 out of 33 seats.

Dr Quack and Master Quack never planned to vaccinate everyone - so they did not plan for it. Instead thought of Exporting and claiming some Fame & Propaganda to Glorify the Tyrant - that explains the Vaccine shortage today.

The Tyrant and Riot Party did not lose any elections... They will Punish you with Price and Tax hikes...

The Tyrant and his loonies have made India a pitiful laughing stock in front of the World...
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Covid-19 task force didn’t meet for months. His health minister assured the public in March that India had reached the pandemic’s “endgame.”

Now, a second wave has made India the worst-hit country in the world.

Jaishankar is no more a diplomat or a professional. He is 's protegee not and guided by the Riot Party's IT cell. So expect him to behave that way only
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It’s difficult to escape the fact that @DrSJaishankar was lying about the Philippines not needing oxygen. It’s a lie with far too many holes: to start, they actually opened the gates for the IYC volunteers. So if the man would lie about this, can he be belie…

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Know why the British shifted the Capital of India from Calcutta to Delhi 200 years ago...

Riot Party's Top Alliance Partner
'Sorry, EC can't talk for obvious reasons'

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