Git is kinda hilarious, tbh.

They want to allow writing subcommands as whatever, including as shell scripts. So they add some helper subcommands.

But what if your shell doesn't have a `getopt` (not that getopt is good)?

Well, they decided they'd need something for that. And apparently they didn't want to make it its own subcommand, so they stuck it in...

git rev-parse

Yes, `git rev-parse --parseopt` can be used to parse arbitrary options and prints posix sh code to set variables. They put this in the command that was originally meant to give you a sha for a revision description like `HEAD~~~` or `develop^` or `pr@{5 minutes ago}`.

Guessing because that already had not just `--show-toplevel` to give you the top level directory of the repo, but also `--show-cdup` to allow your shell to `cd` into it.

1, 2, 3 - kickflip🛹and cross the EU border freely.

European skateboarders performed their tricks at the 🇪🇪-🇱🇻 border, proving that borders in the #Schengen area only exist on maps.

The free movement of people, goods and services is at the heart of our Union.


#OnThisDay in 1952, the path to the EU began.

We mark 70 years since the Paris Treaty entered into force, establishing the European Coal and Steel Community.

🇧🇪🇫🇷🇮🇹🇩🇪🇳🇱🇱🇺 were the first countries to come together as a united Europe following the devastation of war.


Would you be willing to let your landlord go through all your personal belongings, every single day, selling what they learned about you in return for free rent?

If not, then don't let Google do the same thing for "free" email.

More than 80% of marine litter is plastic. This impacts not only the marine environment, but our health too.

Our goal is to reduce the plastic waste in our oceans by 50% and microplastics by 30% by 2030.


#EUGreenDeal #PlasticStrategy

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L’Europe veut promouvoir les communs numériques.

Wikipédia, Linux, OpenStreetMap et Open Food Facts sont cités en exemples par le rapport du groupe de travail sur les communs numériques de l'Assemblée numérique de l'Union européenne.

L’Union européenne a réuni les 21 et 22 juin à Toulouse son Assemblée numérique.

The EU's firefighting fleet is ready to help EU countries fight forest fires.

12 firefighting airplanes and 1 firefighting helicopter will be ready for deployment this summer.

Thank you 🇭🇷 🇫🇷 🇬🇷 🇮🇹 🇪🇸 🇸🇪 for hosting the #rescEU firefighting fleet.


We should remember the past to build a better future.

On #InternationalArchivesDay, discover our archives to navigate the story of more than 70 years of European integration

The EU past and present are free to download via our AV library →


Les wikipédiens, ces héros discrets: deux jours après la nomination d'Elisabeth Borne comme Première ministre, son article dans Wikipédia est passé de 18 à 37 langues

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Youth Orchestra performs "Ode to Joy" in the
hemicycle, after citizens and Conference co-chairs handed over the final report to the three Presidents.

Download the Conference on the future of Europe report via the link in the video.

#EuropeDay #TheFutureIsYours

Today is #EuropeDay.

It marks the 72nd anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, a starting point for the EU as we know it today.

Only through unity and solidarity are we able to maintain the European project. Together we are stronger.

🕊 The 🇪🇺 EU was born out of a desire for peace.

Promoting peace and security and respecting fundamental rights and freedoms are some of the European Union’s aims and values.

👇 Our #EUDataCrunch highlights how the EU has been promoting peace and stability globally.


We are on #Mastodon!

You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 EU policies in a privacy-focused environment.

Follow us 🔗


The proposals include, among others:

🔹European minimum wages
🔹Guaranteed access to healthcare
🔹Accomplishing the green transition


📷 EP: Michel Christen

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Hah, the European Union just launched a Masto instance and a Peertube instance XD

Hey there Fediverse video fans!

The European Union has just set up its own official #PeerTube instance at:

Here are some of the video accounts you can follow:

EU Data Protection Supervisor at @edps

EU Space Programme at @euspa

EU Fundamental Rights Agency at @fra

EU Translation Centre at @cdt

Here's one of the videos by the EU Space Programme about climate change in the arctic:

#EU #EuropeanUnion

Why are bike so cool? Boost plz 

@jack Bikes are probably the most energy efficient method to move between two places ever invented. It beats out most animals, let alone other larger human designed transportation.

Ouverture de l’offre publique FTTH FDN 🥳 🍺 🍾 🎉

Le 26 mars 2022, lors de l’AG FDN, nous avons décidé de l’ouverture de l’offre publique FTTH FDN via la collecte Kosc-Ielo.

Tout n’est pas encore parfait au niveau des commandes de lignes et nous tenons à préserver nos bénévoles au support : nous allons donc procéder doucement 😎

La suite ici ⬇️

This #article by @solene makes me want to use #OpenBSD more.

What #security does a default OpenBSD installation offer?

So many basic #features; like #swap being #encrypted by default, web browser not being able to access my documents, server software running under #chroot seems like a common sense; but #Linux distros don't have them; at least not by default.

It requires many steps to be taken to set these up. But OpenBSD has them by default.

Secure by default. Nice. 👍

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