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telo linja li lon, toki pona hymn
family pi toki pona | 25 August 2020

toki pona translation of “There is a Fountain”
One day I will have access to instruments again but ijo ike Kalona li lon ma ni.


toki pona li toki sin. jan Sonja li pali e ona. nimi pi toki pona li kama tan toki mute. nimi toki li tan nimi talk pi toki Inli. nimi pona li tan nimi bona pi toki Epelanto.


[PDF] Development of an Edutainment Application using a Social Robotic Interface
RYM Sin, KZ Kyilwin, MH Tian, X Xin - researchgate.net
… The language used to develop the mark-up language is RIBML. A lesson script for “Toki Pona”
language has been developed using this language. Also, SRI Java components for the different
functionalities of the mark-up language have been developed …

Wikipedia: Mirror, Microcosm, and Motor of Global Linguistic Diversity
V Mamadouh - Handbook of the Changing World Language Map, 2020 - Springer
… There are Wikipedias in Esperanto, Ido, Interlingua, Interlingue, Lojban, Volapük,
and Novial, all constructed languages with a sizeable community of users, but Toki
Pona has been removed for lacking any societal grounding …

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