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And huge thanks to @ProseMirror@twitter.com and @heyscrumpy@twitter.com/@_philippkuehn for ProseMirror and tiptap which Nextcloud Text is based on! We couldn’t have done it without you! ♥

Just like these cool projects, of course Text is open source as well: github.com/nextcloud/text

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We are very proud today to introduce Nextcloud Text, a collaborative, rich text editor for ! Try it out and get productive!


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Ein paar Hinweise zum neuen @DerSpiegel@twitter.com:

• Stephan E. war kein Schläfer, sondern bis zuletzt in der Szene aktiv.
• Der Terror ist nicht „neu“, sondern war immer da.
• Die meisten Killer haben Nachbarn. Sie essen ja auch Brot, trinken Wasser und putzen sich die Zähne.

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Armlehnen an Parkbänken, Anti--Spikes an Schaufenstern - bei @dlfnova@twitter.com hat Sandra Wolf über "defensive", besser verdrängende, Architektur gesprochen. Sie soll vertreiben und ist für die, die nicht gemeint sind, oft unsichtbar. deutschlandfunknova.de/beitrag

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»I don't need to have my face licked by a giraffe.« - @xMartin@twitter.com

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Does it matter that is available to all your users? Nextcloud has:
✓high contrast theme
✓keyboard navigation
✓labels on actions
✓Dyslexia-friendly font option

Learn more and give feedback:

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- Looking for a video game to play
- I joke "Warcraft?"
- @reginasipos@twitter.com says "Oh I understood 'pork raft'"
- Searching …
- It exists
- 😱
- aramcoexpats.com/articles/kell

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In May, we received $39 from 7 backers. Our current balance is $1,260.

Top backers: @discourse@twitter.com, @belenpena@twitter.com, @cameralibre@twitter.com

Thank you! 🙏

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Want to support our movement in Africa?

We plan to support and advocate to a lot communities.

You can support us by donating to our collective.


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When people get radicalized through the Youtube algorithm, we need education and entertaining deradicalization.

NYT article at nytimes.com/interactive/2019/0

🍞📺 skip to BreadTube compilation if you hate reading breadtube.tv

To people who are not marginalized:
- There’s _always_ a quota.
- 85% men is also a quota.
- The question is not IF a quota is needed, but WHICH one.

(thanks @HechlerAndreas@twitter.com!)

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The fact that people get _upset_ and send me hatemail because I halfheartedly suggested genderquotas for @ccc@twitter.com camp is exactly what's wrong with this community: as if by taking conscious steps to rectify gender issues we are depriving those men of some invisible privileges.

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Als AfDler nach einem Angriff unglücklich stürzte gab es viel mehr Berichte als nach der Tötung durch einen . Man sprach bei der von einem “Angriff”, Lübcke wurde dagegen “tot aufgefunden” & er sei “plötzlich verstorben”. tinyurl.com/y2e4ukr8

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We're building a database of privacy-minded designers available for freelance. If this is you, could you fill out this form? We’re collecting info internally & may make it public in the future (more info in the form). airtable.com/shr1roBkSrwWEJyTF

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An experiment. I haven't submitted any proposals this year for conference talks about inclusion because - usually preaching the choir. I've tried a few things, to get the attention of people we most need to activate for inclusion. Trying: events.mozilla.org/dearmeninop

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If you work in tech or media in this here 2019, some daily questions:
- who is this for?
- who does this help?
- who will this harm?
- who will use this for harm?
- how will this be used for harm?
- how do the answers (or lack thereof) to the above change our approach?

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Hi, I'm non-binary and I made this because maybe you don't know what your hip gender-neutral bathroom signs seem like they're saying?

(this is my proposed solution:) adacentral.com/ada-gender-neut

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