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Big Government: If you see something, say something.

Nightvale: If you see something, say nothing and drink to forget.

Overworked, tired mothers of screaming toddlers: If you see something, mind your own business.

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Major difference between capitalism and communism: under capitalism you can set up contracts and incorporate so as to create a communist enclave. You can't do the inverse; ergo, capitalism is a freer system.

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Mastodon drinking game:

Every time you see someone posting what amounts to:

"YOU all need to be open-minded enough to tolerate ME."

and also:

"I'm going to judge the hell out of all of YOU."

take a shot.

If you see it in the same post, finish the bottle and open a new one.

Alcohol poisoning in under half an hour guaranteed if you're scanning the federated view.

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RFC Classification of tolerance:

Complete tolerance/Voltairean: You may be a bigot, but you can do your thing and I'll do mine.

Intransitive intolerance/Popperian: I do not tolerate bigotry, but I will tolerate voltaireans.

Intransitive intolerance/Bubbler: I do not tolerate bigotry, nor voltaireans, but I will tolerate popperians.

Transitive intolerance/Purist: I do not tolerate bigotry, nor voltaireans, nor popperians. Bubblers are on notice.

This is an RFC. Let comments flow.

Anyone have a favourite LOGO interpreter for Linux environments?

@dulcet Thanks for finding that one for me.

The whole break-thread-by-blocking is a bit of a misfeature in mastodon.

If you're concerned about fascists/nazis/white supremacists/bigots in general in the Portland city police, and you live in Portland ...

move out of Portland.

No, seriously. If you stay in Portland, if you buy things in Portland, if you work in Portland, your taxes go to the city, and the police.

If you think that your taxes are going to support bigotry, and you oppose that, the ethical move is to move out.

Otherwise, feel free to stay, of course. You do you.

Apparently Hi-point's new pistol will be called the Yeet Cannon, because they asked the internet, and that's what the internet decided.

Brownie points to them for doing what they said.

Now they're advertising the special edition Yeet Cannon G1.

Not bad. 3.5inch barrel, 9mm, +p capable. Sounds like a good carry piece.

You may (or may not) care to know that the lead singer works in a shelter in Seattle. Needs the day job, because the band's new and not really making it big yet.

Great Seattle-based band:

Dust Mice (

They're new, but they have an awesome space rock sound. I heard them at the Seattle Progressive Rock Festival.

If you're in the area, go see their shows. If you're not, love them on bandcamp or wherever you find them.

Two horns up!

Seattle Progressive Rock Festival

Tonight is the last night, you can still get in at the door.

Columbia City Theater, doors open at 5PM.

Prog on!

Restrictions on expression of ideas make less sense than the war on drugs. Drugs or ideas; driving them underground makes them more attractive, not less, and it most certainly doesn't make them go away.

It's a comforting lie for the ignorant - wishful thinking for the swell folks. It didn't work for the victorians, and it's not working for the neo-victorians.

But it feels good.

Stray tortoiseshell just chomped a cottontail in the garden. Grab, squeak, chomp, dead in under two seconds. Good cat.

So I've been looking into options for videos for my listeners.

Three remain standing after gaping slack-jawed at contracting terms and provisions.

1) Bandcamp (what the hell, I'm already there)
2) Peertube (groovy, but definitely lesser-known)
3) ... I hope you're sitting down for this.... myspace.

Myspace is in enough trouble as an underdog, and yet sufficiently wedded to musicians as a group, not to be too obnoxious. I'm amazed, and yet, here we are.

Now listening to:

Chant of the Paladin
- by Dead Can Dance


Yeah, I got pretty tired of people throwing around those terms while not apparently knowing what they mean. I don't mind political debate, but I'm not interested in watching groups of monkeys howling at each other and flinging turds.

On the nature of fascism 

On the nature of socialism, and people who claim to be socialists. 

US politics, socialism 

re: palestine & israel, apartheid 

This is a test of the polling system.

Please do not be alarmed, this is only a test.

I can't blame you for selling a car but ... moving back to Seattle? It didn't suck enough the first time?

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