RT @Nextclouders@twitter.com: Nextcloud 15 is here! 🎇

👋 social networking
🔒 hardening & 2FA enforcement
📄 sidebar with document editing
🗨️ video chat in sidebar
🚀 3x faster loading
📂 new design with grid view
✅ more, share our blog!


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RT @mcclure111@twitter.com: Oh man. There's actually a case before the Supreme Court right now arguing Apple's iron control over the App Store constitutes an illegal exercise of monopoly. How did I miss that. That's, like, literally the single thing I care about most in the world motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

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RT @opensrcdesign@twitter.com: In November, one new backer joined.

We received $39 from 7 backers and we spent $73 on supplies & materials. Our current balance is $1,104.

Top backers: @discourse@twitter.com, @belenpena@twitter.com, @cameralibre@twitter.com

Thank you! 🙏

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RT @opensrcdesign@twitter.com: We are extending the closing date for @opensrcdesign@twitter.com devroom track for 2019!

You've now got until the 8th of December to submit your talk.

All the information is here: bit.ly/osd-fosdem-2019

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RT @osdiversity@twitter.com: In November, no new backer joined. 😑

We received $5 from 1 backer and we spent $0. Our current balance is $24.

Top backers: @jancborchardt@twitter.com, @evalica@twitter.com

Thank you! 🙏

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RT @ToSDR@twitter.com: In November, 3 backers joined (, +3) - you are the best! 🙌

We received $31 from 7 backers and we spent $0. Our current balance is $298.

Top backers: @indiehosters@twitter.com, @jancborchardt@twitter.com, @Japharl@twitter.com

Thank you! 🙏

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RT @bernardtyers@twitter.com: If you're a professional working in , submit a session to the @opensrcdesign@twitter.com FOSDEM track for Feb 2019.

Last year @hellosarahod@twitter.com from @gitlab@twitter.com spoke about remote usbility testing.

Interested? Details here: bit.ly/osd-fosdem-2019

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RT @opensrcdesign@twitter.com: RT please | Are you a designer working in software?

Submit a talk to our design devroom at 2019.

More info --> bit.ly/osd-fosdem-2019

Closing date for submissions is 1st December 2018.

If you have any questions or queries let us know!

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RT @belenpena@twitter.com: Do you have an opinion on why designers are relatively rare contributors to FOSS? Add it to @jancborchardt@twitter.com thread in the @opensrcdesign@twitter.com forum twitter.com/jancborchardt/stat

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RT @devonzuegel@twitter.com: Why are designers relatively rare contributors to open source?

(I have a few ideas but I'm curious to hear others' 🤓)

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Such a great event yesterday with @osdiversity@twitter.com @WomenTechmakers@twitter.com @PyLadiesBer@twitter.com @WWCodeBerlin@twitter.com @pydataberlin@twitter.com & all the projects! 😊
Slides for "How to get involved in open source projects" up at

See you at a meetup or in the forum 👉 discourse.opensourcediversity.

Last week I gave a workshop at @hfggmuend_x@twitter.com about !
One of the student groups worked on a redesign of @gutenberg_org@twitter.com, and it looks amazing! ✨

Do you have contacts there to talk about making it real?
@opensrcdesign@twitter.com @hfggmuend@twitter.com

RT @jonatoni@twitter.com: I love reading all these interesting introductions at @osdiversity@twitter.com @discourse@twitter.com 🌼- inspiring stories how they are involved in open source and what brought them to open source diversity 😍. Join our forum 🤗and introduce yourself as well: discourse.opensourcediversity.

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RT @alicetragedy@twitter.com: Looking forward to presenting our
@RailsGirlsSoC@twitter.com projects/repos at the Code More event today! 🙌💻✨ twitter.com/osdiversity/status

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RT @gdcfpday@twitter.com: Are you a member of an underrepresented / marginalised group in tech?
Would you like support in becoming a speaker in 2019?

If so, reply and let us know where you are and we'll try and host a CFP Day workshop near you on Sat March 2nd 💛

Please RT


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