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Big Government: If you see something, say something.

Nightvale: If you see something, say nothing and drink to forget.

Overworked, tired mothers of screaming toddlers: If you see something, mind your own business.

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Major difference between capitalism and communism: under capitalism you can set up contracts and incorporate so as to create a communist enclave. You can't do the inverse; ergo, capitalism is a freer system.

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Mastodon drinking game:

Every time you see someone posting what amounts to:

"YOU all need to be open-minded enough to tolerate ME."

and also:

"I'm going to judge the hell out of all of YOU."

take a shot.

If you see it in the same post, finish the bottle and open a new one.

Alcohol poisoning in under half an hour guaranteed if you're scanning the federated view.

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RFC Classification of tolerance:

Complete tolerance/Voltairean: You may be a bigot, but you can do your thing and I'll do mine.

Intransitive intolerance/Popperian: I do not tolerate bigotry, but I will tolerate voltaireans.

Intransitive intolerance/Bubbler: I do not tolerate bigotry, nor voltaireans, but I will tolerate popperians.

Transitive intolerance/Purist: I do not tolerate bigotry, nor voltaireans, nor popperians. Bubblers are on notice.

This is an RFC. Let comments flow.

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This is a test of the polling system.

Please do not be alarmed, this is only a test.

I can't blame you for selling a car but ... moving back to Seattle? It didn't suck enough the first time?

One could get 90% of this, if not all of it, with a 3D printed enclosure around a raspberry pi zero.

Every game includes its own operating code on the SD card.

USB for the controller.

It wouldn't even be hard to convert to a portable form factor.

A new console should be:

No damn networking. PSX didn't need it.

Rugged cartridges. 3DS got it right.

Large, human-friendly controllers. Dreamcast was on point.

Portable, not handheld. Nothing against handhelds, but light and easy to slap up to any massive HDMI screen. No batteries needed.

Handhelds: Just keep updating the 3DSXL, and ignore the stupid Switch crap.

Or even delete the touchscreen, and concentrate on goot controllers. Clamshell is OK.

Actually what I'd really like is more new GameCube games.

That was a pretty neat little console, with some mojo. The Wii just didn't have its personality.

On the other hand, the DreamCast had the best controllers (subsequently copied by MicroSoft).

Are there any companies producing new Sega Genesis (or similar retro-consoling) games?

Hypothesis on the rise of political extremism in economically depressed areas:

People whose livelihoods are stable tend to have a narrow focus: community, family, local policy tweaks.

People whose livelihoods have been upturned by remote forces have renewed reason to look far afield for explanations and responses.

People who are not in the habit of doing high level analysis (or educated for it) are more likely to fall for packaged answers offered by extremist activists.

Free culture jamming:

Write open source in hex so that the source file is a hex dump.

Wait for the complaints.

Been thinking about the mandatory single payer proposal, and just realised that anyone who might want a medical procedure that someone else might not want to permit? Should fight this tooth and nail.

Pro-choice? Imagine Pence as head of federal medicine.
Medical marijuana? Imagine Sessions.
Transitioning? Imagine Mitt Romney deciding whether or not you could on the taxpayer's dime.

Remember the lesson: never hand your opponents a stick with which to beat you, because they always will.

OK, well, you've taken a lot of the heavy lifting out of it there.

Yeah, I agree that Prolog isn't really helping.

Question for the hivemind: recommended colocation hosting services?

Physical, dedicated servers only. Not interested in cloud-anything, container-anything, virtual-anything.

Devuan or OpenBSD options preferred.

Don't mind throttled bandwidth, do mind arbitrarily blocked ports.

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Welp, another successful night defending my livestock.

Shorting the economy can often look like optimistic action, even though it's defensive.

Starting a business can be a statement of doubt about employment opportunities, for example.

It struck me that private individuals, by their personal economic choices, can actually short the economy.

I'm sure it's not a new insight, but I'm interested to consider the implications, and the degree to which it has been measured.

Some of it has certainly been measured in things like "consumer confidence" and similar polls, but that measures mood over action.

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