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linja pi kule
sewi lon sewi tenpo
telo en suno li lon

jan Ewi li pali e ni.

#haiku #ArcEnCiel tweet #LGBT #Tchétchénie #DroitsHumains

traduction :

lignes colorées
en haut dans le ciel temps
de l'eau et du soleil (le printemps) est (existe, être vrai)


WOW, according to the profile numbering on mastodon.social


you were some 10 000 users before me on Mastodon ...


How did you find out about it so early on ?


Rediscovering ICQ search


Already 25 result pages on Toki Pona which a lot of surprises !

Like I'm quite familiar with the topic, I can really state that these results are the most interesting gems in a long while ...


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ma Katalunja
tenpo sike 2017
(tu mila luka luka luka tu)

jan wawa Malijano Rajojo li wile ala e ni: jan Katalunja li pana e wile ona lon poki wile.

jan palisa Epanja li utala e jan Katalunja ni :ona wile pana e wile ona lon poki wile.

jan palisa wile e ni : ona li wile jo e poki wile ale e lipu wile ale.

ma Katalunja li ken ala ken kipisi tan ma Epanja...

ma Elopa li ma wawa open(*) anu seme ?


#TokiPona #sin #sona
#Catalunya #Katalunja #Catalogne #Catalonia #Catalonha #Cataluña
#Catalonië #Catalaunia

(*) ma wawa open =democracy

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Je cherche un service qui permet d'envoyer des gros fichiers > 2G avez vous des pistes ?

Je suis en train de tester https://www.mediafire.com
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Got into work today (after missing most of last week for a MH crisis) and everyone is pretending like it didn't happen :(

Looks like I'm going to have to do all the labor of navigating how to deal with this and the stress I'm under on my own. HR didn't even email me back :(

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Testing if the mastodon->twitter cross-posting service works 👀

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qui devrait plaire à @bayartb Nouveau manuel complet de typographie (1897) : historique, composition, règles orthographiques, imposition, travaux de ville, journaux, tableaux, algèbre, langues étrangères, musique et plainchant, machines, papier, stéréotypie, illustration / par Émile Leclerc

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Fat shaming at the doctor's office isn't just wrong. It backfires — and harms its victims. - http://mashable.com/2017/08/06/fat-shaming-mentally-and-physically-harmful/
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yo, does anyone here know why I might get a network error in Twidere trying to sign into a Masto account even though I'm connected to the internet just fine?

Today, mastodon.social has closed registration once again...

I'm curious how many people are currently using this instance...

toot ! 🐘

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after twitter conversations yesterday and the presentation to the lab today i think i really understand what i'm working on, and how bizarre it is
it's not to mimic proteins, it's to _improve on_ proteins

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@RJanse59 Another Ello it seems, noy much activity left (pertly I'm to blame too!)

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Putting my account here on hold. I may check in occasionally, but as far as I can see this medium is almost dead.

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XULRunner a cessé de fonctionner

Maintenant que j'avais finalement téléchargé une copie du Wikipedia anglais (sans images) , je n'arrive pas à faire indexer par Kiwix le fichier .zim ...

XULRunner.exe ne semble plus vouloir fonctionner comme il le faut ...

pouet ! 🐘

#XULRunner #help #ajuta #Windows10 #Kiwix #pakala #ilo

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