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My new 50" talk about the techno-political social history of comes 10 years after my 1st time at the conference in 2012. If you like this keynote as a conversation starter: twitter space coming up Monday 21 February 9:30pm UTC

Blessings upon you while you swim in Tiamat the Chaos-Ocean, Hakim Bey! have you died, are you born? - "Was there an up or down? There were casters of seed, there were powers: energy underneath, impulse above. But who knows for sure?" - Rg Veda

The most popular folder encryption tool among terminal geeks just reached 1k stargazers on github. We still support operations on archives that were created 15 years ago.

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@RogerDingledine -cofundador de TOR- explicó para qué sirve esta red segura y por qué deberíamos todos usarla para mantener protegida nuestra navegación y nuestros datos. Y @jaromil resaltó la importancia del software libre y de sus desarrolladores para proteger los .

A 2022 update about ghost workers hidden behind the AI industry “Don’t forget us” - stay human

A tool to navigate the influence of mega-corporate big-tech in all spheres of society recently went live, developed by and colleagues at

More than 20k migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean since 2014, women and children beaten back from EU with tear gas and razor-wire. The solidarity for Ukrainian people suffering should serve as a model for how the world accommodates all refugees.

Feels good to be back in the same room with colleagues of and an amazing audience. Here my slides from this morning's talk about the innovative software stack we developed, free and , for digital product passports and circular economies version 1.8.0 is out. I believe that our community project is today the biggest collection of free and open source video effects in the world. It is widely used even beyond entertainment applications, i.e for medical visualizations.

Coming soon to : ZSTD based data compression optimized for , includes native marshaling of elliptic-curve points back and forth and safety checks, sports an average of 0.8 compression ratio. I'm aiming at unprecedented optimization for quantum-proof signatures.

Sul tema e DLT sto facilitando questo gruppo di studio per con l'intenzione di nutrire un dialogo critico sulla mistificazione, ma anche costruttivo sull'adozione di questo tipo di tecnologia decentralizzante.

Nice talking to you! recording is here, featuring ramblings about and even old gems as happy hacking and see you next!

Against the anonymous geniuses behind Project V have developed an amazing tool: v2ray already capable to bypass the most advanced firewall techniques including adaptive blocking based on protocol detection

Set a reminder for this upcoming Space
special guests:

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To avoid war we need decision makers that are sincerely focused on obtaining . Not revenge, not a lesson for anyone, not even justice. Wars are not avoided by asking who's fault, nor listening to victims or aggressors. Only the will of peace can avoid a war.

Piketty's opinion piece on El Pais: "Sancionar a los oligarcas, no al pueblo"

As some of us predicted, RISC-V is taking off big time and in we are ready for it

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“We strongly oppose any attempt to use the power of hacking to threaten or destroy the information infrastructure of a country, for any reason. Declaring “war” against a country is the most irresponsible thing a hacker group could do. This has nothing to do with hacktivism or hacker ethics and is nothing a hacker could be proud of.”

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Here my pledge: do not take Russia off

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