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Hello twitter! Do you know anyone renting a flat or a room for a long-term lease in Berlin? Asking for a friend who is moving there! Thanks! <3

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Vom 12.-30. August 2019 veranstaltet die das 22. internationale Sommerstudium der . Lehrangebote können bis zum
17. Februar eingereicht werden. Hier geht es zum Call for Lectures | Here you find the call for Contributions: informatica-feminale.de/CALL20

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Hi @TooGoodToGo_UK@twitter.com @resqclub@twitter.com your Android apps do not work without Google Play services. Google tracks all your Android users & it’s impossible to use with a Google-free phone 🐙

Any plans to fix that? Your mission is great, it could be complemented by sustainability in privacy.

We have travel & accomodation support available for people of underrepresented groups!
🌈 Apply through Nextcloud Include → nextcloud.com/include/

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Did you book travel and hotel yet to join the next Nextcloud Contributor Week? See you in March in Stuttgart!


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Read about my journey to become a Nextclouder:
A big thank you to @jancborchardt@twitter.com @jus_42@twitter.com @MorrisJobke@twitter.com and all the other @Nextclouders@twitter.com who made the Nextcloud Contributor Week possible the way it was!

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It's been gratifying to see James Goddard of the Far Right UK 'Yellow Vest’ protesters have his means of crowdfunding taken away today, but it's important to remember that he's one node in a UK network, all revolving around 'Tommy Robinson'. Here's what it is & why it matters...

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For your 2019 conference plans: SustainableUX is super-cheap + 100% remote. ✈ Less flying, more learning. sustainableux.com/tickets

And I’m speaking at it!

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I wrote for @dailydot@twitter.com about identity, race and emoji – a zillion thanks to the (many!) people who I spoke to for this piece! 🙌🏾dailydot.com/irl/skin-tone-emo

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Have you observed someone with shaky hands try to use a smartphone? Long press doesn't work, hard press works intermittently. Regular taps sometimes register as something else.

The company who thought more than one (real, tactile, discoverable) mouse button would be too complex and confusing, thought that N different ways to touch a surface was a good idea.

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Public Domain Day Is Finally Here!.

Copyrighted Works Have Entered the Public Domain Today for the First Time in 21 Years: openculture.com/?p=1059485

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In December, 5 backers joined (@mxmehl@twitter.com, @iozefina_nagy@twitter.com, @znarf@twitter.com, @opencollect@twitter.com, @georglink@twitter.com) - you are the best! 🙌

We received $35 from 5 backers and we spent $0. Our current balance is $53.

Top backers: @jancborchardt@twitter.com, @evalica@twitter.com, @znarf@twitter.com

Thank you! 🙏

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In December, no new backer joined. 😑

We received $31 from 7 backers and we spent $0. Our current balance is $322.

Top backers: @indiehosters@twitter.com, @jancborchardt@twitter.com, @Japharl@twitter.com

Thank you! 🙏

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Not on stage at but on the screen!
If you want to work on improving diversity & inclusion in free & open source communities, join us at opensourcediversity.org


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Impromptu meetup at !
Meet us at the Labmobile (blue van with sofas in front, near Borg room) at 16:00! Or find us around! 🎉

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If we want to innovate for society, we have to rethink how to innovate &find alternatives to industrial practices, e.g. speculative design to support impact driven making - great talk by @reginasipos@twitter.com on w/ @saadcaffeine@twitter.com

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