@neven That's a cool article on its own merits, but something about the generous header graphic made me think to share it with you.

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A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 12 beta.

ME: *buys a printer from Amazon*

AMAZON: 'eyyyy, it's Printer Guy! How ya doin', Printy McPrinter-Guy? So I was walking' through my inventory, see, and who crossed yours truly's mind but our ol' pal Printer Guy, and lo a behold you won't believe the deals on these printers! Seriously, don't tell my boss or 'e might [drawing finger across his neck] show me the door. We know how to keep secrets, don't we, Printer McPrinterFaceGuy? But check out these printers! How many do you wanna buy?

Hello! Here are some App Store promo codes for my game Blackbar:



Hot take: third party apps should **not** try to mimic the appearance of the AirPods / HomePod setup modal (floating card). Why? Because your app should not present stuff that looks like it's coming from the OS.

What’s a good podcast you can listen to without being tempted to pay attention to what they’re saying?

I’m confident there will never be a World War III, because they’re probably just gonna do a remake of World War I.

Mastodon's Direct Message implementation is unacceptable. Can I speak to a manager? It's astonishingly easy to make a mistake and send a message into the wrong place.

If you'd like to help beta test an iOS 12 update for ’sodes, my podcast player, lemme know (DM me a Test Flight email). It has two new features that need some vetting: CarPlay and Siri Shortcuts.

Walking at dusk around the neighborhood with the dog on a leash and Henry, who is five, on a scooter. Henry wasn’t keeping up. I turned and saw Henry pawing at his crotch.

“What’s wrong, Henry?”

“MORNING WOOD!” he shouted for all to hear.

“No Henry!” I hissed.

“Oh, you’re right,” he replied. “NIGHT WOOD!”

Renewing my request: If you (or someone you know) has used ACH as a payment method in Stripe, I’d really appreciate the chance to ask you a few questions.

(Or if you just wanted to RT this for reach, I’d appreciate that too.)

If you write a Mastodon client do you have to actually use words like “boost” in the in-app copy? The nomenclature here is gross.

Thinking about bringing Riposte back. The biggest problem is the name. We got cease-and-desisted by some assholes in an unrelated line of business. But I don’t want to lose the big “R” logo. Hmmm.

I saw this ad at the airport in Indianapolis some years back. I really want to believe that this place was the inspiration behind “Entertainment 7twenty” on Parks & Rec.

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