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Could someone kindly help me which system this is order based on? It’s the Hungarian app that proves you got vaccinated for covid-19. @jancborchardt@twitter.com asked me if the numbers are alphabetical order in Hungarian - but they’re not 😂

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I am (still) looking for my own apartment in Berlin. Immoscout is not being very helpful, so lets try twitter.

Ideally: 50-60m2, 650 EUR warm, not too far from the ring.
RTs are appreciated ❤️

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Important thread about male bias, dehumanization and victim blaming in translations of the Odyssey:

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I know this is a downer but... for I am thinking about violence against women. About how violence is enabled & perpetuated. About how gender inequality intersects with other forms of social injustice, like class, race and wealth. About recognition, stories and change.

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Check out our short Penpot tutorials! 📹

Learn the fundamentals to design and prototype with our free & open source platform.

Do you have suggestions for new videos? Let us know!

🖥 🎨


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This week 12 awesome design students from @merzakademie@twitter.com got into contributing to open source projects – like @Nextclouders@twitter.com, Kailona health and @coronawarnapp@twitter.com! 🎉

Hear about their experiences, communication and results 💬🎨

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"Design for Privacy" workshop by open source designers @jancborchardt@twitter.com and Nimisha Vijay @merzakademie@twitter.com has started in @Nextclouders@twitter.com Talk! To (also) learn how to contribute to development of the tool you are using right now!

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We can't demand better of the internet if we don't demand better of our leaders, colleagues and ourselves.

We're with the Open Source Diversity Community, Outreachy & the Software Conservancy project in
supporting this petition: rms-open-letter.github.io/

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Very happy about our new release – check out the new Whiteboard, document templates, and plenty of improvements in Talk! 😊

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📢Nextcloud 21 is here!

🚀10x faster with high performance back-end for Files

📝Collaborative features: Whiteboard, author colors in Text, and Document Templates

🗨Nextcloud Talk: message status indicators, raise hand, conversation description & more!


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Nextcloud incorporates many features that the human rights communities prioritize and it's the cloud platform of choice for OpenArchive!

@open_archive@twitter.com helps individuals around the world securely store and share critical evidence they’ve captured.


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We’re happy to announce and welcome Nextcloud’s Head of Strategy - Mitzi László!

At Nextcloud @MitziLaszlo@twitter.com will be involved in shaping the long-term strategy. We interviewed her to get a snapshot of why she is excited about embarking on this new chapter!


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The community team behind Kailona, a health care app for is asking for help in testing! Of course other contributions are equally welcome. Get involved!

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Did meeting restrictions have a positive effect on onion sales of döner places? 🥙

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We just inaugurated the 1.8th version of Nextcloud Mail

Some highlights
* Drag and drop
* Remember trusted senders
* A new unread messages widget
* More forwarding options
* Enhanced file picker


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Do you want to fix some design on Nextcloud? If yes, here is a list: github.com/nextcloud/server/is
that my colleague @jancborchardt@twitter.com prepared with found bugs and enhancements.

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With we are looking for fellows who are reimagining digital technology and are developing visions for just and fair futures. Applications are open until January 6th ✨ thenew.new @algoethik@twitter.com

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If you're a designer working in open source Open Source Design track at FOSDEM 2021 is for you!

By ‘design’ we mean: user research, UI, IXD, information architecture, visual design, typography, illustration, iconography, spatial, accessibility. twitter.com/opensrcdesign/stat

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Every year since 2015 we've had great design talks at our FOSDEM design track.

In 2016 @jancborchardt@twitter.com spoke about connecting design students with open source projects.

If you're a teacher who promotes open source in your classes submit a talk!


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