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@einebiene This could be very important. If Germany could impose radio licenses upon Youtubers, the rest of Europe and the world could follow up on that idea.

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So this is, what, Twitter minus all the users? ...wait, that actually doesn't sound bad.

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Anybody got a copy of HP's OneView? Tried to download the trial and the site is down. I need it in the next hour, unless this guy reschedules.
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has anyone had a job scanning documents? interviewing for a temp job tomorrow trying to figure out if I should take it, or stick with the test-scoring job, which is also temp, it's shorter (2 months instead of 3~) but has the possibility of more projects after. But like, idk, how bad is document scanning?

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I went through my contacts and paired down the feed on my Friendica server considerably. Mostly trimming ostatus contacts since I can't really keep up with that network these days. If I've gotten overly zealous I may have broken feeds to my ostatus friends that wish to continue following me. If that's the case hopefully a resubscribing does the trick. I will say over the last year or so of running a Friendica server and playing in the GNU social space I have a new appreciation of how difficult federation can be. I also have more of an appreciation for how diaspora and Friendica work versus ostatus. I'm keeping the ostatus channel open for those who want to continue to follow me that way but I'll likely not follow back on that network at least for now. Of course I may change my mind later. :-)

@gar8 @theoutrider @bentosmile it's the Elephant site for a reason :=)

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I think I love TypeScript more than any sane person would. I've been spending the whole day with it. mastodon.social/media/60cET2U4

@gar8 @theoutrider @bentosmile It's unusual , but not silly per se ...

I can get used to a federated timeline even more than a local public timeline...

I called Twitter's public timeline "The God View", but the federated timeline over here is meriting it more

@gar8 'this' meaning 'Mastodon.social' ?

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GroenLinks-leider Jesse Klaver is niet van plan in een kabinet te stappen met de VVD, CDA en D66 om een rechts beleid "iets minder erg te maken of de scherpe randjes van rechts beleid" te halen.


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if i had a dollar every time my ex brought up how hot my sisters body is id have enough to buy a plane ticket to fly and kick his ass

@ekaitz_zarraga there are also some conlangs addressing the problem; if I'm not mistaken, Lojban as a gender neutral pronoun. Toki Pona has 'ona' (he/she/it/they/him/her/them/its/theirs) which is even neutral on plurality/singularity.

@ekaitz_zarraga the problem might be resolved in the future, but for now, the only grammatical way to really avoid gender in using they/them/their

historically there has been a gender neutral pronoun : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third-pe

and there is a search for a new one well underway:


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Serious question:

Can you explain me a little bit how to talk to gender fluid people in English?
In Spanish it's easy for me to avoid genders because... y'know I speak very well, but in English?
Do I have to use They? How could I know if it's plural or not?

This shit is very complicated.

Not joking, I really want to know this. I want to be a better human being.

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@jansegers yup, there are a lot of contranyms about. That's why I was surprised that the meanings were unrelated.

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