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👇Thread about the impact of Richard Stallman on marginalized groups in tech, especially women. [CW: rape, incest, ableism, sex trafficking]

The @fsf@twitter.com needs to permanently remove Richard Stallman from being President and Chair of the Free Software Foundation Board of Directors.

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The only part that is surprising about Stallman's resignation is why he was tolerated for such a long time.


People have been bringing this up for years and privileged people chose not to listen.

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Movie screening at @TUBerlin@twitter.com as part of @Nextclouders@twitter.com conf.

Typically university, most people sit in the last row ;)

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People are having their rights taken away from them and we think we can fix it with webcam blocking stickers.

We should be more outraged and need to fight this!

Inaction is being complicit.

– Chilling and important keynote by @avilarenata@twitter.com at @Nextclouders@twitter.com conference

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Open Source Festival by @osca@twitter.com is happening, plans already starting, CFP will be rolling out next week. Planning to reach out to as many organizations as possible for collaboration and sponsorships.

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We are showing our movie this Sunday 17:30h at the @Nextclouders@twitter.com conf at TU Berlin 📽🎉

@jancborchardt@twitter.com and @xMartin@twitter.com will be there for Q&A and stories. Entrance will be free for everyone at that time.

See you there!


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I've tweeted for many years about how awful Richard "RMS" Stallman is - the pedophilia, the ableism, the misogyny.

Inevitably, each time I do, dudes examine my receipts & then say "all those incidents are from years ago! he's changed now!"

NOPE. medium.com/@selamie/remove-ric

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And in episode #24984 of "Why cult of personality is never a good idea" …

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First Lessig, now Stallman. Anyone else who we need to get rid of in our communities? I'm afraid we only got a small glimpse of the dreadful people related to the Epstein stories. twitter.com/mattl/status/11722

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This Sunday(15) I will be part of a panel discussing diversity in Open Source, its importance & how we can support those in underrepresented & marginalized groups to get (& stay) involved!💪

It's part of the @Nextclouders@twitter.com conference, the schedule is here: bit.ly/2kEqhbp

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Some of us will be hanging out at the @Nextclouders@twitter.com conference this weekend 🥰

If your from a underrepresented or marginalized group in tech &want to join DM @sleepypioneer@twitter.com. We have some free tickets to share 💚


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Thanks, @nextclouders@twitter.com for the invitation to your conference. We will start our Sunday morning with coffee and a positive conversation about the future we want, a sustainable, rights-preserving, creative future we can build for all.

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Want to know more about @opensrcdesign@twitter.com? Then don't miss @seoul_victoria@twitter.com & @jancborchardt@twitter.com's talk at

Read the full abstract here and get your ticket: aceu19.apachecon.com/session/o

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Many people still don't know about the upcoming conference, middle of next month in Berlin! Help them, and us, share this message and spread the word!

Everybody is invited. And no contribution is too small for a free ticket - just ask!

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Danke für die Wahl zur Vizepräsidentin des Landtages Schleswig-Holstein.

Damit bin ich nun die erste afrodeutsche und jüngste Vizepräsidentin.

Ich freue mich auf die nächsten 2,5 Jahre mit dieser neuen zusätzlichen Aufgabe!

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@jupitergoldfish@twitter.com @MHLut@twitter.com @RBrentJunior@twitter.com @TatianaTMac@twitter.com Have you heard of the term “dog whistle”? The entire point is for a symbol, word, number, emoji to be innocent appearing to pass as normal for the uninitiated but serve as a wink and nod to your cohort. When crypto symbols are be dismissed by normies—gaslighting is the result.

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Damit ihr's wisst: Passwörter auf maximal 30 Zeichen zu begrenzen und außerdem alle Sonderzeichen außer einer Handvoll auszuschließen spricht für eine hohe Passwortqualität twitter.com/DATEV/status/11665

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