RT @opensrcdesign@twitter.com: The devroom Call for Proposals is out for 2018.

If you'd like to submit a talk go 👉bit.ly/osd-fosdem-2019

ALL design topics are welcome.

We want to see diversity of design contribution AND contributors represented.

Any questions, just ask.

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RT @osdiversity@twitter.com: We are excited to be part of putting together a cross community event in Nov aimed at engaging more women in projects by connecting them to safe & diverse projects.

Join us 👉 bit.ly/2ywdZ7Q

@wtm_berlin@twitter.com @WWGBerlin@twitter.com @WWCodeBerlin@twitter.com @PyLadiesBer@twitter.com @railsgirls_bln@twitter.com

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RT @opensrcdesign@twitter.com: We just found out there will be an devroom at 2019. It will be our 5th year! Call for session proposals coming soon.

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RT @kattascha@twitter.com: Wir sollten uns ab sofort bei neuen Überwachungsgesetzen stets fragen: Was würde eine Regierung mit -Beteiligung damit anstellen? Dieses Risiko ist leider real.

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How you know a @Nextclouders@twitter.com hackweek is happening 👩‍🚀👨‍🚀

For sorting, do not use the words "ascending" and "descending". No one understands which is which! 🤔
That’s why we use this design for the @Nextclouders@twitter.com Android app sorting dialog:
- 🇦 A to Z
- 🇿 Z to A
- ✨ Newest first
- 🕸 Oldest first
- ● Biggest first
- • Smallest first

RT @opensrcdesign@twitter.com: In September, no new backer joined. 😑

We received $29 from 5 backers and we spent $0. Our current balance is $1,117.

Top backers: @discourse@twitter.com, @belenpena@twitter.com, @cameralibre@twitter.com

Thank you! 🙏

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Hi @BuycottApp@twitter.com you value »socially conscious purchasing« – some ideas 🙂

💌 Email signup as prominent as Facebook
💸 Bizmodel shouldn’t support Amazon
📊 matomo.org rather than Google Analytics
🦊 Firefox extension next to Chrome
📱 Open source app in F-Droid store

RT @osdiversity@twitter.com: Today is World Interaction Design Day with the topic "inclusion and diversity in design"! 🎉
Join our meetup if you always wanted to contribute to open source – not only as designer! 😊

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RT @jason_koebler@twitter.com: During this let's remember that Apple forces electronics recyclers to shred all Apple products so they can't be refurbished and reused even if they're still functioning and even if the recycling center has top-notch data destruction policies motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

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RT @martinmodlinger@twitter.com: Wie sieht digitaler Aktivismus für das Gemeinwohl aus? Am (1.10.) stellen wir Initiativen vor, die sich für eine offene, gerechte und inklusive () Gesellschaft einsetzen. Alle willkommen!


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RT @GOGcom@twitter.com: What is DRM? How does it affect you and the games that you buy? The landscape has changed since 2008, and today many people don’t realize what DRM even means. To help you understand what exactly DRM is, we've launched fckdrm.com/

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Anyone up to take over the @telavivjs@twitter.com meetup group? It was started in 2012 and has over 800 members! 👏

cc @LeonFedotov@twitter.com @NirBenita@twitter.com @liorkesos@twitter.com @galbracha@twitter.com @refack@twitter.com 🎉

RT @Nextclouders@twitter.com: Nextcloud 14 introduces improvements including a high contrast and a dark theme. People suffering from dyslexia should try the special font we included as well!

Watch the video to learn more.

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