OMG, am dying!!!

Someone used the bug GitHub refused to fix, that allows you to add a commit to a repo you don’t control... to upload YouTube-dl to the DMCA request repo on GitHub.

TIL There was fast food in medieval Europe

"The one commercial product that was cheap, readily available, and not immediately perishable, was bread, which formed the mainstay of their diet. Flour also formed the basis of a wide variety of prepared foods, most of which were sold hot, which means that they were meant for immediate consumption."

Un professeur tué par un terroriste. Combien de victimes supplémentaires par la ?



Today I learned that the service dog emoji 🐕‍🦺 is constructed by combining the code points for the safety vest 🦺 and the dog 🐕 with a zero width joiner.

Unicode lets us dress dogs. It's blessed.

Cloud Act n'est pas compatible avec le RGPD. [...] Le FISA (Foreign Intelligence Service Act), qui est largement utilisé, permet de mettre en place une surveillance sur les données d'étrangers, même hébergées hors-usa. Il n'est pas exigé que cela soit justifié par une enquête en cours. Le but de la surveillance peut être purement politique ou commercial. cf. Mr Frédéric Pierucci

"feu vert" : Wire, Tixeo,, Jitsi-Netways et Werk21
"feu rouge" : Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype ou Zoom.
La @CNIL allemande a noté des « contradictions » et des « exportations de données illicites » dans les conditions de Microsoft Teams.

Eric S. Yuan, CEO de Zoom:
"Pour les utilisateurs gratuits, nous ne voudrons pas permettre [le chiffrement de bout en bout]. Parce que nous voulons pouvoir travailler avec le #FBI et les autorités locales, au cas où certaines personnes utiliseraient #Zoom à mauvais escient."

#Teams Le déchiffrement des #données sur les serveurs est « indispensable pour permettre la mise en place de dispositifs de type enquête numérique recherche de contenu, conservation et audit »
#CLOUDact #Microsoft

Please don't make me use Chromium/Chrome.

China is now blocking all encrypted HTTPS traffic that uses TLS 1.3 and ESNI.

Not unexpected, and might be the the first one many countries/companies blocking it.

Installing MacOS on qemu/kvm. That's possible. And you can find some project around that. I need MacOS for a training tomorrow. So, here the best tutorial/scripts I found:

I cloned it to add an installation guide on proxmox and will hack around today.

I've written a note about setting up a #WireGuard® VPN on an #OpenBSD machine with routing domains to isolate the VPN from its hosting network:

:flan_announcer:​ I have posted a patch to add 11n Tx aggregation support to the #OpenBSD iwm(4) wifi driver.

As explained in my message this patch still needs some testing. Please help with testing if you can :flan_smile:

Go ahead! Do it! :flan_whip:

Multiboot three ways`

If you want to boot DragonFly on your UEFI machine, and also OpenBSD, and also Linux, Martin Aleksandrov Ivanov has you covered.

TIL why Intel 9650 and AX201 cards don't show up in pcidump output when plugged into APU boards with an M.2 to miniPCIe adapter.

sf@ pointed out that these cards use great new innovative bullshit called Intel "CNVi":

Essentially, these M.2 cards only contain radio parts. The MAC part of the wifi chip (which the driver talks to) has been moved into SoC together with the CPU :flan_yikes:

No amount of M.2 to miniPCIe adapter is going to help :flan_sad:

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