One can often place a conlang, historically, by its purpose. Most medieval conlangs were either for secret societies or esoteric/mystical purposes. Around the later 19th century we see the rise of the “auxlang”, languages meant to unite the world or at least some region. Toki Pona is a prototypical modern conlang; designed primarily to explore ones own consciousness, and perhaps the world outside as well.


Basic concepts and tools for the Toki Pona minimal and constructed language: description of the language and main issues; analysis of the vocabulary; text synthesis and syntax highlighting; Wordnet synsets


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Daniel Mayoralas | 15 octubre, 2020


jan pi toki pona : equa

[...] i've also become a fan of toki pona, a minimalist constructed language with around 120 words. my recent work has been less visible and less frequent, but i've been enjoying the exploration just as well.


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I'll continue to work tonight on the language mapping, it has been paused for a few days as work has taken up so much time .. and mind.

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