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Jan Koekepan @jankoekepan@mastodon.social

I'm looking at putting together a podcast on the topic of psychedelia, in the context of trying to put together a festival explicitly celebrating freedom of thought, as exemplified by and pursued through psychedelia.

In that context (while I haven't convinced myself to do the podcast yet) I'm considering interviewing psychologists on the topic - would you have a particular interest, or know professionals that might?

I studied cognitive psych. at undergrad level, for context.

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I think that I just figured out Seattle's gameplan:

Be hostile to large companies.
Get them to leave (gradually, of course).
Free up housing stock and drop goods/services demand.
Drop cost of living, as well as demand on public services.
House the homeless.

Voila! A balanced city economy.

These guys are masters of 4D chess.

Trump: the universe was pissed off that Ross Perot didn't get the nod.

But he's really not operating like a doctrinaire rightwinger.

TL;DR for the Ohio voting supreme court case:

The law meant what it said and Ohio followed the law to the letter.

If you don't like it, lobby for a change to the law. If you don't know who your representatives are, now's a great time to find out.

@RAnthony You do realise that those processes, those places, those employees didn't suddenly spring into existence?

It all existed. This doesn't mean it's good, but let's ascribe blame where it belongs, shall we?

The complacent ignorance of the american public. And if some people getting upset about an election is what it takes to fix that ... oh well.

Long day today.

Shot raw video for my upcoming kickstarter. I now have 20GB of video and audio recorded - next step, editing!

A big thank-you to Scott Pinzon for donating his time, camera, studio and expertise in capturing great raw footage.

(He's also a good writer - check him out on Amazon!)

@maruki I'm putting together a project for psychedelia, in a concert but also sponsoring artists and so on. I think that the time has come.

Lord knows corporate media isn't doing it.

Loading up my gear for a shoot tomorrow.

This is for a kickstarter video. It's coming together.

I'm getting excited.


The other side of the coin is that Trump isn't really all that solid a republican, in terms of espoused policies. He's a relatively neutral populist.

Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it does explain the continued lukewarm support he's had from the republican establishment.

@extropic Can you give me a rundown on pleroma vs mastodon?

Observation: I can find multiple hardcore, open marxists on here without really trying. Dozens, probably, if I just ran a search on today's toots.

Not seeing a lot of vocal ... oh, say, religious right, or guns/gold preppers, or Dow Jones worshippers, or even liberal moderates.

Are you guys all in hiding, or is this forum really that one-sided?

Reading the SCOTUS decision on Masterpiece Cakeshop, LTD versus Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

Have reached Thomas's concurrence.

Silent Tom took off the gloves.

Can someone give a concise explanation of the forking drama? Why fork, what's the uncompromising, unmet demand?

External combustion serial hybrid pickup truck, with three prong electrical outlets for work in the field. All wheel electrical drive with ABS, traction control and regenerative braking.

Why not?

Looks like major layoffs at Evergreen State.

Apparently it dawned on them that doing the wrong things for the right reasons still scares off students, and now they feel the financial pinch.