The argument that Archie can't be moved used by the hospital is that "he can die" during the move, so basically the same hospital declaring him "brain dead" is no saying he is still alive ? Perfect IRL : Schrödinger's cat is both dead and alive until we look inside the box ...

Looking for a woman with these characteristics:

1 honest
2 serious worker
3 non-jugdmental
4 large knowlegde and able to talk about multiple topics
5 possessing pride

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problem with having three parents is that when you have to have A Conversation it has to happen three fucking times. it's so stressful and also you end up repeating yourself

I've just learned that Sonja published online the corrections and notes about pu which are included into ku ...

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Everyone is talking about Mastodon again, so here’s mine :^D

Toki Pona now has its own ISO-3 language code : tok

But I still prefer to use (tp) after a Toki Pona translation ... (en)
Mais je préfère toujours utiliser (tp) après une traduction en toki pona. (fr)
Maar ik verkies nog altijd om (tp) te gebruiken na een Toki Pona vertaling. (nl)
taso mi wile kepeken e nimi lili (tp) lon pini pi toki ante lon toki pona. (tp)

The Russian view on the ongoing 'special military operation' and its goals -

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Rassemblement inter-syndical contre la guerre, devant la stèle de Jean Jaurès. 🇺🇦

jan lawa Mewika li toki e ni : jan lawa Losi Putin li sama wile utala lon ma Ukawina. (tp)

The American President says that the Russian President Putin seems to want to fight in Ukraine. (en)

Le président américain dit que le président russe Putin semble vouloir se battre en Ukraine. (fr)

De Amerikaanse president zegt dat de Russische president Putin lijkt te willen vechten in Oekraïne. (nl)

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Trudeau is changing minds of bitcoin skeptics.

> I still can't believe that *this* is the protest that would prove every Bitcoin crank a prophet. And for me to have to slice a piece of humble pie, and admit that I was wrong on crypto's fundamental necessity in Western democracies.

> ... it's clear to me now that I was too hasty to completely dismiss crypto on the basis of all the things wrong with it at the moment. Instead of appreciating the fundamental freedom to transact..

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"The greatest scam of Google and Apple is convincing millions of developers to learn Swift and Kotlin to make apps on their stores that can be swiftly (pun intended) removed from their stores. Though the average developer is unlikely to ever be banned, why even risk it?"

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"A massive leak from one of the world’s biggest private banks, Credit Suisse, has exposed the hidden wealth of clients involved in torture, drug trafficking, money laundering, corruption and other serious crimes."

> Revealed: Credit Suisse leak unmasks criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians

Zonet in Het Nieuwsblad in een interview met enkele kasteelheren over de hoge energieprijzen de opmerking meegepikt dat de wieken van de windmolens maar 20 jaar meegaan ... en men nog geen oplossing heeft wat ermee te doen daarna ...

Dit thema houdt me al langer bezig daar er zes à zeven systemen zijn van WINDGARING ZONDER WIEKEN ... maar gezien de onderhoudscontracten het meest opbrengen als er wieken zijn, kiezen bedrijven niet voor deze alternatieven ...

Kortetermijnvisie helaas !

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My wife got a new computer...

Microsoft: "You don't need to do this... we can make it work..."

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leaves furious British citizens stranded in EU countries - "Home Office delays have left them waiting almost a year for the Brexit paperwork they need to set foot in the country."

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Companies that gather personal data can be sold along with the data gathered, and people whose data got gathered (or... whose children's data got gathered) can't do squat about it?

I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

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