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Microsoft’s new mandatory TPM 2.0 hardware requirement for Windows 11
So, why do I suddenly need a TPM 2.0 device on my machine, then you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple. It’s not about you; it’s about them.

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Years in the making, days in the drafting, I've finally done it: I dug into the full history of important features missing from iOS/Safari and made it (roughly) human-readable:


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With FLoC being deployed to Google Chrome automatically, browser fingerprinting (and therefore tracking users across the internet) becomes even more powerful than it was before.

At least there are some tools that help us fight it, namely EFF's amifloced.org and the DuckDuckGo's wonderful privacy extension now blocks FLoC.

The irony of this is that these tools will be mostly used by power users only. So the regular users will be tracked even better because of… nest.jakl.one/notes/2021-04-10

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Big news: My friend William DeMeo has announced that he's formalised Birkhoff HSP Theorem in Martin-Löf type theory using Agda. Details on ualib.gitlab.io. (nest.jakl.one/notes/2021-01-25)

A lot of people are switching from to these days. I don't like where it's going. Messaging should be as decentralised as e-mail is, otherwise we're heading to the same problem as we had with WhatsApp. Who guarantees that Signal won't be acquired by somebody we dislike in the future? For example, Matrix is a better alternative as its decentralised protocol guarantees that it can't be fully owned by anyone. (And there are possibly more options.) (nest.jakl.one/notes/2021-01-11)

Just received a YubiKey from CZ.NIC (in exchange for writing about it with ). After setting up the two-factor authentication in mojeid.cz I can easily manage my citizen profile. It's great to see some progress in Czech "e-governance". (nest.jakl.one/notes/2021-01-04)

While being stuck in England because my flights were cancelled, I watched a Moshe Vardi's talk that aptly argues against Cyber Libertarianism, why we can't reach (economic) equilibria and more. His OWL's talk is here youtu.be/BipEbkdbVNc. (nest.jakl.one/notes/2020-12-22)

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IT'S OFFICIAL: @gitchat@twitter.com now natively speaks Matrix!! Read all about what it takes to add native Matrix support to a large existing chat app, and bask in the glow of a world where FOSS chat is increasingly FOSS, open & interoperable once more :D 🎉🥳🍾🌉🚀 matrix.org/blog/2020/12/07/git

I'm just incredibly tired of having to deal with the cookie pop-ups everywhere. Is there any legitimate use-case for third-party , apart from advertising? If not, we should just finally ban them (legislatively). Those that want to track us will use browser fingerprints anyway... (nest.jakl.one/notes/2020-11-28)

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"Parliament wants to boost #sustainability by promoting #reuse and #repairs and by tackling practices that shorten the lifespan of products."

A huge win for the #RighttoRepair 🙌 🛠️ : bit.ly/3misaVW

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Mobilizon. Your events. Your groups. Your data.

Go behind the scenes of the design of #Mobilizon, our new tool to free your groups and events from Facebook.


(illus CC-By @davidrevoy)

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Mental note for myself: restarters.net have a great wiki wiki.restarters.net/, full of tutorials and other material for people that prefer to repair laptops, phones and other electronics rather than throwing it away. (nest.jakl.one/notes/2020-10-20)

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Last Sunday the UK/US/CA/AU/NZ/IN/JP govts issued a statement asking tech companies to add backdoors into E2E encryption. This is a big deal: unfortunately *backdoors do not work*. Read about our alternative: combating abuse via decentralised reputation.🔒 matrix.org/blog/2020/10/19/com

The end of my first day of quarantine. I'm staying in my flat and eating food powder. It feels a bit like being an astronaut with an abundance of gravity. 🙂 It's thirteen more days to go, wish me luck! (nest.jakl.one/notes/2020-09-05)

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We’re proud to officially announce the Fairphone 3+ 🙌 It has improved cameras, upgraded software and even more fair materials, but here’s the twist: The exact same modules can also be used to upgrade the Fairphone 3. 🌍 📱 Read more: bit.ly/2D2uIpJ

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